Fashion Brand’s 15k Worth ‘Dad Trousers’ Stun The Internet

Fashion Brand’s 15k Worth ‘Dad Trousers’ Stun The Internet

The fashion industry is extremely unpredictable, even wardrobe malfunctions have induced new trends now and then. So, here we are with another weird development in the sector. One of the high-end international fashion brands introduced its version of dad trousers and set the price at over INR 15,000. These small boxer-like pants literally seem to have no such costs in making and people have been amazed by such a price. Over the internet, there are numerous comments on how it would prove to be a waste of money. In addition, the Indian audience has been infuriated by such an act. There are several memes on social media for this bizarre fashion trend.

Dad Trousers And The Internet

The post about these trousers was shared on a micro-blogging site by Arshad Wahid, who shared a snapshot of it being listed by a fashion brand known as Kobe. The exact price of these pants was INR 15,450, which the desi audience thought to be unbelievable. Wahid questioned the pricing on a Twitter post’s caption writing, “Why is this pattapatti trouser 15k?” Many Indian fashion brands and even the ones overseas, like the one mentioned here, have sought such methods in the past when the clothing items had nothing good in them but still were auctioned at inconceivable prices.

The tweet garnered over 700 likes in a few hours and there were several comments that talked about the unreasonable price. A Twitter user went on to write “Ye langote nahi langoté hai,” in an attempt to demean the existence of such a fashion trend. In addition, another user took this situation in a comical way and took a reference from the popular comedy film Hera Pheri, and replied saying, “Baburao ka kaccha for 15k.” another tweet questioned the eco-friendly aspect of these dad trousers saying:

“What kind of eco-friendly is this? Will it dissolve in soil within a week if buried in the ground? Are weavers getting 90% of the share on each sale”

This time one of the renowned international fashion brands was involved in such an activity. However, people even fear that Indian fashion companies might take inspiration from it, which might lead to exorbitant prices for an unworthy product. Also, these dad trousers worth 15K are not expected to be forgotten anytime soon.

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