PSVR 2 Specs: A Great Shift In The VR Sector

PSVR 2 Specs: A Great Shift In The VR Sector

We have got all the latest news on the PSVR 2, which is the next gen VR headset that is exclusively designed for the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 was primarily announced back in 2019 and in the upcoming three years gamers have been thinking about what that implies to the future of their virtual reality games. 

Out of the three big console manufacturers, Song is the only company that has produced its own VR headset. However, the present model only operates with the previous generation of games and because it was released in 2016, some of its features are completely out of date. 

In this PSVR 2 review you can notice that this console can still be a fun gaming experience with a great range of games, from the completely immersive take on an old classic along with Tetris Effect to the highly charming 3D platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Yet despite some of the top VR space games and VR space experiences till now, many players have been wanting to play the recent PlayStation titles in complete immersion. With its graphical and hardware specs, the real VR just cannot compete with the best VR headsets presently on the market.

What Is The PSVR 2 Or Playstation 5 VR?

While players were amazed by the declaration of a VR headset completely compatible with the present generation of PlayStation consoles, they were also amused by how few details came with that original declaration. Without even an official name to denote the upcoming headset of the PlayStation, opting instead to term it as the “next-generation VR system,” Nishino mostly offered vague details with no structured facts and figures.

In the recent PlayStation Blog Nishino now refers to the latest system as the PlayStation VR2 which seems to be its official name. Apart from the evident fact that the latest headset is created for use with the PS5, Nishino primarily promised enhanced performance and interactivity and improved resolution, tracking, field of view, and input, without details on what any of that actually implies. We now have further strong details on the specs, officially assuring that the PSVR 2 will be in line with other high end consoles in the industry. 

Nishino did admit three new pieces of official data for the enhanced system in his first declaration. The first is that the latest Sony VR will have completely redesigned controllers which includes the unique features from PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller and they have been declared as PSVR 2 Controllers. This was welcome news as the present PSVR still employs  the PlayStation Move controllers which came out during the lifespan of PlayStation 3.

The second declaration is that the latest system will connect to the PlayStation 5 through a single wire. This is greatly welcomed by cable-conscious consumers who need five to set up the original headset.

How Much Will The PSVR 2 Cost?

It will possibly be a while before Sony declares the official pricing for their next-generation VR headset. Still, with what we have known so far, it is possible to make a reasonable prediction. The original PSVR 2 pricing was released at $399/£349. This was the cost for the version without the PlayStation Camera required to use PSVR 2 which retailed individually at $60/£50.

Most hardware makes a loss upon their initial launch, turning a profit later with added hardware, software, and subscription sales making up the costs. In this case, the PlayStation 5 is no exception. While the disc version is ultimately functioning at a profit, the next-generation VR system will likely operate at a loss when primarily launched. Even with raised screen resolution, increased processing, and haptic feedback, Sony would probably hesitate to set the value point drastically higher compared to the original.

When Is The PSVR 2 Release Date?

With no official PSVR 2 release date and price declared, it looks like Sony is still inside its development with the latest hardware. Though nothing is asserted, there are quite a few rumors and predictions based on other available evidence that looks to hold some weight. The most credible assertion is of a popular media house, who wrote an in-depth article regarding the present state of screen manufacturers and where the industry is heading towards. 

According to a report by Japan Display Inc., which is one of the leading LCD screen producers, stated that they have a good connection with almost every VR developer in the market. As the VR market is important to LCD screens, Sony is reportedly prevailing to use the higher quality and more expensive OLED items they used in the original version of the PlayStation Vita and, most notably, the PlayStation VR headset.


There are also various PSVR 2 games that are being developed as dev kits for the latest system that went out at the beginning of 2021. At a developers conference that took place in August 2021, Sony aimed to woo developers into formulating games for the latest hardware. When released, these titles will not be consistent with the old VR systems. Sony is also reportedly supporting developers to include VR compatibility into their major main console releases.

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