Madras HC Denies Entering Any Movie Theater With Food

Madras HC Denies Entering Any Movie Theater With Food

Entering our favourite movie theater with food is something that every one of us has wanted at least once in our life. However, that was never a thing that we could experience. This is due to the fact that movie theaters need to bear exorbitant costs and food is one of the ways they earn. But yes, many times this thing has been in talks and in the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation was altered a bit as well. Recently, Madras High Court refused to accept the public interest litigation (PIL) to allow entering a movie theater with food. Let’s know about the PIL in detail.

Movie Theater With Food PIL

The situation changed during the Covid-19 pandemic as the visitors were allowed to take dry snacks along with them to the theater. The PIL was brought to the notice of Justice S Manikumar and Justice Subramonium Prasad. The PIL stated that there was no law in the country that could deter people from taking any eatables to movie theaters.

Moreover, prohibiting even baby food and hot water for them was against the right to life that has been noted under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. They even noted that drinking water for children was not allowed which might be detrimental in case they have weak immunity. In addition, the prices of popcorn in theaters are always and not everyone would want to pay for it.

The PIL was thought to have worked in 2019 but this never happened. The Madras High Court ruled against the petition and today the situation has become even worse since the cinema halls are unable to attract customers even after providing heavy discounts. Recently, on Diwali, it was expected that these things might change as people would like to take advantage of the offer laid.

Further, the Boycott Bollywood trend affected the theater business. Therefore, currently, if someone enters a movie theater with food then the businesses are set to be impacted. Also, the price of popcorn at movie theaters was raised considerably to meet losses (earlier) which now is sold at discounts.

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