5 Important AI Based Startups With A Great Market Exposure

5 Important AI Based Startups With A Great Market Exposure

From Amazon to Google to Microsoft to Apple, every big tech company is dedicating a good amount of their resources to get a breakthrough in the realm of AI. Personal assistants like Alexa and Siri have made artificial intelligence a part of our regular lives. In the meantime, revolutionary breakthroughs like cars that are self driven may not be present but they are attainable. So in this article, we are going to have a look at the top 5 AI based startups in India that are trying to bring revolution in technology. If you are looking for AI-based startup ideas, then you are at the right place.

Which Are The Best AI Based Startups?

The AI ecosystem of India is witnessing explosive growth with a huge number of inventive startups that are entering into the space. With that we are going to discuss the top 5 AI based startups in India that are working towards bringing a huge change in the technical arena. Here we have discussed AI startups by country.

1. Myelin Foundry

This is the first one among the top AI companies in India. Established in 2019, Myelin Foundry is a deep technological product startup that has been founded by Ganesh Suryanarayanan, Gopichand Katragadda, and Aditi Olemann. This is a startup that is based in Bengaluru and helps in the transformation industry outcomes by creating AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms on voice, video, and sensor data. 

Myelin Foundry aids enterprises take the advantage of the power of advanced neural compute in the shopfloor, availability and maintainability of plant equipment, and automating decisions on reliability.

2. Nextbillion AI

Established by Ajay Bulusu, Gaurav Bubna and Shaolin Zheng in 2020. This AI based startup is headquartered in Singapore, with their offices in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Beijing. The northstar of the startup is to create the most easy-to-use, cost-effective and advanced hyperlocal AI solutions across the globe. Nextbillion AI is a mapping channel for enterprises. Nextbillion AI aids enterprises address all the map-related needs that include last-mile optimisation, managing road restrictions, navigation, and finding the best-suited route for vehicles. 

One year into its inception, this company has mapped over two lakh kilometers of roads, handles over one lakh restrictions and handled two lakh million API Calls. Going forward, Nextbillion AI focuses to be the global leader in AI powered hyperlocal solutions.

3. Wysa

This AI based startup is situated in 2015 by Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati, Wysa aids users self-manage stressors by blending AI-guided listening along with provisional expert support. The Bengaluru-based startup has created an AI-powered chatbot that takes the benefits of evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques to make their user feel heard. 

The solution has powered more than 100 million conversations. Normal users have shown a 40 percent development in self-reported symptoms of acute depression, the startup has asserted. This company is a part of the Google Assistant Investment programme. It also received the award of the Best App of 2020 by Google Play. The startup is backed by W Health Ventures, pi Ventures and Kae Capital of Boston.

4. Emotix

Mumbai-based Emotix, which is short for emotional intelligence, was founded by IIT Bombay alumni Prashant Iyenger, Sneh Vaswani, and Chintan Rajkar, in 2015. The startup has created a companion robot Miko that will help parents keep their children busy.

The startup takes the advantages of AI, Internet of Things, and robotics to determine moods, start conversations and understand from its surroundings to engage with a child. Miko does so by availing computer vision to remember,  identify, and recollect known objects and faces. The startup is financed by Chiratae Ventures, IvyCap Ventures, and YourNest Capital.

5. Ziptrax Cleantech

The next in our list of artificial intelligence companies is Ziptrax Cleantech. The Delhi-based startup takes advantage of AI-based engines and IoT allowed hardware to produce lithium batteries that last for up to 40% longer.

This AI based startup was founded by Sonia Singh, has created a digital platform to collect used batteries. Post collection, it keeps the batteries via rigorous tests and quality checks. The startup then avails machine learning algorithms to differentiate and regroup cells, and ultimately use AI to repurpose these discarded Li-ion batteries. Along with that, Ziptrax Cleantech produces battery packs for two and three-wheeler EVs. The startup offers a second life to Li-ion batteries with developed features that include longer service life, fast-charging, zero maintenance, intelligent power, remote monitoring, and high DoD.


Technology has changed to a great extent with time and India is also gaining huge exposure to the rapid change of technology. After the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) tech giants across the world have started to allocate a good amount of their resources for adopting this technology. So in that light we have discussed top 5 AI based startups in India that have made their position in the AI sector and they will surely be among the top AI companies across the globe.

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