Travel Differently In 2022 With These Best Cruise Destinations

Travel Differently In 2022 With These Best Cruise Destinations

If you are already wishing for your next escape to the seas, then make sure it is a cruise this time. But with so much of the globe accessible for a cruise trip, it is difficult to choose the best cruise destinations. So make your job easy, we have top 5 cruise destinations across the globe that you should experience at least once. So without any delay let us begin with this article, because we cannot keep you waiting more. This list has been derived from the top 10 cruise destinations.

Top 5 Cruise Destinations In The World

The world looks boundless when we imagine exploring it by ship. With the endless seven seas and numerous inner waterways around the world, it is convenient to fantasize about sailing to some exotioc places. So we have noted the 5 most popular cruise destinations in the world that will keep you rooted with your own existence.

1. The Greek Islands

Explore the endless mesmerizing beauty of Greece on a cruise to the Greek Islands, that include two latest port destinations: Zakynthos and Hydra. With Greece cruises you can sail to up to 10 ports, that include famous islands like Mykonos and Santorini, and lesser explored cruise ports that include Thessaloniki and Chania. 

If you are searching for an island that is filled with character, Hydra is among the most unique places to visit in Greece. The complete island, which has a bohemian vibe, is car-free, with donkey as the primary mode of transport. The scenery is too picturesque, with quiet bays availed by boat and a buzzing bar and restaurant scene. If you are looking for the best cruise destinations in the world, you should choose this.

2. The Caribbean

With sunny weather year-round and numerous beautiful beaches to choose from, the Caribbean is among the best royal Caribbean cruise destinations at any time of the year.

Sail on a Southern Caribbean cruise to the idyllic ABC islands that include Bonaire, Aruba, and Curacao, where stunning snorkeling excursions and white sand beaches await. Enjoy two varied cultures on the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Maarten, where you will find both French and Dutch influences in the architecture, food, and cafés. Spend the whole day at one of the famous beaches, Orient Beach or Maho, and try activities like snorkeling and jet-skiing.

3. Mexican Riviera

For many, the Mexican Riviera is an identifying point of the Pacific coast, and should certainly be on your special list for cruise destinations to visit this year.

Sail to Cabo San Lucas, where there are beautiful chances for whale watching, and soothing beaches with a backdrop of desert scenery. Venture to desert dunes on 4×4 or an ATV, or take a boat tour to El Arco, where St. Lucas Bay encounters the mighty ocean with dramatic rock formations and crystal clear waters.

Another great cruise destination to visit this year is Puerto Vallarta, which is among the most glamorous ports in the Mexican Riviera. You can visit the Historic Center, where you can walk along with brightly-colored houses, stop into a local restaurant for a traditional Pozole, or shop for hand-made clothing. Stroll the malecón, or boardwalk, to avail most of the city center by foot as the waves of the Pacific break beside you.

4. Panama Canal

Admire a masterpiece of engineering during your cruise to the Panama Canal. Get a front-row seat to witness the incredible design that has made the Panama Canal work so charming for more than 100 years. Marvel at the intricate lock system and see the way water flow is managed to enable huge ships to safely pass via the narrow canal.

After visiting the Miraflores Locks, you can head to Casco Viejo, the old town and 500-year-old historic site of Panama city. This is the cultural heart of the nation with good restaurants, bars, and Spanish colonial architecture engraved within the chunky walls. It is a great day trip option for your Panama Canal cruise.

5. Western Europe

Discover the real lights of the Western Europe on a cruise along the northern coastline of the Mediterranean and Atlantic ports of Portugal. Cruises call at two of the most beautiful cities of Portugal, Porto and Lisbon. In Lisbon, avail the tram up to Bairro Alto, which is a bohemian enclave at the heart of the city where you will find cafes, small shops, and entertainment along each cobblestone street.

Porto provides an authentic and equally charming vibe with sites like the iconic Luis I Bridge that spans the Douro river, and visits to the grand old port houses at Vila Nova da Gaia on the opposite bank. Take a cruise visit to France in vibrant southern cities like Nice, where the Promenade des Anglais lines the long sweep of sandy beach. Nice is the best base for visits to the mountain village of Èze, Cap-d’Ail, for walking with the scent of wild herbs in the air, or glamorous Cap d’Antibes. This is the best cruise destination for couples.

The Bottom Line

If you have plans to spend your vacation with the seas, then we would recommend you to try a cruise this time if you have not tried before. And if you have tried before, then this time you will retry that for sure. There are some great cruise destinations that you should try at least once to experience the cultural and scenic diversity of this world. We have stated the top 5 such names that you can consider for your trip this year.

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