5 Top Yoga Myths Debunked That You Should Know

5 Top Yoga Myths Debunked That You Should Know

Yoga has been in practice for many years now and its popularity and benefits are still increasing. The practice of yoga has proved to be effective for the betterment of both mental and physical health. But there still exist some yoga myths and misconceptions. In this article, we will discuss 5 yoga myths debunked. 

List Of Yoga Myths Debunked

There is a fine line between yoga myth and reality. Some of them are true while some just remain as misconceptions like you will need trending yoga pants to do yoga or you will need an expensive mat to practice yoga and so on.

1. Yoga is only for women

The very first misconception in our list of yoga myths debunked is that yoga can only be practiced by women. There is no doubt that yoga has gained more popularity among women. When yoga was first introduced in the west it was much appreciated by women. But that is not the case. In ancient times, Yoga was solely practiced by men. So yoga is not any specific gender biased activity. Yoga works for the human body as a whole irrespective of the fact that you are a man or a woman.

2. Yoga is a religion

The second in our list of debunking yoga myths is that practicing yoga implies practicing a specific religion. This is misinterpreted by many as practicing yoga comes with some spiritual elements. There are some yoga practices that include spiritual mantras and chants as it finds its roots in India. But that does not mean you are changing your own religion and “converting” your religion into yoga. So you can practice yoga while you are holding on to your own religion.

3. All Yoga is the same

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise and has evolved over time. Not all yoga practices are the same and not all instructors undergo the same yoga training. There are many forms of Yoga from Bikram, Kundalini, to Hatha, and Yin to many new things. Yoga does not work on a “no pain, no gain” mindset. It aims to give you an inner peace that is a way to keep your body healthy.

4. Yoga is not a workout

Among the 5 myths about yoga here is another one. Yoga is meant to tire your physical body and mind to clear out the space for your inner peace. But with time yoga has evolved a lot, and now it is surely a form of workout. There are many yoga exercises that help you to maintain your body’s shape and size, increase flexibility, balance, and ensure improved quality and functionality of life. 

5. You have to be thin and young to do Yoga

This is one of the greatest misconceptions that need to be addressed in our list of Yoga myths debunked. Yoga is suited for any body type. As mentioned before it is not a “no pain, no gain” form of exercise, it aims for better living in the long run. So there is no specific age suited for yoga. Every age and body type are welcomed to practice yoga at every age. 


Yoga is such a form of exercise that if practiced now will yield you good results in the future as well. It not only makes your body healthy but provides you with a healthy living for life long. There are many myths and misconceptions revolving around yoga. So above are a few yoga myths debunked for you to continue or start the practice of Yoga. Along with that, there are many yoga myth books as well that you can refer to for better understanding.

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