7 Ways In Which We Can Inculcate Daily Exercise Habits

7 Ways In Which We Can Inculcate Daily Exercise Habits

Let us all face it: it is not difficult to do exercise. We all have performed it at some point in time. But making daily exercise habits may seem to be difficult. In the starting, all our enthusiasm acts unitedly but with time we tend to get distracted over other things in life. But it is very important to have a daily exercise habit. 

Despite these facts, there are many people who stick to the habit of exercising daily. So what is their secret?

A recent research on long term exercisers by Diana Klein, Ph.D. brought a conclusion that was quite surprising. When they were asked what motivates them to exercise daily their answers were that they are not much concerned about making pecs and abs. Exercise makes them feel good and healthy. This is how the research ranked their motivators:

  • Fitness
  • Feelings of well-being
  • Pep and energy
  • Enjoyment of the exercise
  • Making exercise a priority
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling alert
  • Being relaxed
  • Weight management
  • Appearance

So once you are rightly motivated you can inculcate daily exercise habits as well.

Steps The Will Help You To Inculcate Daily Exercise Habits

These seven steps will automatically shift your mind towards doing regular exercises. 

Treat Yourself

Gift yourself a small reward after you have completed your workout that you have scheduled for a week or month. This does not mean breaking your bank or having a meal that is three times higher in calories than what you shed in the workout. Do a good plan for this and then proceed. Convince yourself to buy a good outfit for your exercise or workout shakes. Or you can enjoy one day relaxing at the spa or even buy new headphones for a workout. Whatever it may be, giving yourself a reward nourishes the pleasure center of your brain which allows you to look positively at the workout.

Schedule Your Workouts

If you spend your days according to your appointment calendar, there may be times when you may feel that your schedule takes over your life and there remains no time for you to workout. However, if you take out time to schedule your workout as well by including it in your daily schedule then there are chances for daily exercise habits.

Set A Learning Goal

The goals are primarily of two types: outcome and learning. Outcome goals tend to focus on the end results of any performance task. For example, completing a marathon race. While learning goals relies on the process or steps that are required to complete any task. For example, learning how to exercise for kettlebell. Concentrating on the process of learning any particular exercise can help you in releasing more dopamine.

Change Your Mindset

You will also have to refocus on the outcome goals to concentrate on the quality of life rather than trying to achieve some media defined beauty standards. Do not use exercise to change the way you look, use it to change your lifestyle to a healthier and fit one. That will increase the essence of living. If you do this you might be surprised to see the internal changes that happen for good and eventually, you will inculcate daily exercise habits.

Grow A Journaling Practice

Keep a journal to track your progress. And also try to maintain a record of how you feel after your workouts. What are the changes that you come across which rebuild you as a better human being? This does not require to carry a journal book to your gym every day. You can maintain a note app on your phone that will keep all your records. This way tracking your accomplishments will be easy.

Find A Workout Friend

Going to the gym every day all alone and doing exercise also all alone can be painful for you. So make a friend there with whom you can exercise regularly. This will release all the disturbing thoughts that come to our minds when we are alone. Also, it makes you are your friend accountable to each other that decreases the scope of your missing out on the gym.

Try Variety Of Exercises

There will be instances when you will get bored of doing a certain type of exercise on a daily basis. So rotate your exercises and try new exercises that will motivate and interest you more. Also doing a variety of exercises like walking, running, swimming will make sure that you can have daily exercise habits despite any change in weather or time of the day.


Taking these steps to concentrate on the better aspect of working out will increase your daily exercise habits to a great extent. Also within a few days, you will start to see the physical and mental peace that exercise brings with it.

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