Diwali Decoration Ideas: Best Ways To Light Up Your House!

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Best Ways To Light Up Your House!

Diwali is one of the most famous and elegant Indian festivals. On this occasion, the entire country is lit up with lights be it natural or artificial. This festivity is celebrated a few days after Navratri and holds just as much significance as the latter has. People like to decorate their surroundings in the most beautiful manner as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi blesses those who live in clean, peaceful, and well-organised places. This is why homes are usually cleaned up extensively before the onset of this festival. In this article, we won’t be focusing on that but will discuss 10 Diwali decoration ideas that are alluring and unique.

Diwali Decoration Ideas That Will Leave You Stunned!

The best set of Diwali decoration ideas has been curated here so that your house lights up the way it never has before. The ideas include crafts, colours, rangolis, and traditional ways to adorn your house this Diwali.

1. Traditional And Artistic Rangolis


Whenever Diwali decoration ideas are in question, one can surely not miss out on traditional and creative rangolis. For those who don’t know, rangolis are artistic designs made with colourful powders or flowers. These are usually made outside the entrance of one’s house or any other place they consider auspicious. You can consider making rangolis the traditional way by carving out each and every design yourself and then decorating it with diyas. But if you do not know how to go about it, get some stencils that would help you in the same. You can also consider deviating from the traditional concept and using your creativity to make it unique.

2. Paper Lampshades


Paper lampshades are one of the most eco-friendly ways to decorate your house. It is one of the Diwali decoration ideas that can be executed very conveniently as these paper lampshades are available in the market at nominal costs. Also, it can be considered as one of the Diwali craft ideas to try as one can easily make these at home. Young children can be involved in the process to speed it up and make them feel involved. These paper lampshades can then be decorated on the walls of one’s house. You can even consider using chandeliers along with them to elevate the overall look.

3. Paper Cup Lights


Paper cup lights are one of the easiest Diwali craft ideas to be executed and are environment-friendly as well. These can be prepared by getting some designer paper cups from the market and attaching small bulbs inside them. Then a string is to be run through all the paper cups via which the bulbs will be powered and that’s it your decoration item is ready. For making the look better you can try buying plain white cups and painting them as you want. In addition, you can use ribbons, colourful paper cutouts, and sparkling materials so that they can stand out.

4. Fairy Lights


Fairy lights are commonly used decoration items on Diwali. Get one of the strings with your favourite set of lights from the market and decorate the areas you want to in and outside your house. However, since we are aiming to make your decor unique, we would suggest that you consider using glass vases or bottles with fairy lights in and around them. You can even get the bottles with a string that can be used to decorate your walls, which would look stellar. The above-mentioned image shows the same kinds of glass strings we are talking about. Have a look at it closely for a better understanding.

5. The Age-long Diyas


The traditional ways of lighting up your house would never cease and so will diya be a part of Diwali decoration ideas for ages. For executing the diya decoration ideas mentioned here, get some earthen diyas that are available locally or you can shop them online as well. But we recommend that you should use locally available items as in this way you can help the less-privileged people around you monetarily.

You can try getting plain diyas and paint them yourself if you have been looking for Diwali craft ideas. One of the diya decoration ideas to consider is that you can create a pattern with these diyas. Also, make sure to place them at every corner of your house so there is no dark corner to be seen.

6. Diwali Torans


Torans are the forerunners of decor items when any auspicious occasion is considered. Special Diwali torans are sold in the market just days before the event and can be bought to add that extra traditional touch. It is an essential element if you have adorned the entire place in a modernised way with new-age decoration items. Try getting torans that have the words ‘Shubh Labh’ or similar positive and religious phrases that would not only look elegant but is also thought to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s household.

7. A Combination Of Flowers & Candles


Flowers are generally a part of every festivity and cultural observance in India so we could not omit that from our list of Diwali decoration ideas. Flowers together with candles would surely stand out and are one of the simplest ways to decorate your home this Diwali. You can purchase some floating candles with flowers in them and even place them over a bed of petals to make them look even more beautiful. These candles are magnificent to look at and flowers definitely add a much necessary cultural touch. It is one of the best Diwali home decoration ideas due to the fusion of traditional and modern approaches.

8. Colourful Candles


The festival lights can also be made very colourful in varied ways some of which have already been discussed above. Here we are going to highlight the use of colourful candles. These are one of the modern ways to adorn your surroundings this Diwali. All you have to do is get some colourful candles from the market that have a good pattern or design engraved on them and place them at different places in your house. Ensure that no area is left empty and light them up in the evening.

9. Fruit Candles


Our list has repeatedly mentioned the use of eco-friendly materials this Diwali as on this festival a lot of firecrackers are burnt everywhere that causes pollution. Therefore, at least on our part, we can make sure that we use materials that don’t harm the environment much. So, you can try getting fruit candles that are made from fruit peels and are completely organic. It is one of the Diwali craft ideas that can be done with materials at home as well. Take some fruit peels (preferably with a thick skin like oranges) and place melted wax and candle thread in them. Let it cool and that’s all!

10. Glass Jar Lanterns

Glass jar lanterns are extremely beautiful and can be used for an aesthetic Diwali decoration theme. You can make use of the glass jars that are at your home and are thought to be waste. Just paint them the way you like and place some of your favourite diyas into them. In the evening, light up the diyas and place these lanterns at places they would look the best. This can be on the walls, near the windows and tables, or even at the entrance. For a better look, use paper cutouts to decorate them in the best possible manner.

Bonus Points (Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas)

Diwali also requires a pooja to be done and for that, if you are looking for thali decoration ideas then you can consider the following options for sure:

  • Haldi-Kumkum (Turmeric and Roli) Thali Decoration For Pooja
  • Gotta Patti Decor For Pooja Thali
  • Water-Filled Thali For Pooja Decorated With Rose Petals

An En-Lightened Closure!

First of all, we would like to wish you a very Happy Diwali in advance! Next, you should note that the Diwali decoration ideas that we mentioned were mostly eco-friendly and easily accessible so you can share them with those who are looking for ways to decorate the house on this occasion. In addition, you can consider accessorising the decor by using special customised Diwali coasters bought from the market or made at home. Also, if you try some of these  Diwali home decoration ideas then do share your overall experience and tell us how everything turned out in the end.

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