Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of News Magnify explains the privacy practices for the website operated by and its affiliates (“News Magnify”, “” “we”, “our” “us”), and is applicable solely to the Personal Information (as described below in Section 1) that we accumulate and use that is related to any customer and user. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any state in particular. The user falls in the jurisdiction of his/her residing state. Violation of Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy is subject under the jurisdiction of his/her own state. 

The Privacy Policy applies to all the publications, businesses, and websites operated by the News Magnify network. This includes the website from where you accessed this Privacy Policy. It is also applicable to the associated online services that we deliver through our websites (the “services”). 

To the extent allowed by applicable law, by utilizing the Websites and/or the Services and delivering us with Personal Information (mentioned below), you agree to the implementation as mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy referenced below and also to the updates in these policies that will be posted here from time to time. If we need your permission we will request it formally, in accordance with applicable data protection law. 

To ensure that you are informed about all the changes, you should check these policies at a regular interval. All updates will be labeled by the “Last Updated” date shown above. 


For this Privacy Policy grounds, unless a different definition is used in a specific instance, “Personal Information” (or “Personal Data” as used in section 9) refers to any information that identifies, relates to, explains, references, or is reasonably able to get associated with an identified or identifiable natural person. 


We may gather the following types of Personal Information about you as mentioned:

(A) Your Personal Information that you provide us,

(B) Personal Information that we may automatically collect, and

(C) Personal Information that we may receive from other third parties.

Your Personal Information that you provide us

While using our Websites or Services, you may give us some Personal Information, which includes (the examples given are explanatory and not intended to be comprehensive):

  • Contact information that includes your name, email address, postal address and phone number(s), etc.
  • Demographic information for example your birth date or gender;
  • Account information and sign in credentials, that includes unique identifiers such as username and password;
  • Payment and transaction information which also includes credit or bank card information;
  • Preferences for communications;
  • Communications and views in chat rooms, inbox, forums, surveys, polls, and digital forms;
  • Access to your geo-location or to some other data held on social media platforms and other software (for instance, access to your contacts, calendar, or even photos);
  • Photos and/or videos; and
  • Any extra information that we define to you when we collect your data with your permission. 

Personal Information that we may automatically collect

Our Websites and Services may gather few Personal Information about you which include (the examples given are explanatory and not intended to be comprehensive):

  • IP address, that is the number associated with the service with which you avail the Internet, like through your ISP (Internet service provider);
  • Date and time of when you visited or your use of our Websites or Services;
  • The server from which you are using our Websites or Services;
  • Type of computer, internet browsers, search engine used, and even the operating system, or platform that you use;
  • Data that identifies the web pages you visited before and after visiting our Websites or using our Services;
  • Your activity within the website, which is assembled with you other Personal information;
  • Information on your mobile device, that includes the type of device you use, operating system version, and also the device identifier (or “UDID”).

Personal Information that we may receive from other third parties

Along with that, we may also gather extra Personal Information of yours from other third party websites, social media platforms for instance, but not constrained, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. (“Social Media Platform”), third party data providers and also from a source providing publicly available Personal Information for the reason mentioned in Section 3 below. 

Personal Information that we may get access to from Social Media includes

  • Your Social Media Platform sign in credentials
  • Your geolocation data
  • Your profile data
  • Information on your list of contacts, friends, or followers
  • Certain Personal Information regarding your activities on the Social Media Platform. 

Please keep in mind that when you provide us with your Personal Information on a third-party website, there can be a chance that the Personal Information is collected by third-party websites or by Social Media Platforms. Please read the Privacy policies of that third-party website or Social Media Platform to know about their practices.


Use and Motive of Processing Your Personal Information

We use and operate your Personal Information for the following motives (the examples given are explanatory and not intended to be comprehensive):

  • To produce you with our Websites and Services, and also the related promotions, information that you request and also the newsletters. 
  • To revert back to your inquiries and also provide you with the information requested and other communications that include email, chat, or even text messages. Along with these it also includes alerts and notifications of various contests, events, and promotions. 
  • For promotional and advertising purposes that also includes sending you special offers and promotional notifications on our behalf and from our marketing partners and their corresponding affiliates and third parties, provided that you have not already chosen not to receive such notifications. 
  • For the process of billing and payment. 
  • To provide personalized advertising and also content. 
  • To complete the contracts that we have with you. 
  • To maintain, develop and foster relationships with third parties that include vendors, affiliates, suppliers, etc. 
  • To manage, develop, customize and even administer our Websites and Services, conduct analysis of the business that will improve our business quality, the Website, and Services, solve technical issues, and also to increase the security of our product or services. 
  • To follow our Terms Of Services. 
  • To conduct analysis for business purposes and also for business intelligence for example observing traffic to our website, calculating ad impressions, and also auditing legal and regulatory submissions. 
  • To maintain the security, safety, and integrity of our Websites, their products and services, database, and other technical assets. This includes stopping fraud, identifying security breaches, and prosecuting violators. 
  • To detect and solve errors in our Websites’ functionality. 
  • To find or carry out a merger, divestiture, remaking, reorganizing, dissolution, or some other sale or transfer of some or all of our assets in which the Personal Information that we hold is among all the assets transferred. 
  • To follow any applicable law and regulations and also revert back to lawful requests; and/or
  • For any other reason that is disclosed to you at the time, we collect your Personal Information and/or in accordance with your consent. 

