Which Independence Day Outfit Should You Choose This Year?

Which Independence Day Outfit Should You Choose This Year?

We Indians get really excited whenever any patriotic occasion knocks on our door. One such event is coming up soon, it is our Independence Day on August 15. People around the country have different styles of celebrating it. Not only the domestic residents but the ones who shifted abroad also pay tribute to their nation and commemorate India’s efforts in acquiring independence from the British colonists. Also, people like to dress up in honour of our country. For this, one often customises his/her Independence Day outfit. However, many don’t really understand what clothes to wear on this day. This is what this article will help you with.

5 Alluring Independence Day Outfit Ideas

This Independence day if you want to glam up and celebrate this ‘Indian festival’ full of opulence then here are some outfit ideas to consider.

1. Tricolour Frocks For Young Girls

Independence Day Outfit Frock

Young children should always be educated about important events related to our country so that they can cherish its achievements in the long run. Therefore, here is a special Independence Day outfit that would look extremely beautiful on your princess. Shop a tricolour frock (dress) from any online e-commerce portal or you can even find them at a local store near you, especially before such patriotic occasions. Then doll up your beloved with the outfit and matching accessories (some are mentioned later in the article). For finishing the look you can get her some comfortable shoes that complement the outfit (preferably white).

2. Tricolour Salwar Suits


It is good to choose an outfit that is traditional and represents our culture well. Therefore, women and even young girls can try purchasing a tricolour salwar suit. It would not only elevate your look on this occasion but would also be a really comfy dress to wear on Independence Day. The ethnic touch it provides and the beautiful Tiranga print would just make you look like a Queen who is ruling her Indian traditions. You can consider wearing ethnic neckpieces, earrings, and bangles, to finish the look. It is recommended that you choose a cotton fabric salwar suit instead of synthetic fibres so that it stays comfortable for long hours and you can enjoy singing or dancing during Independence Day celebrations.

3. Indo-Western Gowns


You can choose to follow the trends of designer costumes and wear beautiful embroidered Indo-Western gowns. This Independence day outfit would serve as a perfect blend of both poles apart cultures. Gowns are the best for elevating your confidence and elegance. These also do not compromise on comfort if the right materials are used for making them. Consider going for floral designs and subtle colours for this Independence day attire to not look over the top on the occasion. You can pair them with trending kadas of your choice and of course, don’t forget the heels to complete the attire.

4. Traditional Sarees

Sarees not only are a flag bearer of our culture but also serve as the best outfit to enhance a woman’s innate beauty. Therefore, wearing a traditional saree would serve as the best Independence Day outfit if you are someone who likes such attires. You need not have to buy a new saree if you have some in your closet. However, we advise you to wear one with a combination of red and green, which would help you to keep up with the theme of this occasion. Don’t forget to put on a matching bindi and also adorn yourself with the best set of jewellery, especially silver jewellery as it is in trend recently. That’s it! You are good to go.

5. Pathani Salwar Suit


For men, it is not much we have on this list, but hey don’t be disappointed. Here is an Independence Day outfit for men that is surely the best for most of the males out there. You can wear a traditional kurta and pyjama on this occasion. Adults, as well as children, can definitely rock this look. Make sure to wear shades of the Indian flag, saffron, green, and white. This will uplift the entire look. Also, consider going for just one of these colours on your attire as it will be much easier to find and would set you apart from the females who went for complete tricolour outfits. It is literally one of the best Independence Day clothes males can wear.

Accessories For Independence Day

Now that we have talked out the Independence day outfit one should choose, let’s dive into the list of accessories to adorn yourself with. We have curated the best set of add-ons for both men and women to elevate their overall look.

1. Silver Tricolour Earrings


Go to an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart and find some tricolour earrings inspired by the Indian flag. It would be the best combination with a frock, dress, saree, or salwar suit with the same colour scheme. The one we are talking about here can be purchased at this link. They are very lightweight and ideal for this occasion. You can also consider the handmade alternatives for this as they offer better quality.

2. Tiranga Bangles

For a complete traditional and ethnic look, you should incorporate bangles. On the occasion of Independence Day consider wearing a set of tricolour (Tiranga) bangles. These would easily be available at a nearby location before August 15. So, go and grab your favourite set and dress up in the most enticing manner. The ones shown here have glitters in them and look really appealing. However, you can choose to wear simple ones if that is what you prefer. Pair these with the silver tricolour earrings when wearing a saree or suit of the same colour combination.

3. Tricolour Chiffon Dupatta


If you wanted to wear a salwar suit with the Tiranga colour scheme but could not find the perfect match. Then just get a simple white Kurti and leggings, which are easily available at one’s home and pair it with a tricolour chiffon dupatta. This simple Independence Day attire is not only comfortable but also very easily accessible. One dupatta can change the entire look and here it is.

4. Tricolour Rubber Hand Band


This one is exclusively for all the Indian men out there. If you want to give that extra effort to your looks on this patriotic occasion then get some rubber hand bands with the best colour scheme, tricolour. These wristbands will compliment any outfit you wear on this day. It is one of the Independence day accessories that no man can ever say no to.

5. Tricolour Chiffon Scarf


It is a unisexual accessory that would look great with a simple white outfit. You can take a tricolour scarf and wrap it around your neck, which would be the centre of attraction as the entire attire would be uplifted by this single accessory. Women can pair these with Tiranga bangles and men can go ahead with rubber wristbands. This addition will level up your Independence day clothes for sure.

Happy Independence Day In Advance

We wish you a very Happy Independence Day in advance. Now, we would like to wrap the list of Independence day outfit ideas and accessories to adorn. Do try out any of the abovementioned looks on the special occasion and let us know how it turns out. However, one thing that we recommend is wearing traditional clothing on the day as it would highlight the culture and your love for the country. And yes there is no hard and fast rule for dressing up so feel free to customise the looks according to your preference.

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