Galaxy S22 Vs iPhone 13: The Better Market Giant

Galaxy S22 Vs iPhone 13: The Better Market Giant

The iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 have a lot of things in common as both these smartphones had minor alterations from their predecessors. But if you take a look under the hood then you will discover that the upgrades that they went through make them more compelling and change them into an intriguing face off. So let us have a look at the Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 comparison for better understanding. This iPhone vs Samsung is based on facts and is completely unbiased. 

On the side of Apple, the iPhone 13 bridged the biggest gap in the previous device’s armor by dramatically enhancing battery life while continuing to improve its power of processing, which now arrives with a robust neural engine. The Samsung Galaxy S22 received a much required boost to its primary camera but prevails to flex one of the perfect mobile displays in the industry. It also has a perfect pocketable factor. 

While there are ample exciting phones among the best smartphone range on the market, it is Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 for many flagship purchasers. So let us see which one is best for 2022. We will do this under iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 specs.

Galaxy S22 Vs iPhone 13: Value And Price

The iPhone 13 begins at $799 for a 128GB model with 4GB of RAM. One can upgrade to 256GB or 512GB of storage for $899 and $1,099 price, respectively. If you are a prolific mobile videographer or photographer, consider the storage upgrade; or you could also think about the iPhone 13 Pro as it provides a massive camera upgrade over the standard model.

The Galaxy S22 also begins at $799 for the 128GB model with 8GB of RAM. For $50, you can also double your storage to 256GB, which is a convenient sell if you take a lot of pictures and videos, or are a mobile gamer.

While neither of these smartphones will find itself among the best budget phones in the market, the $799 starting price is still a marked enhancement over the $999 and up you will pay for the top-tier flagships.

The iPhone 13 holds a slight edge in longevity with approximately six years of software support in comparison to five years of security updates for the Galaxy S22 with four years of big OS updates. However, the Galaxy S22 has a greater triple-camera array, a more modern display of 120Hz, and for those that require more than the base, storage receives a slight price benefit.

Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13: Design

As stated at the outset, both of these smartphones stick almost firmly to the design of their predecessor. But that is fine given the huge departure last year’s designs were for every phone. Given the comfortable and unique designs Apple and Samsung hit upon, it is unreasonable to expect yearly reinvention.  

The flat-edged look of the iPhone 13, despite being a throwback to the iPhone 4 aesthetic, still looks fresh in this modern reimagining. Other than including a pink and blue color variant, the only noticeable alterations to the iPhone 13 are shaving the notch down by 20 percent and switching the rear camera lenses to a diagonal position. The latter does not make any operational difference and the notch dips further down into the display presently; Apple just narrowed it.

If you thought Apple did not change much, the Samsung Galaxy S22 next to the Galaxy S21 is an expert level, spot-the-variation game. The Contour Cut Camera housing is back, and while its design stays identical, this is the one spot where you could find a change as it is now color-matched to the phone rather than utilizing a contrasting trim color. The other alteration is only really perceptible in hand or if you put the phones back-to-back, and that is a small size reduction for the Galaxy S22 as it shifted to a 6.1-inch display down from 6.2 inches. This was indeed a great move by Samsung.

Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13: Display And Camera

Now in this comparison of Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13, let us have a look at the design and camera comparison. The Galaxy S22 offers a 6.1-inch, FHD+, 2340 x 1080-pixel, Dynamic AMOLED 2X display along with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The iPhone 13 matches it in size along with its 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR, 2532 x 1170-pixel, OLED display, but unlike its Pro siblings, it is stuck at 60Hz.

The iPhone 13 offers a sharper display with 457 pixels per inch (PPI) in comparison to 422 PPI for the Galaxy S22. However, we would challenge you to tell the variation without holding the phone within a couple of inches of your face; both are seemingly crisp and clear when displaying images, video, or text at a normal distance.

Under the more convenient theory, Samsung takes this attribute from one home with three rear cameras on the Galaxy S22 to two on the iPhone 13, but there is more to it than that.

Now let us go to the Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 camera. The iPhone 13 made lesser alterations to its camera array; it still offers a mind-blowing f/1.6 primary lens at 12MP and a less wanted f/2.4 ultra-wide at 12MP. This year, the big leap for the iPhone 13 camera is bigger pixels, going from 1.4 µm up to 1.7 µm. So now you may wonder why do that matters? It enables the camera to accumulate far more light. Mixed with its f/1.6 primary lens, there is nothing that can fight with the iPhone 13 primary lens in low-light scenarios. 

The Galaxy S22 made far more alterations to its camera array. The primary wide-angle is presently a 50MP sensor at f/1.8 that uses “tetra binning” to do in software what Apple has done in hardware with its bigger pixel sensor. The ultra-wide is still 12MP at a slightly better f/2.2 in comparison to the iPhone 13. The telephoto takes a resolution hit at 10MP at f/2.4 (last year it was 64MP at f/2.0), but it now sports an optical 3x zoom in place of hybrid zoom, so the net outcome is sharper.

Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13: Battery Life

From a strict hardware dimension, the Galaxy S22 should be the winner in this case as its 3,700 mAh battery is about 15 percent larger in comparison to the 3,227 mAh battery found in the iPhone 13. However, after apparently losing it in the cupboard the previous year, Apple found its secret sauce recipe for great battery life again.

In a battery test, which has the phone constantly surf the web over a cellular connection at 150 nits of brightness, the iPhone 13 cruised throughout the information superhighway for 10 hours and 33 minutes. The Galaxy S22, on the contrary, was sputtering on the side of the road after 8 hours and 15 minutes. You cannot dismiss a 2 hour and 18-minute benefit on this test, if you are someone that seldom has trouble making it through a day, or just is forgetful regarding charging your phone, the iPhone 13 is the safer bet.   


After a rocky beginning of Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 stormed back and took this position. While a couple of sections like battery life and performance are decisive victories for the iPhone, for the most part, this was a fight of inches. 

The Galaxy S22 is still among the ideal phones that are available today with a stellar 120Hz display, an amazing design, an excellent triple camera range, and lengthy software support. Though it was finally lost in some other sectors, the battery life is the only one that we think could present an original issue for some users.

The iPhone 13, on the contrary, provides a brilliant new primary camera, the Bionic A15 SoC, with long-lasting battery life, which may as well be the function of Tony Stark and software support that will likely outlast your ownership of the phone.

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