India’s Tech Sector Hiring Now Depends On WFH Compatibility

India’s Tech Sector Hiring Now Depends On WFH Compatibility

The Covid-19 pandemic induced the need for Work From Home (WFH) for various economic sectors. Therefore, several companies adopted the new-age system in order to stay on par with the growing industries and affected India’s tech sector hiring process. WFH was earlier considered to be a perk and relief for workers but then went on to become a necessity for the sector. Moreover, even employees prefer this mode of work. When Harish Kulkarni, a software professional, was asked about the same, he said that:

“Some people have accepted two days (at the office), but everyone likes the WFH option.”

India recently eased the Covid-19 restrictions and life was returning to normal with the opening of schools, work from office culture, and whatnot. However, the tech sector hiring process in India now just favours the employees to be comfortable with a WFH setup. Therefore, they are still continuing with the post-pandemic work style. The tech sector WFH work pattern has also been promoted due to the fact that the output saw a visible increase.

Tech Sector Hiring Survey

In a recent survey by CIEL HR, an Indian staffing agency, it was seen that three out of four employees in the sector decline to work from the office even for a day in a week. The agency polled 40 IT firms and 900,000 tech sector workers for The Economic Times in May. The survey also concluded that 10% of the total newly hired employees were working in a complete remote setting. Recruiters mentioned that  IT sector employees were comfortable with WFH and refused to commute long distances every single day.

Krithika Sandhu, a senior data analyst, quoted by, who recently quit her job to explore another full-time remote role, commented in line with many other IT sector employees and said:

“I don’t want to waste half my life commuting in the traffic jams of Bangalore. The pandemic taught me the value of time. I want to be able to care for my elderly parents. I wanted to work full-time but also be more responsive to their needs.”

The tech sector WFH hiring process would also welcome talent from different parts of the country and even overseas, which means better job opportunities. In addition to the perks employees get, the remote setting is light on the employer’s pocket as it reduces operational costs, office premises lease, and travel allowances. Therefore, it can rightly be said that India’s tech sector hiring would promote WFH further in future.

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