Top 5 Foods That Will Increase Your Immunity

Top 5 Foods That Will Increase Your Immunity

Zinc is an integral nutrient that has many vital features that are required for the body. It is important to have immunity boosting foods for Covid to ensure optimal health. Zinc should be a part of your regular diet as it enables the development of the immune cells of your body. Other than maintaining a healthy immune system, zinc allows our body to have a healthy metabolism function, boosts wound healing, averts acne, and reduces the risk of any disorder that is related to age. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 foods for vegetarians that will boost your immune system. 

It is commonly believed that zinc deficiency is more in vegans or vegetarians. So we see some immunity booster food that is rich in zinc and is ideal for vegans and vegetarians to have.

Top 5 Foods That Can Boost Immunity

When we talk about the top 5 foods for immunity, zinc becomes an integral part. As discussed before, zinc is very important to boost your immunity. And in this covid pandemic, it is very important to maintain our immunity. Now you may wonder how to boost immune system naturally? So here is your answer. These top 5 foods will help you to stay strong and increase your immunity.


All the nutritionists define bajra as an affordable yet very nutritious item that can be inculcated in several ways in your diet. Bajra or which is known as pearl millets can be consumed in many different ways like in the form of grains or seeds or can be ground into flour. It is filled with fiber, protein and other important vitamins, and also zinc. But during the summer season, Bajra may not be found easily.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known to be the powerhouse of nutrients and are a must in every diet. It has nutrients like calcium, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamin B6. But it should be had in proportionate quantity. Since sesame seeds are heat inducing it is important to have a watch on the intake. One should not have more than 2 tablespoons a day. You can soak the seeds overnight, then roast them and have them as snacks. They taste quite good.

Paneer/Cottage Cheese

Panner which is also known as cottage cheese is consumed as a source of protein. This food is quite popular in the vegetarian dish range. Along with protein, it is quite a good source of calcium and zinc. They go with curries, salads, or as stuffing in parathas and rotis. 

Bengal Gram Dal

Dal is an integral part of the Indian meal. These are very high in protein and all important minerals. They are also easy on the digestive system. Bengal Gram Dal is a split Kala chana that can be prepared in varied ways. The dal helps your immune system to function steadily and is a good source of zinc.

Amarnath Flour

Rajgira or Amarnath is also a power bank of nutrients. It is a gluten free source of fiber, protein, zinc, and iron. Along with that it also has many health benefits that include reduction in inflammation, lowering of the cholesterol levels, and increase in weight loss. They can be used to make pancakes and roti.


The above mentioned top 5 foods are ideal for vegetarians for increasing their immunity especially in these times of covid. They all have zinc which is an essential intake for all. Along with zinc, vitamin C that can be obtained from immunity booster fruits like lemon and other vitamins are also important for the body to fight the coronavirus.

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