Sniper: Rogue Mission Review (2022), Tom & Billy Not A Part!

Sniper: Rogue Mission Review (2022), Tom & Billy Not A Part!

Sniper: Rogue Mission is an upcoming Hollywood movie which has seen a spurt in search volume as the release date is inching closer. But the real question is whether it is worth watching or not. Well, the Sniper: Rogue Mission review provided here ought to aid you in the decision-making. Being the ninth instalment of the Sniper franchise is surely a blessing for the movie. However, one of the most notable facts is that the film does not contain some of its old characters that had earlier upheld the plot of the movie. But read further to know if the inclusion of newer characters uplifted the movie or pushed the performance backwards.

Sniper: Rogue Mission Plot Summary

The Sniper: Rogue Mission plot is based on what follows after a crooked federal agent is engaged in a  human sex trafficking ring. Wherein, Sniper and CIA Rookie Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) goes rogue. He teams up with his former allies Homeland Security Agent Zero (Ryan Robbins of TV’s “Riverdale”) and assassin Lady Death (Sayaka Akimoto) to uncover the corrupt agent and take down the criminal organisation. Josh Brener (TV’s “Silicon Valley”) and Dennis Haysbert (TV’s “24”) co-star in this intense, gritty action thriller. The aforementioned plot summary has been released officially by Sony Pictures. This is why not many intricate highlights have been discussed to maintain the hype.

Sniper: Rogue Mission Review

Well, the movie is in line with the previous movies in the Sniper franchise that surrounds a Sniper and is extremely thrilling to watch. But the difference this time is that it has a lot of unknown characters and some of the famous and loved ones are not a part of it. We are talking about Tom Berenger and Billy Zane, who had been an integral part of the entire franchise.

In the past movies of the franchise, Tom played the Master Gunnery Sergeant Tom Beckett while Billy was cast as Richard Miller. None of them was cast and this is why some of the fans think that the film has lost its essence. It is the main highlight of our Sniper: Rogue Mission review as it is one of the primary reasons why we think the film wasn’t fleshed out well.

In addition, there has been critical reception of the movie’s background score. Experts feel that the score could have been composed better and even implemented in instances where it could really fit into the scenario. The score had actually taken over the attention from the screen space as it was too over the top. However, we do feel that the movie has integrated humour efficiently and that is what a lot of reviewers missed out on. The movie has a run time of 96 minutes and has a fast-paced storyline that also saves it from being a complete fail. Now let’s have a look at other reviews to understand the matter better. 

Lukaschik Gleb recently posted a Sniper: Rogue Mission review, which mentioned an optimistic view on it and said:

“A scriptwriter of the previous Sniper: Assassin’s End Oliver Thompson extended his participation to directing and composing the sequel and demonstrated he can handle everything. His narration in screenplay and staging is intriguing, always unpredictable, touches reality, has a naturalness and I experienced moods in people and situations. Thompson amazes with a combination of shots and control with a camera. Inside of it is meeting with old wonderful friends who are nice to know new (I would like to get, what were about missions in Moscow and Vietnam?). Zero is unchangeable in charming as he was introduced. Lady Death was still a distinctive person, but I started to sympathise with her despite her past.”

Here, they did praise the characterisation and the charm they had. Also, they appreciated the shooting of the film and how beautifully the camera was handled in the course. In addition, the narration of the screenplay is definitely intriguing since the topic is based on an occurrence (human sex trafficking) that we commonly witness in a dark world.

On the other hand, Voices of the Balcony did not seem to be quite pleased with the movie. The Sniper: Rogue Mission review rating by them was 1 out of 5 stars. They compared its performance to the other movies in the franchise and commented that:

“For the last eight entries, the Sniper franchise has dealt with the limitations of low-budget filmmaking. Some of the sequels have surpassed expectations and came out with construction that rivals at least mid-budget entertainment, while others get stuck in the rut. Rogue Mission falls into the latter category.”

Sniper: Rogue Mission IMDb rating is yet to come as the movie has still not been released. Therefore, wait for a few more days until the official ratings come out if that is what would determine your decision on the film and whether to watch it or not.

Sniper: Rogue Mission Trailer

The official Sniper: Rogue Mission trailer just intrigues one to give it a try once. The scenes included have not been kept long and aid in maintaining the secrecy of the exact plot. Now, have a look at the teaser yourself!

Cast & Characters

The Sniper: Rogue Mission cast includes the following:

  • Chad Michael Collins as Brandon Beckett
  • Ryan Robbins as Zero
  • Sayaka Akimoto as Lady Death
  • Adam Hurtig as Manny
  • Ayo Solanke as Droog #1
  • Bradley Sawatzky as Reception Cop
  • Brendan Sexton III as Gildie
  • Cindy Marie Small as Shelly Gorfein
  • Cory Wojcik as Sidney Gorfein
  • David MacInnis as Rosie
  • Dennis Haysbert as Gabriel Stone
  • Erik Athavale as Dax
  • Jocelyn Hudon as Mary Jane
  • Josh Brener
  • Kristen Sawatzky as Hostage Driver
  • Micaela Lozano as Assistant
  • Paul Andrich as Team B Leader
  • Paula Potosky as Laura Lake
  • Paul Essiembre as Harvey Cusamano
  • Quinn Greene as Elevator Man
  • Rawleigh Clements-Willis as Rawleigh
  • Richard Dean Thomas as Droog #2
  • Shannon Guile as Nurse Cam Girl
  • Solange Sookram as French Maid Cam Girl
  • Sydney Sabiston as Elevator Woman
  • Toby Hughes as Simon

Sniper Franchise Movies

All the Sniper franchise movies have been listed here in case you have not checked them out and want to have a look.

  • Sniper (1993): Directed by Luis Llosa
  • Sniper 2 (2002): Directed by Craig R. Baxley
  • Sniper 3 (2004): Directed by P. J. Pesce
  • Sniper: Reloaded (2011): Directed by Claudio Fäh
  • Sniper: Legacy (2014): Directed by Don Michael Paul
  • Sniper: Ghost Shooter (2016): Directed by Don Michael Paul
  • Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017): Directed by Claudio Fäh
  • Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020): Directed by Kaare Andrews
  • Sniper: Rogue Mission (2022): Directed by Oliver Thompson

A Blazing Fire Shot!

Pheww! That was a lot of drama right? But hey isn’t it worthy enough to have some information on the movies that you are thinking of watching? The Sniper: Rogue Mission Review mentioned here is ought to tease you enough about the ninth instalment of the Sniper franchise. The ones who have been ardent followers of the series are welcome to share their opinion on the movie after it is released.

We encourage audience reactions as it just helps us to build our output better and obviously who would not like to engage with people who are so supportive? Also, if you are an Indian and are gearing up for the 76th Independence Day then watching this movie the day after that would be a treat if you love thrillers and action films. And yes, wish you a very happy weekend!

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