The Electric Vehicle Technology Reversed By Lawrence J. Hardge

The Electric Vehicle Technology Reversed By Lawrence J. Hardge

Following President Biden’s visit to the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, Hardge Global Technologies, LLC (HGT) affirmed the release of their new Black Box Technology. Lawrence Hardge who is an African-American inventor, founder of Hardge Global Technologies, LLC / Hardge Global USA held a press conference at the landmark that was owned by Ford, which was once Michigan Central train station’s home. Hardge revealed his Black Box Technology, which assures to be a game changer electric vehicle technology industry. So here the whole idea of electric vehicle technology explained.

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

EVs which are acronyms of electric vehicles are those vehicles that are fully or partially operated by electric power. It runs on battery and the user will have to charge the battery periodically. The two most famous electric vehicles in India are Tata Nexon EV and MG ZS EV. And electric vehicle benefits include they are more eco friendly and they lessen the use of non renewable resources like petrol as all the electric vehicle batteries are chargeable.

Hardge Global Technology And Their New Electric Vehicle Technology

Hardge says that the technology he discovered offers a vast area of adaptability in powering electric vehicles that includes bikes, electric golf carts, wheelchairs, and other electric recreational vehicles, and testing to date unveils that Hardge Global Technologies does not allow overheating.

The Black Box Technology of HGT raises the length of an electric vehicle’s charge and simultaneously it is expected to alter the public’s reaction as it relates to the proverbial battery doubt. This is one of the new technologies in electric vehicles

The first test of Black Box Technology that was conducted unveiled that a Chevy Bolt in high drive mode that has cruise control set at 40MPH, with air conditioning and the car’s radio lights turned on, ran for an equal of 270 driven miles. After the completion of the test, the car battery still remained at 37.6 percent power life.

After the second test of Black Box Technology it was revealed that by turning on the car and keeping it in high drive mode while using the cruise control at 40MPH, with air conditioning and the car’s radio lights turned on, the car ran for a distance of 270 miles. After the completion of the test, the car battery still remained at 38.8 percent power life.

Previously testing of an electric golf cart revealed that even with the throttle fully engaged at the cart’s top speed of 15 mph, HGT’s technology felt a runtime of 1357 minutes, which is equivalent to 22.6 hours. That is in turn equivalent to a travel distance of 339 miles in one single charge. According to the industry standards for golf carts, it typically ranges between 30 – 60 minutes at best. This is the working principle of electric vehicles

Lawrence Hardge said,

“Growing up I always had a passion for creating new products and enhancing existing ones. I was always tinkering with batteries."

He further added,

“To have a revolutionary product that can possibly impact the global electric vehicle industry is simply amazing to me, and while I am excited about the endless possibilities beyond today, I am even more excited about the educational opportunities that exist for young people.”

Danny Wilkerson, who is the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Hardge Global USA, said

“Ford is leading the way in the Detroit Metropolitan area, and having a press conference inside the Innovation District is in alignment with our shared vision for building a future that meets the needs of all communities.”

The revealing of HGT’s ground-breaking electric vehicle technology in front of the new Ford landmark is important in that this was formerly known as the Michigan Central Train Station. This station was famous and known to be the heart of Detroit’s industrial empire, which held a bright future for the city’s growing automobile industry. This landmark was visited by well known figures such as President Theodore Roosevelt and inventor Thomas Edison. Roosevelt was the first of many presidents to visit the historic building. The park in which the train station was once situated was named after President Roosevelt shortly after his demise.

As HGT continues to grow, one of the main goals is to train and educate young brains, who will ultimately be able to work with Hardge and his team to impact electric vehicle technology on a global scale. As the world eagerly awaits, one may wonder if this new technology will allow electric vehicles to gradually compete in events like the Detroit Grand Prix? With statistics like those revealed by HGT, there are endless possibilities.

Electric Vehicle Technology company, HGT, LLC is regulated by Lawrence J. Hardge, who is a self-trained African American inventor, who holds over 120 intellectual prototypes as well as many trademarks and patents.

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