3 Upcoming WhatsApp Features You Should Know About

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

3 Upcoming WhatsApp Features You Should Know About

Meta Platform Inc’s (NYSE: FB) popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has added several new features to its app lately. The company has been trying its best to elevate the user experience on the platform. Therefore, a host of new WhatsApp features have been planned to be introduced soon. With these upcoming functions, you would be able to know who left the groups recently, it has a twist of course that will be noted later. Also, there is a feature for disappearing messages.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

The forthcoming WhatsApp features are discussed below.

1. Know Who Were The Previous Members

The messaging platform has been working on the integration of a function that will enable you to know who were the previous members in a group who left it before you join. The WhatsApp feature will be named “Past Participants”. The data will be accessible just for 60 days. This function has already been made available in WhatsApp beta version for iOS.

2. Save Disappearing Messages

We all have faced problems with disappearing messages at one point or the other. Therefore, the new WhatsApp update will be introducing a function called “Kept Messages” where you will be able to save all the set of disappearing messages that you don’t want to lose. This option might first be available for group chats wherein all members would be able to access these messages. However, the group admin(s) can decide who will be able to view them. The company has decided to roll out the function to the WhatsApp desktop beta in a few days.

3. Unread Messages Filter

This feature will be of help to those whose WhatsApp inbox is filled with several messages. Also, there are chances of missing out on important or urgent messages if they are lost in the array of unwanted or not-so-important texts. The new option will enable users to filter their chatbox and also read all the unread messages at once. Some days ago, this feature was launched on WhatsApp beta version for Android.

These latest WhatsApp features are set to solve some very vital issues. One can expect many such additions in the future too as the company is identifying user problems and creating solutions.

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