5G Network In India Latest News: Government’s Stance

5G Network In India Latest News: Government’s Stance

If you are someone looking for 5G network in India latest news, then this is certainly the right place for you. Let’s now know about the government’s stance on the same. The central government of India said that it expects the 5G launch date in India to be October 12, 2022. They also said that they will make sure that the service is affordable for consumers.

5G Network In India Latest News Overview

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union IT Minister, noted that the installations for the 5G launch in India were being made. He added that the telecom industry is working closely to roll out the service soon and efficiently. Vaishnaw went on to state that the centre will try its best to regulate the domain and ensure that it does not charge a lot.

As the 5G launch date in India inches closer, the centre also enforced “The Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules, 2022”. It was done in line with the introduction of the 5G right of work (RoW) Application Form. The 5G RoW form is available on the GatiShakti Sanchar Portal.

The Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules, 2022, is introduced to ensure that the telecom industry’s digital infrastructure grows rapidly. In addition, it will work around promoting the use of small cells, street furniture, and aerial fibre.

The tariff plans by companies for the 5G network in India are not expected to be lower considering the technology is fairly new. The prices are set to be competitive as India is still a price-conscious market. But yes, as the usage increases, it is estimated that the tariff charges will be regulated and would be much lesser.

A study published by Nomura Global Markets Research talks about the tariff plans and how the telecom industry can go about it. It mentioned that:

"Historically, Indian telecom companies have refrained from charging a premium for 4G plans (vs 2G/3G data plans). With potentially higher speed on offer and likely initial uptake from premium customers (smartphones above ₹15,000), there is a potential for telecom companies to charge a premium for 5G (vs 4G), in our view. 5G tariff plans would be a key monitorable in the near term, and 5G premium (vs 4G) may provide the next leg of ARPU (average revenue per unit) uptick for the telecom companies."

5G launch in India is set to bring radical changes. It will be intriguing to know how telecom giants in the country such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone tackle the roll out of 5G services in India.

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