In the future, if we wish to use your Personal Information for materially different reasons we will be updating this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure Of Your Personal Information To Other Parties

Your personal information may be disclosed to other parties that include:

  • Our affiliates
  • Service providers
  • Advertisers, advertising companies, analytics companies, and also other third parties with whom we conduct our business. 
  • Government regulators
  • Our legal advisors and parties who are involved in a legal process
  • To an organization involved in the sale of our business
  • Third parties to whom you authorize us to disclose your Personal Information related to products or services we provide to you. 

To provide advertisements and contents that you can relate to, we and our advertising providers can collect certain types of Personal Information when you use our Websites (for example your email, your device’s IP address, the identifier on your mobile device, or the cookies that are stored in your device). We or our advertising partners may combine all those information with other information that we have, or the information that we collect through other sources and may share that information with our third parties to produce target based advertising provided that you have not already chosen not to receive such notifications.

If we wish to disclose any of your Personal Information to any additional categories of parties, we will update this Privacy Policy. 


Yes. Cookies and other similar technologies are small files that a service provider of a website transfers to the hard drive of a computer through a web browser if allowed by the user. This allows the service provider’s system to identify the browser of the users and capture and remember certain information. 

In general, our third party providers, advertisers, and we use these cookies and other similar technologies to boost the functioning capability of the website, to help us understand the way websites are used, and also to provide the users with contents that are completely user based, advertising as per user’s browsing interest and history. 

For more information regarding the cookie and other similar technologies that are used by our third party providers, we, and our advertising partners on our Websites please read our Cookie Policy. 

In addition, you may not want certain interest based advertising by the following resources:

  • You may opt out of customized advertisements on your mobile that are provided by certain mobile advertising companies and other similar organizations. 
  • You can also opt out from getting permissible targeted advertisements. 


You may find links to other websites on our website that are not owned or controlled by us. This includes links to social media platforms or can redirect you completely off our website or away from our own services to other websites for the purpose of information. This Privacy Policy is applicable only to the information that has been collected by our website or service. We will not be responsible for any privacy and security related issues of those websites or social media platforms or the Personal Information that they may collect including your IP address. You should refer to the Privacy Policies of those respected third parties. Links to other third party websites or social media platforms may imply any endorsements or recommendations by us. 


We indulge in commercially reasonable processes and also varied technical and administrative safeguards to ensure the privacy of your Personal Information. Still do not assume that any Personal Information of yours that has been stored with us or our third parties is 100% secure. Therefore, even if we believe that the action executed by us decreases the likelihood of security issues to a level that is appropriate to the type of data involved, we do not guarantee that your private data will always be private. We also do not ensure you that your private data will not be exploited by third parties. We will not be held responsible for any misuse of any privacy settings or your security features. 

If you ever feel like any of your Personal Information has been accessed by any unauthorized being or organization, please Contact Us. We will take the necessary actions.


As stated by applicable laws, and subject to any permitted deviation and restrictions, we will follow any verified user request that you submit with regards to your Personal Information. Please submit a confirmed consumer request to us through the web form link provided below in Contact Us.


Your Personal Information can be transferred, stored to, and altered in any nation where we have provisions or in which we engage service providers.


We may aggregate and/or de-identify any Personal Information that has been collected through the Websites and Services. This is done so that such information can no longer stay linked to you or your device (“Aggregate/De-Identified Information”). We can also use “Aggregate/De-Identified Information” for any purpose, that includes without limitation for research and marketing aims, and may also share relevant information data with any third parties, including advertisers, promotional partners, and sponsors, according to our choice. 


In general, this Website is not intended for use by children under the age of 13 or 16 wherever applicable. In a few cases where the Website is intended for children under the age of 13 or 16, we will post concerning notices and will take appropriate steps that are required by the applicable law to safeguard the data of children. In addition to this, we do not consciously assemble any Personal Information from children under the age of 13 or 16 wherever applicable. But few third party sites that we have linked to can do so. These third party websites have their own designed Privacy Policies, so we request the parents and legal guardians to keep an eye on their children’s internet usage and help us to enact our Privacy Policy. You can do so but instructing your children to never provide any personal information without permission.  

Parent’s Involvement: In line with the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Act, if we collect any Personal Information about children under the age of 13 or 16 wherever applicable we will first seek permission from the parents. The parent may review and then delete the Personal Information and can also refuse to further assemble or use their child’s information by contacting us as mentioned in the last section of this Privacy Policy. 

If you still believe any children under the age of 13 or 16 wherever applicable have provided some Personal information, then Contact Us with relevant details. We will get that deleted.


If you encounter any difficulty in reaching our website or viewing this Privacy Policy then Contact Us. 


We may bring new amendments to this Privacy Policy at our need and at any time. When we make amendments to this Privacy Policy, we will post the updated Notice on our Websites and will label that as “Last Updated” with the date. Sections that are permitted by applicable law, your continued use of our Website following the posting of changes accounts for your acceptance of those changes.


If you have any queries or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, the methods in which we gather and use your Personal Information mentioned here, your choices and rights regarding such use, or you wish to execute your rights, please contact us as provided below.