RedMagic 6R Review: Know The Price, Specs, And Launch Date

RedMagic 6R Review: Know The Price, Specs, And Launch Date

In 2020, RedMagic refreshed their RedMagic 5G as RedMagic 5S but there was not much difference between the two. But in 2021, RedMagic 6 is witnessing a significant alteration with the grand launch of RedMagic 6R. The RedMagic 6R has slimmed down with all new and relevant features. The RedMagic 6R release date was on 27 May 2021. Let us look at the RedMagic 6R review.

RedMagic 6R Review: Specs

Before we look at all the features of this phone in the RedMagic 6R review let us look at its specifications in brief. Undoubtedly this phone has improved its camera and pricing, but still there are certain drawbacks. Let us have a look at the specs of RedMagic 6R.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
128/256GB UFS 3.1
6.67-inch AMOLED, FHD+ (2,340 x 1,080), 144Hz, 360Hz poll rate.
4200mAh, 30W charging
Front Camera
16MP, f/2.0
Rear Camera
Primary: 64MP, f/1.8 Ultra-wide: 8MP, f/2.2 Macro: 5MP, f/2.4 Depth: 2MP, f/2.4
RedMagic OS 4.0 (Android 11)
163.04 x 75.34 x 7.8mm, ~186.41g
Starting at $500

RedMagic 6R Review: In Details

Now that you have seen all the specs in detail, it is obvious that you have got some idea about this new gaming champ. But now let us look at all the features in detail to get a more vivid idea about the phone and whether you should invest in this phone or not.

Design And Hardware

After you have seen the RedMagic 6R specs, let us dive into every aspect in detail. So to begin with, the design of RedMagic 6R is surely a departure from their core line. This time around there is a lack of active cooling, the headphone jack is missing, and a punch hole designed camera occupies the center of the screen. Also, there is a decrease in the battery from 5050 mAh to 4200 mAh. Above that, the quad camera of this phone adds a big bump to the back. This has allowed RegMagic to make the phone easier to carry and also pocket friendly. The RedMagic 6R price starts from $500.

Software, Display, And Battery

The software of RedMagic 6R is certainly a patchwork of odd choices. On one side the gaming feature known as the Game Space app/launcher works well and is very handy if you are that type of person who brings out extra performance by modifying the settings.   

Now if we talk about the display, this phone is packed with a 6.67″ AMOLED screen of extended 1080p resolution. It can display up to 1 billion colors. The AMOLED panel can be called as the key feature. It is one of the market’s fastest screens that have a 144Hz refresh rate. Other than that the screen has 395 PPI or 2400 X 1080 and an aspect ratio of 20:9. The screen is protected with a piece of Gorilla Glass 3. 

And about the battery life, RedMagic 6R is powered by a 4200mAh battery which is a reasonable capacity for the 6.67” display and software of the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The global unit of this phone ships with a 30W power adapter. But in the Chinese market, this phone comes with a 55W power adapter which is a slight downgrade from RedMagic 6’s 66W charger.


The RedMagic 6R has increased to a rear quad camera series, by adding a 5MP macro lens to their group. The other sensor stays the same on the RedMagic 6 series: a 2MP bokeh, a 64MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide. The selfie camera has seen a jump from 8MP to 16MP. So it can be seen that RedMagic has prioritized the cameras a little with their all new 6R refresh, polishing all that was available in the RedMagic 6.


The RedMagic 6R review is a pretty town as the price it offers is good for a gaming phone, but the features and design it offers are not upto the mark and fail our expectations. Surely it has improved its contribution from RedMagic 6 but the sign of disappointment is because of no headphone jack and a smaller battery life. So you can buy this phone if you are looking for high end specifications within a budget. But if the price is not your primary concern then do not choose this. The Nubia RedMagic 6 price in Philippines is somewhere around ₱30,390.00 to ₱53,099.00.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nubia RedMagic 6 Series

1. Is the red magic 6 worth it?

With a 165Hz screen with a high refresh rate, great Android performance, big battery, game settings that can be customized, and a $599 price tag, the RedMagic 6 shows a good value for mobile gamers.

2. Does Red Magic 6 have bypass charging?

The RedMagic 6 comes with a 5050 mAh battery with a 30W quick charger that can even support 66W power charging. When the phone is connected to the power source it is possible to provide RedMagic 6 pro to get charged separately.

3. Is Nubia Red Magic 3 worth?

It is being said that the Nubia RedMagic 3 is faster than 90% of other similar devices. This is really good for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 phone. And the price of this phone compared to its competitor like Samsung S10+ is nearly 10,000 less.

4. Is Red Magic a gaming phone?

Nubia has recently launched its RedMagic gaming smartphone that has an ideal game generic design, gamer’s favorite element RGB LED strip, and also an innovative cooling mechanism.
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