Yoga Risks: Important Facts About Yoga You Should Know

Yoga Risks: Important Facts About Yoga You Should Know

Can there be danger in doing yoga? How does this widely loved and accepted practice hard on your body? In this article, we will be talking about the various yoga risks that you can bump into while doing yoga.  But before we go into the risks of doing yoga, let us first see the concept and benefits of yoga.

The Concept Of Yoga

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that found its roots in ancient India. It is a widely recognized practice performed all over the world. People do yoga for varied reasons and the best thing about this discipline is that anyone can practice yoga. It allows you to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental and also health related ailments and keeps your body fit. The western nations have started to accept yoga as their daily life as they have started to understand the various benefits this form of exercise brings to us. 

In a gist, to answer your question of what is Yoga? It is the answer to many of the oldest mental and physical ailments which are nowadays common across the globe. Besides the huge acceptance and numerous benefits, there are yoga risks as well which we should not ignore.

Benefits Of Yoga For Health And Mental Stability

Before we go into how dangerous yoga can be at times, let us quickly see the advantages of yoga and why you should practice yoga regularly. 

  • Yoga is a great medicine for insomniacs. Practicing yoga regularly allows you to sleep well. 
  • Yoga is a good option if you want to maintain the blood sugar level of your body. 
  • Yoga increases the strength of the muscles along with improving body flexibility which allows you to obtain the best body shape that you desire. 
  • Practicing yoga regularly allows you to maintain a balanced metabolism that will help you to stop abnormal weight gain.

What Are The Major Yoga Risks?

Now that you know some of the advantages of yoga, here are some of the disadvantages that come along with yoga. 

Muscle or Yoga Pain

This is a serious problem that many practitioners face. There are several yoga poses that everyone cannot perform with ease. Doing the asanas in the wrong posture or approach can lead to intense pain in varied body muscles. You can even suffer from health related issues if you do some of the yoga asanas incorrectly. The issues are mentioned below:

Slip Disc and Backaches

Marjaryasana and Bharadvajasana are some of the yoga poses that help you to reduce back pain, but if they are done in the wrong posture, these asanas can give you intense backaches. 

Neck Pain and Sprain

Kapotasana and Matsyasana are the asanas that are required to be done with the help of your neck. It works with the process of neck twisting. If you do this wrong you can end up having a serious neck sprain or pain. 

Yoga Injuries

Among the physical dangers of yoga, this applies. When someone tries to do yoga postures that are complex without any guide or in the wrong way the chances of getting a serious injury increase. As per some yoga research articles, there is an increasing rate of yoga injuries. There are many yoga postures that require more flexibility and are difficult to perform. The curiosity to try these asanas is the reason for the yoga injuries. 


Putting too much strain and effort during your yoga sessions may lead to exhaustion. The sign of doing too much yoga or overworking is fatigue. Other than that another type of exhaustion is heat exhaustion which is the result of power or hot sessions of yoga.


Finally, we all know there are two faces of everything, one good, and the other bad. The same applies to yoga. Even though the list of benefits of yoga is more than yoga risks, we cannot deny the fact that there are some disadvantages of yoga as well which have been discussed above. 

But yoga is still the most effective approach to heal mentally as well as physical problems. But you should add yoga to your daily routine only under the guidance of certified trainers to obtain the best results.

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