Boycott Bollywood Movies Trend: Thank God Movie “Mocks Hindu Deities”

Boycott Bollywood Movies Trend: Thank God Movie “Mocks Hindu Deities”

Boycott Bollywood Movies trend is not ceasing for months now. Moreover, the fact that the exact reason(s) for the move by Indian citizens is yet not known. Some say that it is due to the Sushant Singh Rajput case that was hyped last year and was then completely ignored. Thereafter, people started bashing ‘nepotism’ in the industry and now it is the Ajay Devgan starrer Thank God (2022) that is driving the trend crazy.

Boycott Bollywood Movies 2022 Trend & Thank God

The Boycott Bollywood Movies 2022 trend has been targeting the Thank God film that is thought to be mocking the “Hindu Dharm” and history of the country. People mentioned that the Thank God movie trailer is an insult to Chitragupta, the lord of Karma, who was known to keep the record of people’s deeds according to which their fate was decided by the God of Death, Yama.

The movie stars Siddharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles along with Ajay Devgan. Now the situation stands that there have been more than 700 tweets in an hour that contains #BoycottBollywood. In addition, another hashtag that is trending is #Boycott_ThankGodMovie. The information we have referred to is from the below-mentioned Twitter statement:

“It's evident from the trailer itself that #ThankGod is once again about the mockery of #HinduDharm. This time #Bollywood has chosen Chitragupta. As per Hindu scriptures, he is the Lord of Karma who keeps a record of a man’s good and bad deeds. #Boycott_ThankGodMovie #BoycottBollywood”

Another Twitter user noted that Bollywood doesn’t dare to mock Islam or Christianity but easily does that to Hinduism and wants the government to take an action on it. They tweeted saying:

“#Boycott_ThankGodMovie @ajaydevgn do u dare to do such mocks with Islam and Christianity #BoycottBollywood and teach them a lesson he has done the same thing in Singham Returns movie. The central censor board is under BJP. What they r doing”

Now, we need to wait to see how this movie will fare at the box office after such backlash from the public. Also, will the Censor board or government take an action against it is still a question that is unanswered.

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