Viral Video Shows 100s Of Israelis Pray For India

Viral Video Shows 100s Of Israelis Pray For India

As the covid cases continue to rise in India, the healthcare system has fainted with an acute deficit of medical supplies. A video went viral where the Israelis pray for India.

What Is The Current Scenario?

India is going through a very hard time in this Covid-19 second wave. The country is failing to provide adequate medical amenities in the healthcare sector. For this many countries across the world are coming forward to stand with India. While some are sending required aids others are praying for this country’s steady recovery. Prayers are being poured for good health and one such instance was when Israelis pray for India

A video has become viral where it was seen that the people of Israel are chanting “Om Namah Shivay” to pray for the healing of India from this Covid-19 pandemic. This sweet and helping gesture of the Israelis was shared on Instagram by Pawan K Pal, an Indian Embassy official. This video was highly appreciated by many and got nearly 1.25k likes in 3 days.

Israel Delivers Life-Saving Equipments

Early this week India received the first shipment of oxygen that was sent from Israel. Israel Ambassador Ron Malka asserted the same via his official Twitter account on May 5, 2021.

In his tweet, he said, “Happy to share that the first shipment of oxygen concentrators and respirators has arrived in India from Israel. I'm proud of the task force under the leadership of Gabi Ashkenazi and our colleagues in MFA Israel & the Government & people of Israel.”

Soon after the first supply, India received the second supply as well from Israel. Meanwhile, one of the officials from the Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated – 

“The delivery of the assistance, which will be transferred to India by air through a series of flights throughout the week, is the result of the Foreign Ministry's work in cooperation with the National Security Council, Health Ministry, Finance Ministry, and Control Center, together with full coordination with the Indian government through Israel's embassy in New Delhi and the Indian embassy in Israel.”

Covid-19 Tally Of India

India entered into a new record of 4,12,262 fresh cases of Covid-19 on May 6, 2021. This was recorded as the highest one day rise in India since the Covid-19 outbreak. The total cases were extended to 2,10,77,410. Records say that as of May 7, 2021, the prevailing cases were about 35,66,398 among which the country witnessed 3,29,112 recoveries and 3980 deaths in the last 24 hours.  


According to the health ministry of India, 24 states have been reported to test positive with its 15 per cent population. Among these the aids that India received that includes the Israelis pray for India by chanting “Om Namah Shivay” there grows a light of hope within the people of India.

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