Huawei Band 6 Is A Great Deal To Buy Now

Huawei Band 6 Is A Great Deal To Buy Now

A great alternative to smartwatches is the fitness trackers that provide simple ways to receive all the important data that is needed by a person from their daily physical activities. So let us enter into the world of Huawei Band 6 to explore what new this brand has to offer to its users. The Huawei Band 6 release date was scheduled for August 20, 2021. 

Huawei Band 6: Hardware

When it comes to the hardware and design of this band, Huawei designed a fitness watch that generally feels and looks much more premium than its value. The Band 6 is created by a polymer casing and has a two-tone construction. The plastic part at the bottom is not the most premium quality, but for its value, it is on par with the quality and feel of most other fitness trackers at this range of price.

The polymer casing is among the parts of this watch that glows above other fitness trackers at this range of price; it has an Apple Esque feel to it, duplicating the overall look of the aluminum Space Grey Apple Watches.

You will find the power button on the right side of the screen, when doubled, which acts as a back button and also a menu selector. It is also the only physical mode of communication of this fitness tracker. This button is tactile and provides a similar use case to Huawei’s Watches such as the GT 2 Pro. Here are the important Huawei Band 6 specs. 

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Color Screen: Yes
  • Notification Support: Yes
  • Battery Life: 2-week battery
  • Integrations: Huawei Health

Huawei Band 6: Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, this band is just crazily good. This device asserts to have a battery life of over 2 weeks without the requirement to charge, and little to our surprise, it attains that constantly without fail. We have had the Huawei Band 6’s 24/7 heart monitoring allowed for the complete duration for over 2 weeks, and not once did it make the users feel the requirement to charge the device in between. The Band 6 charges through a magnetic charger cable that arrives in the box, and it mainly takes under an hour to get charged completely.

Comprehensively, Huawei yet again convinces its users with its madly excellent battery life on its wearable technology; if the user wishes for a device that continually monitors your heart rate without draining up the battery life, the Band 6 is possibly the best watch in the market.

Sensors And Health Monitoring Of This Band 6

With Huawei Band 6 health monitoring, this band provides a decent amount of variation for a tracker this affordable and small. For one, the user is going to get 96 varied Huawei Band 6 workout modes list, including things like swimming since the gadget is 5 ATM water-resistant. This implies you are able to go down the water up to 50 meters.

The more magnificent Huawei Band 6 feature is its ability to monitor heart rate and SpO2 24/7. So the Huawei Band 6 SpO2 feature is great. For a gadget at this price range, the SpO2 tracking is a great added feature that enables the user to check their blood oxygen level on the go. Most of the watch faces have a heart rate element. This is oddly handy when you can’t go into the specific app to keep a track of your heart rate, but you still want to have the figures there for reference.


Overall, the Huawei Band 6 is a great wearable gadget, to begin with, monitoring metrics like sleep, heart rate, and fitness; the device is minimal, sleek, and can get the user most of the key elements of the latest smartwatches such as the SpO2 tracking. We highly suggest this device if you are in the industry to try a wearable for the first time but do not wish to spend more than $150 on one. You can take this as a small Huawei Band 6 review. 

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