Some Real Big Beauty Myths Busted Just For You

Some Real Big Beauty Myths Busted Just For You

Beauty often arrives with a list of shouldn’t, don’t, and mustn’t. While there is no set manual on how one should go about your beauty regime, it surely arrives with a plethora of free advice from friends, family, and colleagues. But there are many false beauty myths that you should know before you start to use them. 

It is convenient to believe some beauty advice and tips especially when it comes directly from your own friends or mother who claims to know everything about beauty. In fact, the internet that we constantly serve is pretty misleading too if you do not know the trustworthiness of the source you are following. Here are some beauty myths busted.

Top 8 Beauty Myths You Should Know

You might have heard about shaving can cause more and thicker hair to grow or that plucking gray hair will make ten more gray hairs grow. But all of these are big beauty myths that you need to stop believing now. But are there only these two beauty myths? No! There are many more to it. Let us have a look at them.

1. One Can Train Their Hair To Be Less Greasy

There is a  common myth that one can train their hair to be less greasy by not cleaning them too often. Our scalp pumps out oil when our body tells it to. It does not impact the fact that the hair was washed recently or not. In fact, if our hair is unwashed or greasy, the yeast feeds on it, creating fungal infection or dandruff. Depending on how often our hair gets greasy, it should be washed each 2-3 days. You can segregate this among the most ancient myths about beauty.  

2. Select A Foundation That Matches Our Inner Wrist

The foundations that we use should be swatched on the neck to find a natural shade that matches our real skin tone of ours. Breaking this rule by testing the foundation shade on the wrist can make you end up with a pale foundation shade. The inner part of our wrist receives less sunlight and is lighter in comparison to our face. 

3. One Should Skip Conditioner If They Have Greasy Hair

Excess production of sebum, a form of oil that is produced by the oil naturally creates buildup that leads to greasiness. A conditioner is not only ideal for oily hair types but also crucial, as it helps to offer nourishment, hydration, and protection that it otherwise wouldn’t get. Use the conditioner at the end, ignoring the scalp to help keep your hair from weighing down or looking flat.

4. Shaving Will Increase Facial Hair Growth In Women

No matter which part of our body is shaved, it does not imply that hair will grow back thicker or faster. You might feel that regrowth of hair looks varied at first as unshaven hair has a blunter, tinier tip which makes it look and feel rougher in comparison to usual. The new hair may seem darker partially because it has not been exposed to natural components. Soap, exposure to the sun, and other chemicals can make the hair look varied in shade with time. Hope this skincare myth and fact helped you.

5. One Application Of Sunscreen Will Safeguard Your Skin Throughout The Day

Summers are here and so it is crucial to talk about this among the various beauty myths. There are primarily two kinds of UV rays (ultraviolet rays) which can damage your skin and can raise the risk of skin cancer. They are UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B). Exposure to UV rays may boost skin aging by seven years. Application of sunscreen 20 minutes prior to sun exposure safeguards you from harmful rays. However, you are required to re-apply it each 2-3 hours. When you are exposed to daylight, the impact of the SPF decreases. Hence is it important to re-apply.

6. You Should Alter Your Shampoo In Every 2 Months

Do you purchase a brand of conditioner or shampoo each month to stop your hair from getting used to it? Hair is not a living cell and so it cannot become immune to your favorites such as humidity, cold weather, or color treatments, offering a signal that your regular shampoo is no longer functioning. However, that does not imply you will be required to switch or alter up the whole routine.

7. There Is No way To Cure Yellow Nails

While we all know that painting our nails continuously can eventually lead them to a yellow tint, there are ways to treat that. First, make sure that you use a base coat prior to applying colored nail polish. Next, try to choose a top coat that has UVA or UVB protection that will help you to shield your nails from the sun. Also, you can use baking soda as a secret item to bring your nails back to life after intensive application of polish and when a yellow tint starts to come up.

8. Applying Makeup Everyday Is Bad For Your Skin

While applying tons of makeup can be awkward for the skin on your face, applying makeup continuously will not actually make your skin worse. It is true that a day with no makeup may feel great, but the real reason for your bad skin is not washing off your makeup properly. 

Wrapping Up

We all love a  good lip balm or mascara, but at the same time, we all tend to be suckers of wild, insane beauty myths that run heavily throughout our lives. We hear about these myths from our friends, family, and mostly from the internet. But there is science behind everything and before we actually believe this, we should verify the facts that we receive. So be it shaving your facial hair, or conditioning your greasy hair, we have an answer to all and since you are reading this, we think you have got your answer by now.

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