5 Important AI Based Farming Startups For Better Agriculture

5 Important AI Based Farming Startups For Better Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of civilization. However, the techniques that were developed along with the industrial revolution have impacted the prevailing strain on the ecosystem. In this crisis, the only way out is technology. We all know how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is helping the farming space. So today we will be discussing some of the top AI based farming startups that are helping this space in encountering the crisis. 

One of the concerns is the excessive and extensive use of pesticides, herbicides, and also insecticides for controlling crop pests and weeds to raise crop yield. As a rapidly increasing space, precision farming is dependent on technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to accumulate data and information for helping farmers make decisions on ways to raise productivity. So in this respect, it is essential for us to know the top AI based farming startups that are working towards attaining some technical goals for better farming experience and outcome. 

Top 5 AI Based Farming Startups

Agtech companies are the key to the shift towards precision farming along with their smart solution. AI based farming startups like the ones that have been mentioned in this list are working on varied solutions for helping the farmers to optimize their productivity of the farm and shift towards sustainable agriculture.

1. SeeTree

This Agtech startup was established in 2017 to offer farmers with important data to help them to handle and optimize the condition of their trees. The company has developed AI based solutions that:

  • Track the health of every tree, which includes evaluating underperforming trees and strong clusters. 
  • Watch the efficiency of farming functions, offer actionable insights and track the impact of various farming strategies. 
  • Boost the per-tree count and offer predictions before a harvest.
  • Digitize farms to enable the management of every tree and constantly collect data from each tree. 
  • Offer access to global coverage for millions of trees via a single platform. 
  •  Aerial, boots-on-the-ground, and ground data collection systems to promote optimum data collection to develop better approaches. 

The entity has had two rounds of funding that amounted to $44.7 million after the completion of three fund rounds.

2. Weedbot

Weedbot is an agtech startup that is impact-driven and that offers high-precision laser weeding technology to make organic farming more convenient. Weedbot, which was established in 2020, has since had two rounds of funding that raised €190K.

The company recently collaborated with Omdena to increase its AI precision weeding laser technology via Omdena’s AI Incubator. The outcome from operating with Omdena was a high-speed plant picture recognition neural network that can point out plant images at speeds of 12ms each second. The laser welding robot will aid the farmers to identify and remove weeds by using a laser beam, thus ignoring the use of pesticides in the production of food.

3. Clarifruit

The agriculture startup Clarifruit provides automated end-to-end quality control software across the fresh produce supply chain. The entity develops solutions for marketers, wholesalers, growers, and retailers to help them distribute, produce, and sell fresh vegetables and fruits consistently. 

The solution of Clarifruit includes a customizable big analytics and data platform via which users can set their inspection process and also quality control standards. The platform also collects data enabling users to glean insights to facilitate their functional efficiency and productivity.  This Israeli-based AI startup has raised $6 million in funding.

4. Agranimo

Agranimo is an agtech startup aimed at decreasing waste in all stages of the fresh food supply chain. This ai-based agriculture startup creates automation solutions to aid in attaining the long-term sustainability of food consumption. This AI based farming startup has a deep knowledge gathered from years of research and also farm management practice. The entity taps into its knowledge to boost innovation in agronomic science and also data technologies.

In recent times, the company got €2 million from Nectar Holdings, a business of HL Hall & Sons to support Agranimo’s efforts in developing solutions to cater to the requirements of small farmers and corporate clients searching for climate data and soil analysis.

5. Kilimo

Kilimo is a big data water irrigation startup that is aimed at helping farmers realize higher yields with less water. The business has made prominent strides in saving over 4.2 trillion gallons of water across 148,000 acres in monitored lands throughout the United States, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru. 

This agriculture AI company feeds satellite pictures, weather, and field data into its Big Data engine to suggest the optimal irrigation for every crop. Via its irrigation innovation, the company enhances crop yields by 30 percent and water use efficiency by 70 percent.


Staying ahead of the technology curve implies strengthening your competitive benefits. That is the reason we have offered you with the list of the top 5 AI based farming startups that are presently operative in the agricultural sector and are helping to boost farming activities across the globe. These AI startups in agriculture in India and across the globe are completely made up of artificial intelligence and they offer the most important thing, and that is information for a better farming experience. 

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