Easy Stress Reducing Yoga Poses For A Healthy Living

Easy Stress Reducing Yoga Poses For A Healthy Living

Yoga has long been identified to have stress  busting benefits. And research indeed proves that claim. Studies show that yoga can help to enhance mental health, increase feelings of relaxation, and decrease irritability among people who perform that. So if you are wondering how you can experience that, here are some stress reducing yoga poses that you can practice at home. 

The mind-body practice helps regulate the response to stress that triggers physiological alterations in the body, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate, and raising airflows to the lungs, all of which support us to calm down as per research. Stress relief through exercise and yoga can be very effective. Now let us have a look at the 5 yoga poses for stress relief.

Effective Stress Reducing Yoga Poses

If you are looking for yoga poses for stress relief for beginners, then you can stick to this article. Practicing yoga can help you to create resilience to deal with challenges better that come up when you are not practicing and it can be utilized in the situation to help to dial down stress. According to experts,

“Yoga can help with stress prevention and flare-ups.”

Grounding poses prominently help prevent the hamster wheel of mind chatter. Grounding poses are ones during which one is supposed to allow the mind to relax. Whereas other yoga poses for stress relief that is more challenging such as balancing or inversions poses, may need a lot of emphases and also physical strength to stay in, poses that can be held for a lengthier time without making one sweat and can be practiced to help to settle down. 

For stress reducing yoga poses, experts recommend keeping your phone out of reach. She also suggests making yoga easy and comfortable for you. If that implies doing it in sweatpants or underwear, then one should go for that. Now, without delaying further, let us start by looking at the various stress reducing yoga poses.

1. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Among the various yoga poses for stress and anxiety, this is one of the ideal ones. This is a quiet pose that makes it a great yoga pose for you to start. Lie on your back, then bend your knees, and place your feet flat on the ground. Then drop your knees wide with the soles of your feet touching your legs to formulate a diamond. Now place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart. According to experts,

“Feel your heartbeat slow down. This takes me out of my mind and what’s giving me anxiety.”

2. Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend Pose

To do this stress reducing yoga pose, sit on the floor along with your stretched out straight in front of you.  By keeping your torso long, fold forward and try to reach your toes. Reach as far as possible for you without being uncomfortable or shaking. If your hands are comfortable making it to your knees or shins, then rest your hand on your legs and remain there for a minute. With practice and time,  you will eventually be able to attain further.

3. Sun Salutation A

Sun Salutation A

For this stand with your feet slightly wide apart. Keep your arms at the side along with the face palms facing forwards. Raise your arms up above your head towards the sky and after that slowly reach your arm back, arching your arm back and opening up your chest. Every day you do this, you may notice that your chest can open more and more. Now fold forward to reach near to your toes. Hold on a few breaths at the top of this pose and then in the forward bend. This is a very effective yoga for stress and depression.

4. Half Pigeon Lying Down

Half Pigeon Lying Down

This is among those stress reducing yoga poses that help you to release tightness in your hamstrings. Lie on your back and bring your knees up close to your chest. Now fold your right leg, so that your heels can rest on your left knees and also your right knees stick to your side. Reach behind your left leg and pull that towards you. You should experience a stretch in your hamstring, and that is when you know you are in the pose. Hold that pose for about a minute or even a few breaths.

5. Legs up the Wall

Legs up the Wall

This is an ideal grounding and calming posture as it all seeks you to do is lie with legs exalted up a wall and rest. To do this, reside with your right side against a wall. Lie down, and then pivot your body towards the wall and swing your legs up the wall so they are resting against it. You can lie on a mat if that is more comfortable for you and put a pillow or blanket under your head for comfort.


Yoga is popular to have a calming impact on the body and many of these stress reducing yoga poses do have a stress relieving impact. The strength and balance of the body mixed with the aim of calming and clearing the mind is portrayed in the mind and body unity. So it is not surprising that many individuals turn to this optional therapy for healing.

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