Paper Shoot Camera Review: Try Something Different Yet Beautiful

Paper Shoot Camera Review: Try Something Different Yet Beautiful

The latest Paper Shoot camera is a very portable point and shoot digital camera that uses a screen to mimic the photography of yore. And now after watching numerous videos of this camera, here is a Paper Shoot camera review. 

Playing up the thrill of film photography, which some people have missed using, the Paper Shoot camera is simple to assemble together, add some flair, and snap. Here are the reasons why you would like to consider this latest camera.

Paper Shoot Camera Review: The Who, What And How

Who it’s for: The Paper Shoot camera is ideal for anyone who is looking for a fun and eco-friendly alternative to a film or disposable camera.

What you need to know: For $120 you are getting an extremely lightweight portable camera that needs some setup. The camera will only operate with two AAA batteries, and you can even use the attached Micro USB cable for the rechargeable kind. This camera operates best in natural light and, similar to a film camera, this can be finicky if it is darker, mainly since it does not have a flash. Paper Shoot camera buy online from their official website. 

How it compares: The Paper Shoot functions like a disposable camera, and is closer to a smartphone in respect to photo quality and provides higher-quality prints compared to similar Polaroid cameras like the Now+ or Go. In this Paper Shoot camera review it should be noted that this camera also offers a varied result than adding separate lenses to your smartphone, as those change the perspective of your camera but not the style of the image. Compared to a film camera, the $120 initial price tag is reasonable, mainly when you consider how expensive that technology can be and the money you would spend getting pictures developed. Because it is a digital camera, you lose the downtime of having to wait for those photos to get great, though you will have to shift them to an SD card before you can download them to your computer or phone.

Paper Shoot Camera Review: The Setup And Look

In this Paper Shoot camera review, it is very important to talk about the setup of this camera. There is some setup needed with the Paper Shoot, beginning with the camera board, which is akin to the guts of the camera. This comes entirely with an exposed lens, some circuitry and all the tech required to take a shot. Luckily the complete thing takes place under five minutes, and ample instructions are inserted. Just pop the SD card and batteries  into the board and include a case. This is where you can show off your own personality and pick from a range of designs from Paper Shoot. While your choice of case is associated, you will have to buy others separately.

The camera is nearly 4 inches long, 2.7 inches wide and nearly half an inch thick. It is smaller compared to your phone and approximately the same thickness as an iPhone with a case on it. Sans batteries, Paper Shoot includes everything you require in the box — just power it up and initiate snapping.

Similar to a smartphone camera, the Paper Shoot has varied shooting modes, even though here you will only get the basics: color, black and white, blue and sepia. Unlike a more traditional camera, however, there is no messing around with aperture or shutter speeds adjustments. The only thing you have to worry about is clicking the shutter button, which lives on the front left-hand side of the camera. If you hold the camera with your right hand, the shutter button is in an easily accessible spot. Though it is small, the camera is comfortable to hold, and nobody was ever worried about dropping it or losing our grip. Along with that, it makes a cool, classic shutter sound when you click that button, and two blue LEDs light up next to the viewfinder to allow you to know that you have taken an image. You will get various paper shoot camera sample photos on the internet.


After this Paper Shoot camera review, it can be concluded that at $120, this camera is an affordable, simple-to-use product that offers you all the amusements of a disposable or film camera with the high-quality pictures of a smartphone lens. The value is comparable to other small, instant cameras even though the experience is very varied. If you are wondering where to buy paper shoot camera, you can get it from their official website.

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