Yoga For Hair: These Poses Will Give You Best Results

Yoga For Hair: These Poses Will Give You Best Results

Yoga offers a plethora of holistic health advantages. This ancient form of fitness which is a way of life has not only shown results to improve physical and mental health but it also solves issues related to our skin and hair. If you are someone who is tired of hair issues and hair fall then you should continue to read this article. In this article, we are going to talk about the several poses of yoga for hair that will help you to enhance all hair related issues. So without any further delay, let us get started.

5 Poses Of Yoga For Hair

Two decades ago, hair fall was associated with a midlife crisis. Irrespective of gender, hair fall has been regarded as a sign to get ready for retirement. And this was evident in the last generation because hair falls back then were not an issue until the age of 40, unlike today. 

Hair fall and hair care issues are very normal these days because of the irregular lifestyle that we are into and the foods that we consume. But the world has changed and this lifestyle is what keeps us going. So it is difficult for us to stop that, but there are things that we can do to compensate for that and that is yoga which is an exercise for hair growth and thickness. Now you may wonder how yoga can solve hair care issues? The practice of yoga generates a good flow of blood in our body that helps in the regeneration of new hair. With that, we will have a look at several poses of yoga for hair growth. 

1. Kapalabhati

Kapalhbhati is obtained from two Sanskrit words: Kapala, which implies “skull,” and Bhati, which implies “light.” This Kapalbhati yoga for hair growth is a mind-body exercise that cleanses, rejuvenates, and invigorates. This breathing exercise helps in cleansing the toxins from the kapal, implying the whole face or head region, thus promoting a better supply of oxygen and decreasing free radicals, allowing hair growth. Moreover, it helps to decrease anxiety and stress, which are also contributing factors to hair fall.

How to do that:

Keeping your neck, back, and head straight sit in a crossed leg position. Keep your hands on your knees, along with your palms facing up, and then relax all your muscles. Take in a deep breath and exhale all the air contracting abdominal muscles. Repeat this for a couple of minutes.

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana, renowned as the downward facing pose, is among the 12 yoga poses we do during the Surya Namaskar. It is a transitional resting pose, which raises the blood flow. Due to this, there is a boost in the oxygen that reaches the scalp and promotes the growth of hair. This asana has a range of other physical advantages as well. For instance, it helps calm the mind, and energize and rejuvenate the body. This is great yoga for hair growth and glowing skin. 

How to do that:

First, stand with your feet hip width apart and go for the floor with your hands. Walk backward a few steps and then stretch your legs and hands. Facedown, along with your ears touching your arms. Hold the pose for 30 to 45 seconds. This is among the best yoga asanas that prevent hair loss and it also stimulates blood flow in the scalp.

3. Sarvangasana

The third pose of yoga for hair is Sarvangasana. This yoga pose is also known as the shoulder stand and it is a complete body exercise, which functions on varied muscle groups. It helps enhance your balance along with your posture. But along with that, this asana improves the blood circulation in your head. Daily practice of the pose has a long-lasting impact on your head and is essentially beneficial for thin and dry hair. So this is the ideal yoga for hair growth and thickness. 

How to do that:

First, lie on your back against a wall and create a 90-degree angle with your legs. Then lift your hips off the ground, by using your hands for support, and then balance the whole body on your shoulders.

4. Balasana

Before you get any notion, Balasana literally implies a child’s pose and this is not a direct yoga for hair. However, it fights the two biggest factors that create hair fall: digestive and stress issues. Balasana is commonly suggested to offer relief from any stomach-related problems and it is known to help with anxiety also. Daily practice of this yoga pose can have a positive effect on both your mental and digestive health, thus cutting down the risk of hair loss to a great extent.

How to do that:

Sit on your mat with your legs touching your hips and your knees folded. Inhale, then stretch your hands upwards and then exhale, and then bend down with your core, until your palms and forehead are touching the ground. If you can rest your elbows on the ground, that is a bonus. Concentrate on your breathing and remain in the posture for 30 seconds to a minute.

5. Sirsasana

Also called the headstand, Sirsasana enhances blood circulation in the scalp which aids in decreasing hair loss, thinning of hair, and also balding. This asana aids in the generation of new hair and stops graying of hair early. It helps the dormant hair follicles to attain their maximum growth capacity and thus enhance hair growth.

How to do that:

Kneel down, interlock your fingers, and then place them behind your head. Now, bend down and then touch your forehead to the ground. Supporting the crown of your head along with your interlocked hands, lift your legs up slowly to stand upside down in a perpendicular position to the floor. Keep your arms straight and legs close. Once your body is stable in this posture, try and maintain the balance for a few more seconds.


Healthy hair can improve the appearance of a person. Yoga may or may not improve your hair health, but it can certainly act as a stress reliever and enhance your well-being. Trying these poses of yoga for hair several days a week may help you see both outcomes in your overall experience of wellness and in healthier looking hair over time. There is another famous activity and that6 is rubbing your nails. This rubbing nails yoga for hair growth is also very effective.

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