A Detailed Overview Of The 10 Best Stationery Companies Globally

A Detailed Overview Of The 10 Best Stationery Companies Globally

The stationery industry all over the world has witnessed immense growth in the past few years, leading to huge profits for the top 10 stationery companies across the globe. These companies are leading the sector in 2021. 

The market size of stationery was valued at USD 90.6 billion in the past year and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.1%. The biggest element that is fueling this growth in the market is because of a promising import market across the globe where there is high demand and expansion is attractive. This is led by the top stationery brand that we have stated in this article. 

Top 10 Stationery Companies Across The Globe

The stationery sector is a big segment of the complete office supply sector. These top 10 brands of stationery across the globe continued to expand to varied markets globally as expansion looked to be the primary aspect of this industry. This article will outline what these market leaders are doing to get success. So without any further delay let us begin with the world top 10 stationery companies. 


This is a German fine writing instrument entity and a supplier and manufacturer of writing, artist, and engineering drawing elements. The firm was established more than 184 years ago by J.S. Staedtler in 1835 and offers a large variety of writing instruments, that include ballpoint pens, crayons, drafting pencils, propelling pencils, standard wooden pencils, and professional pens.

The product line of Staedtler consists of their writing implements sector that includes products like graphite pencils, leads, markers, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, rollerball pens, and refills. Their technical drawing sector includes compasses, rulers, technical pens, set squares, lettering guides, and drawing boards in their product line.


Faber-Castell is among the largest stationery companies across the globe as of 2021, and a supplier and manufacturer of pencils, pens, other office supplies, and also art supplies, along with high-end writing instruments and luxury leather products. This company is headquartered in Stein, Germany, it functions in 14 factories and 20 sales units across the globe. This is a famous stationery brand that everyone is aware of. 

The product line of Faber-Castell includes pencils both graphite and color, charcoal, pastels, erasers, sharpeners in also their professional art and graphic section. The kids and school art and graphic category of Faber-Castell have pencils, brushes, markers,  watercolors, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, oil pastels, papers, modeling dough, and connector pens in their product line. 


Maped is also among the top stationery brands as of 2021. This company has its headquarters in Annecy, France. This is a family-run French manufacturer of office stationery and scholastic products. It has 9 subsidiaries in 9 nations listing it among the top 10 stationery companies in the world as of 2021.

The product line of this company includes mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens in their writing category. Along with that, the school category of Maped includes erasers, pencil sharpeners, compasses, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, marker pens, and set squares in their product line.


Schwan-STABILO is a German creator of pens for coloring, writing, and cosmetics along with highlighters and markers for office use. This Group was founded 165 years ago in 1855 and is the largest manufacturer of highlighter pens across the globe, making it among the top stationery brands in the world. This is among the high end stationery companies. 

The Stabilo is their stationery sector and is one of the best stationery brands across the globe functioning their writing instruments divisions that include ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, and gel pens, colored pencils, graphite pencils, fine liners, crayons, highlighters, and pastels in their product line.


Muji began back in 1980 selling only 40 items that include pencils, pens, and notebooks from their stationery sector. Muji is presently among the most renowned stationery brand names across the globe, functioning in more than 328 directly-controlled stores, and supplies 124 outlets in Japan and also 505 international retail outlets from nations like the UK, Canada, United States, South Korea, and China. The headquarters of Muji is in Toshima-Ku, Japan, and Tokyo. This is among the top stationery brands in Japan. 

As one of the best stationery brands across the globe, the product line of Muji includes stationery, along with household goods, fashion, electronics,  kitchen utensils, home appliances, food, cosmetics, furniture. 


KOKUYO started as a supplier of account ledgers, and they continue to present day to sell and manufacture a variety of office paper goods, along with stationery products and products that are related to the PC created to offer ease of use for all in the school and office environments.

KOKUYO in 2011, acquired Camlin Limited and extended it to India. KOKUYO Camlin Ltd.’s product line has ink, paints, and markers with factories in Taloja, Tarapur, Vasai, Jammu, Offices in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and in three other places. Expanding its projects has led KOKUYO to become one of the top 10 stationery companies globally. 

Sakura Color Products Corporation

Sakura Color Products Corporation has its headquarters at Morinomiya-Chuo, Chūō-Ku, Osaka, Japan, and is a Japanese stationery brand.  Sakura primarily began as a manufacturer of crayons and gradually invented the very first oil pastel.

As among the best stationery brands globally, Sakura is famous for its stationery product line. The Sakura stationery product line offers ballpoint pens, refills, and gel ink pens,  under their pens category. 


Typo is again one of the top stationery companies across the globe, functioning under Cotton On Group which is the largest global retailer of Australia, well known for its stationery brands and fashion clothing. Cotton On is relatively latest, established in 1991, it extended as a stationery brand in 2008 along with Typo.


This is a French manufacturer of fine art paper and associated products. Canson is among the oldest entities across the globe, established in 1557. Canson presently functions in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia. This is among the top stationery brands in USA. 

Crane Currency

Crane Currency is a manufacturer of paper products that are based on cotton and is used in the printing of passports, banknotes, and other secure documents. This entity was sold to Crane Company in 2017, and Crane Currency still functions under parent company Crane & Co. as the world’s top 10 stationery brands. 


As the top stationery brands across the globe prevail to dominate the global stationery sector, the world can expect to witness very good growth and new business opportunities in many markets around the globe. The industry is altering due to technology and time but the demand is attaining nothing anytime soon. In this article, we have spoken about the top 10 stationery companies based on their market capitalization and demand for their products globally. 

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