List Of Famous Countries Celebrating Diwali Just Like India

List Of Famous Countries Celebrating Diwali Just Like India

In India, Diwali is considered the biggest festival and is celebrated with great energy around the nation. It is the festival of lights and India lights up during this time. The lights bring prosperity and happiness to the lives of the people. But other than India, there are many other countries that celebrate this festival of lights. In this article, we will see all the countries celebrating Diwali.

List Of Countries Celebrating Diwali

Even though Diwali country of origin is India, it is also largely celebrated in other nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more. The festival of lights spreads in all nations and is not constrained within the borders. So let us have a look at the list of countries celebrating Diwali other than India.

1. Indonesia

If you are wondering, is Diwali celebrated in Indonesia you will be happy to know that it is among those countries that largely celebrate this festival? Even though Indonesia does not have a fair percentage of the Indian population, the island of Bali is popular for celebrating the festival of lights. Most of the population there are of Indian lineage and abide by the same rituals as India – where people release lanterns, burn crackers, and perform other rituals.

2. Fiji

Diwali in Fiji is celebrated as a public holiday. With a big population of Hindus residing in the country, this island country, which lies nearly 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand, celebrates Diwali with the same zeal and passion as it is celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated all over the nation, and the people enjoy its joyful and cultural dimensions with traditional rituals and goodwill.

3. Malaysia

If you are wondering, is Diwali celebrated in Malaysia you will be happy to know that it is among those countries that largely celebrate this festival? In Malaysia, Diwali is famously known as the ‘Hari Diwali’ implying ‘Green Diwali’ because of the ban on fireworks in the nation. Even though crackers are an integral part of the occasion, but, the brightly-lit candles, diyas compensate for it and fulfill the missing piece. In Malaysia, Diwali is a public holiday and is the most eminently celebrated Hindu festival. Hindus in Malaysia constitute for 8% of the total population, Islam being the official religion there.

4. Sri Lanka

Diwali, the festival of lights is among the most prominent festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka. Diwali in Sri Lanka is celebrated for 5 consecutive days just like India. This festival is popularly celebrated by the Hindu Tamilian sector that lives in the country. The celebration includes the lighting of oil lamps, fireworks, distribution of sweets, and rituals. Seeing this you may wonder, does Bangladesh celebrate Diwali? Yes, it does but the intensity of the celebration is not like the that are mentioned in this list of countries celebrating Diwali.

5. Nepal

Another nation in this list of countries celebrating Diwali is India’s immediate neighbor, India. In Nepal, this festival is known as ‘Tihar’ and goes on for a period of 5 days. On this occasion, people not only pray to gods but to the animals too. Every year, on the 2nd day of the five-day celebrations in Nepal, the nation celebrates the “day of the dogs” or Kukur Tihar by idolizing a man’s four-legged friend. On this day, animals like dogs are worshipped early in the morning and decorated with flowers and vermillion tika.

6. Singapore

Deepavali, which implies the festival of lights with respect to deep or lamps, is among the most crucial Hindu festivals that are celebrated in Singapore. A large number of Hindus stay in the sovereign island city. In fact, there is a region known as ‘Little India’ where all people of Indian origin come together to mark the festival of lights, however, without the use of any crackers. Seeing this you may wonder, does South Korea celebrate Diwali? yes, it does but not to this extent.

7. Mauritius

This racially mixed island has a huge number of Hindus who along with the non-Hindus celebrate the bright festival of Diwali. It is regarded as a public holiday in Mauritius.

The Bottom Line

Even though Diwali is an Indian festival, with globalization and people constantly traveling, the cultures tend to mix as well. Apart from India, there are many other countries in the world that celebrate Diwali. The reasons maybe because of a good population of India residing in that nation or simply because the people of that nation want to embrace the festivals of light. The Diwali celebration USA is also prominent but not as rich as the ones mentioned above. Here is the list of countries celebrating Diwali on a large scale other than India.

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