Prevent Pollution: How To Save Your Health From Human Negligence?

Prevent Pollution: How To Save Your Health From Human Negligence?

Pollution has been a major threat to human health and the most important thing is that the majority of pollution is caused due to human negligence. With time and technological advancements, the rate of all sorts of pollution is increasing and this needs to be stopped immediately. Thus, humans need to take active steps in a bid to prevent pollution.

How Do Humans Create Pollution?

Humans cause pollution in multiple ways. In this segment, we will talk about the various methods by which humans contribute to environmental pollution.

  1. Transportation Sector
  2. Agriculture And Livestock Sector
  3. Indoor Activities
  4. Beauty Products
  5. Industrial And Energy Sector
  6. Sewage Plants
  7. Refineries and Petroleum Industries

How To Prevent Pollution Creating A Greener Earth?

The following are the various ways in which we as human beings and a responsible community can reduce pollution. With strong belief, it can be said that if we work consciously, strategically, and consistently, we can easily prevent pollution caused by human negligence in the near future. The following are some of the ways in which we can prevent pollution.

  1. Planting More Trees
  2. Carrying Out Human / Religious Celebrations In Eco-Friendly Methods
  3. Discouraging The Use Of Plastic
  4. More Usage Of Public / Shared Transportation
  5. Using Alternatives Of Fossil Fuels
  6. Reducing Personal Carbon Footprints
  7. Creating Awareness

Role Of Local Authorities To Prevent Pollution

The local authorities must also take active steps for reducing and hence preventing pollution of all sorts. Below-mentioned is what they must be engaging in:

  1. Proper Waste Disposal & Waste Management
  2. Reducing Pollution Through Agriculture
  3. Encouraging People To Plant Indoor Plants
  4. Raising Consciousness About Using Air Purifiers,  Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers


Various kinds of pollution are created by humans. This comes in addition to the natural causes of pollution such as dust, storms, forest fires, and more. Since we have no hold on the natural causes of pollution, we must focus entirely to prevent pollution caused by human negligence. This article has covered all the important ways humans are creating pollution day by day and the active steps they need to take in order to prevent pollution. This will ensure a greener mother Earth. By following these, humans can save themselves as well as the flora and fauna from the detrimental effect of pollution.

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