Amazon Care: The Digital Healthcare Service To Shut Down

Amazon Care: The Digital Healthcare Service To Shut Down, Inc. (NYSE: AMZN) has shut down its hybrid digital healthcare service, Amazon Care. It is a surprising thing to happen as the e-commerce giant literally spent years building it. One of the primary reasons for this move is considered to be the challenges and competition that the company faced while it entered the healthcare domain.

Update On Amazon Care Shut Down

According to the information mentioned in an email sent to the employees by the Senior Vice President of Amazon Health Services, Neil Lindsay, the services are to be shut down by December 31, 2022, that is, by the end of this year. This virtual healthcare service platform was launched in 2019 to cater to Amazon’s employees in Washington for a brief trial phase and was then made available for staff in all the 50 states the e-commerce giant has been operating in.

The Amazon digital healthcare service was developed to connect people (patients) to nurses and doctors via online modes who then would provide treatment 24 hours a day. The healthcare facility did not have any physical locations but still managed to provide services that hovered around vaccinations or flu tests.

The Amazon Care shut down news has stunned everyone as its parent company was about to expand its operations by offering in-person care services to other 20 cities. In addition, last year it had also begun serving private employers in the home country.

In the email sent to workers, Lindsay mentioned that efforts were made to improve operations of the Amazon digital healthcare service and then went on to say that:

“However, despite these efforts, we’ve determined that Amazon Care isn’t the right long-term solution for our enterprise customers.”

He then added that the service that had been working on for years now,

“Is not a complete enough offering for the large enterprise customers we have been targeting and wasn’t going to work long-term.”

This is another failed effort for the tech giant in the health sector. This is why it would be intriguing to wait for its future move in the domain or whether it will change the course of action once and for all.

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