myCobot Pro: The Innovative Robot For Your Commercial Use

myCobot Pro: The Innovative Robot For Your Commercial Use

Elephant Robotics is renowned for its array of innovative products that help to enhance assembly, manufacturing, education, and more. Of particular choice is its myCobot robotic arm, which is very popular especially in the community of the makers. The arm itself has witnessed a number of astonishing iterations that include the latest myCobot Pi, which has included the use of Raspberry Pi. And the recent robotic arm of the company is the myCobot Pro, which is a larger version of the compact arm that is built for the purpose of commercial use.

Introducing MyCobot Pro

The myCobot Pro is a six axis robot that is used for the purpose of commercial use primarily. This robotic arm has a payload of 1kg and an operating radius of 320mm. It’s simple, powerful, compact design allows easy operation even though it weighs more compared to the previous models. 

This robotic arm offers security, usability, and is economically viable. When compared to the other options that are available, it is a super profitable choice for the purpose of automated production. It has quick distribution on the line of production and allows human robot collaboration. It is effective and safe and also increases business efficiency. It is clear that myCobot Pro is smart and effective, but who is this product designed for?

This product can be availed for commercial purposes that include production, assembly, and manufacturing. This product can also be used for scientific research, educational purposes and also for and for medical purposes. Other unique instances for this product include using this product as a smart barista for the expansion of your coffee business, can be used in a photographic studio for more accuracy and precision of work, and to allow continuous printing of photos. This robotic arm can be utilized for the perfect blend of artistic creation and robotics. It can also be used as an assistant in a workshop. The company and its all in one design enable it as a great fit for automated guided vehicle solutions.

Technical Performance Of myCobot Pro

The myCobot Pro is equipped with 2 screens for display which supports M5 STACK Ecological Application, to expand the collaborative space of application effectively. Added with Brushless DC Industrial Motor, it can get ±0.3mm repeated positioning accuracy as well. 

It is easy to operate and is an open resource. Operators with no programming experience can use this as it supports various environments for development such as myCobot moveit, myCobot ROS, and RoboFlow which are developed by Elephant Robotics

It offers high cost and economical performance. With a standard 8 hour work time, myCobot Pro is a great choice for the standard assembly line, high repetitive work. As a 6 axis, cost effective robot arm, it is ideal for businesses that need both high performance and low cost to boost efficiency and cut down the cost. 

It carries an integrated modular design. Its compact design enables it to make complete use of the production space, and perfectly combine it into the production environment and based on the exact and efficient collision detection algorithm, myCobot Pro can operate safely with people. According to Joey Song the Founder of Elephant Robotics, 

“With the myCobot Pro, we are happy to enable customers to create more efficiently on a larger scale than ever before. We hope people use our latest robotic arm to create and enhance their businesses and maker work.”

The myCobot Pro price is $599 which can be bought from their official website or from Shopify.


The myCobot Pro has earned great feedback from clients who include universities, Global 500 companies, and other institutions like Stanford University, University of Melbourne, Johnson Electric, Valeo, and Kagoshima University.

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