UrbanGabru Introduces India’s First Painless Hair Removal Spray For Men

UrbanGabru Introduces India’s First Painless Hair Removal Spray For Men

UrbanGabru, an Indian men’s grooming brand, recently announced that they have launched the first ever made-in-India painless hair removal spray for men. Oh! What a relief that is for every Indian man out there. This amazing product consists of a foam-based mixture that would aid in painless hair removal. It also has a de-tan property, which leaves the skin moisturised. The grooming brand has put a lot of research and expertise into the development of it so that it provides the best results.

The UrbanGabru painless hair removal spray for men is formulated keeping in mind the weather of India. It has been made on various inputs from dermatologists in the country. This multi-purpose hair removal spray falls under the company’s ‘Upgrade Yourself’ segment. It is based on a unique composition that contains lemon and aloe vera extracts. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help in reducing dryness, controlling skin aging, and also provides an immense amount of moisture. It claims to remove unwanted hair for about 6-8 weeks.

For most of the years, the beauty and cosmetic industry has focused on women’s needs. However, with changing times, men have also gotten their place and this painless hair removal product is another milestone in that sense. The Founder of UrbanGabru, Hemant Raulo, commented on the same lines saying:

“Since the last few years, there has been an increased acceptance of male grooming and beauty products. As a result, men are becoming more comfortable indulging in personal care routines. We at UrbanGabru are driven with a deeper purpose to bring new and innovative products for men and normalise the views on beauty standards. Our hair removal spray for men has been one such innovation. It is an upgrade to the conventional forms of hair removal such as waxing, trimming, shaving, hair removal creams, etc. The product is designed for Indian men and aims to break the stigma around body hair removal and help men upgrade their hygiene and beauty care.”

So, all the males who have been worrying about their unwanted hair just grab one UrbanGabru painless hair removal spray right away!

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