Are Kia India Cars Bringing New Change In Automobile Industry?

Are Kia India Cars Bringing New Change In Automobile Industry?

Hyundai India is known to be the second largest manufacturer of cars in India. Currently, the company’s best selling car in India is the Hyundai Creta that costs over ₹10 lakhs. After the grand success of Hyundai in the Indian market, it launched its sister brand Kia. The Kia Seltos gave a hard competition to Hyundai Creta and also beat the SUV in many ways. The company currently sells Kia Sonet, Kia Carnival, and Kia Seltos. Here is a brief description of cars from Kia India.

Kia India In Reshaping The Automobile World

2021 is going to be a good year for all cars from Kia India as they are capable enough to give tough competition to the best cars in India. Let us get started:

Kia Seltos EV / Facelift

Kia Seltos was the first launch from Kia in India and still is said to be one of the best cars from Kia India. Though the EV sector in India is growing compared to other developed countries, EVs are undoubtedly ahead of the future. This is so prevalent because of the rise in the price of petrol and all the new pollution laws that have been imposed, electric mobility is increasing. The Tata Nexon EV is currently the cheapest EV sold in the Indian markets. It is expected from Kia to scale the price of Seltos EV competitively so that people get inclined more towards buying the SUVs.  

The Kia Seltos EV might get offered with the Hyundai Kona sourced 64kWh battery pack with a 204bhp, electric motor or a 56.5kWh battery pack taken from the Kia K3 EV. It will give a product of a range of around 450km on a single charge according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) test cycle. Hyundai Creta and other cars in its category have already received few things from the update.

Kia Carnival

In the last auto expo that happened in February, Kia launched their Carnival but the overseas has received an MPV update by now. The Kia Carnival which is a fourth generation car has got a bold look along with it. There are a lot of SUV styling elements that are present in the front section of the all new Kia Carnival. It also comes with squared and strong lines. The front grille that is also known as the “Tiger Nose” grille looks greatly inspired by Seltos and also fits with the name Kia. The welcome appearance is made with the sleek new headlamps and LED DRLs.

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento was on the list since 2002, and it has been changing in terms of performance and get up. While the emission rules have decreased the size of the engines the car was a success for Kia. By 2021 it is expected that the car makes its way to India. 

The Kia Sorento is a perfect competition for Jeep Compass. The price may range up to ₹30 lakhs. The product is still not seen in India so the price they will offer in India is also not sure. It is sure that the tiger nose grille will be there and it will also have sharper lines and creases to make it look more aggressive. The most detectable feature of this car is the forward sloping D-pillar and the flared wheel arches. Kia is trying to include the design pattern of Seltos in Sorento.

Kia Stinger

In the international car market, Kia Stinger is one of the flagship cars of Kia. If they launch it in India then it will be the first Sedan car from the company in India. Kia has already started market research about sedans by showcasing the sedan to dealers and media in India. If they launch Kia Stinger in India in 2021 it will be available as a completely “built up unit.” It is also said that Kia will sell only a limited number of this car in the Indian market around 2500 units. 

The Kia stinger 2021 is available in two engine options in the international market. The 2.0 ltr engine is said to produce 255 bhp and 260 Nm. The larger one that is 3.3 ltr twin turbo V6 is said to produce 36b5hhp and 376nm. The smaller engine is only expected to be available in India.


Along with Hyundai, Kia its sister company is also becoming a known name in the Indian market. It has established its place in the international market and it is time they do the same for the Indian market. Cars from Kia India especially their SUVs can give tough competition to other car giants prevailing in India.

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