Online Shopping Trends: Top 12 Dominating The Industry Now

Online Shopping Trends: Top 12 Dominating The Industry Now

Ever since shopping has been made possible online, the entire producer-consumer relationship has altered. In addition, the eCommerce industry has been rapidly increasing. This is because of the fact that the perks of online shopping have been acknowledged by both sellers and customers. The latest online shopping trends will obviously leave you stunned as the infusion of advanced technology has elevated the user experience largely. This article will be focused on delivering the recent online shopping trends that have been ruling the market lately.

Online Shopping Trends That Proved To Be Revolutionary

Well, the industry of eCommerce has changed highly since the time it came in. The sector is still in its infancy which is why a host of experiments have been conducted to improve the way it works. This is the main reason for the development and implementation of advanced technology in the sector. The sector experiences new trends every now and then. Therefore, we have listed the online shopping trends that have been dominating the field currently and that you should know about.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) Makes It All Real For Online Shoppers


Augmented Reality (AR) has completely altered user experience as it literally provides a ‘reality check’ to online shoppers. For the fashion industry, that is, clothing, jewellery, make-up, and accessories, AR technology has worked wonders. Obviously, it cannot be implemented in items that belong to other industries, but the fashion industry is indeed huge and one of the most loved ones of shoppers who shop regularly. Moreover, it is estimated that the industry will see a rapid increase in the number of customers who will be using AR. It is one of the online shopping trends that we should definitely know in detail.

The Director of Business Development at 1Digital Agency, Michael Prusich, agrees with the same and on the same lines he said:

“Polls have shown some really powerful numbers in regards to AR too: 35% of people say that they would be shopping online more if they could virtually try on a product before buying it, and 22% would be less likely to visit a brick-and-mortar store if AR was available via their favourite eCommerce store. AR grants a person the ability to not just see a 3D model of a product but lets a user see how it looks if they were actually wearing it. Some products and industries lend themself better to traditional shopping methods, but AR is going to shake things up sooner than later.”

AR technology helps in a real visualisation of the product, especially, how it looks when they wear them, which is why it is one of the most prominent online shopping trends. Customers like this kind of interaction as some of them earlier didn’t trust online shopping due to the physical unavailability of the product. In the past, brands like Lenskart have gained significant popularity owing to the integration of AR technology. This is why the future of e-commerce seems to be impressive.

2. AI Aids Sellers Know About Consumers


Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps customers to enjoy automated and personalised shopping experiences. This technology is responsible for collecting important data and preferences of the customers and then converting it to the sellers and manufacturers. Thereafter, they can use this information to cater to their consumers’ needs.

Ron Smith, the Editor in Chief of The Digital Outdoor, talked about how the advancement of AI and making it human-like is essential. He went on to say that:

“People want to know that brands care about them, and AI will be programmed accordingly. We have currently seen the opposite behaviour on social media, where AIs learn from humans’ more negative remarks, but it’s highly likely that consumers will crave the impact. If bots can learn how to form sentences to convey an emotion, companies can soon teach them to offer comfort and products based on customers’ moods.”

AI is set to alter various industries over the world and is one of the major online shopping trends prevailing lately. The information garnered by it is used by companies to know what exactly the potential buyers need. This way they can customise the products and increase options for their benefit. Unlike AR, the AI implementation applies to all companies and sellers that are involved in eCommerce.

3. Better And More Means To Pay


Online shopping has made it easier for people to reduce the use of cash while shopping. Every eCommerce site enables various modes of payment so that buyers can be comfortable with the payment options that they have. Most of these means are instant in nature and reduce the hassle on the part of the customer. Today, one can pay using Net Banking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), Cash on Delivery (COD), Credit or Debit cards, and even credit facilities like Amazon Pay (by the eCommerce giant, Amazon). The future of e-commerce also depends on how they integrate other payment modes like cryptocurrencies that have gained immense popularity lately.

4. Personalised Changes On-Site Help In Creating Individual Solutions

Customers in this era are generally finding customised solutions for themselves both the ones who shop in B2C and B2B industries. This is where AI comes in and is one of the eCommerce trends 2022 that has altered the experience for both businesses and consumers. It is also one of the online shopping trends that will last for eternity as the customer is always King!

The personalisations or filters used by one on the site they are operating are collected by using cookies. AI then helps the customer by recommending the right products for them. The technology accumulates all the information together and then makes a list of items that the person might need. On a higher level, the data might be used by the product manufacturers to upscale their quality.

5. Voice Search Volume Is Increasing


With the advent of virtual assistant technologies like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, people tend to use them to make searches across the Internet. Platforms like Amazon have also implemented Alexa on their mobile app where people can speak to the virtual assistant to get what they need. In addition, Siri and Google Assistant do the job for iOS and Android users, respectively. The voice search volume is increasing as people want the process to be as fast as possible and because these technologies are efficient enough for carrying out such activities.

6. B2B Is Revolutionising And Expanding

B2B is not going anywhere as the industry is expected to expand in an unprecedented manner. The data by some analysts suggests that the U.S. B2B eCommerce model is set to reach about $1.8 trillion, which is huge, isn’t it? Moreover, the share of eCommerce in total B2B sales is going to increase to 17% in 2023 from 14% in 2019, according to the eCommerce statistics released by Statista.

Therefore, for those who have been worrying about this industry, it is time for you to stop. In addition, there has been a considerable amount of change in the industry, and it might completely transform in the coming years as the eCommerce trends 2022 have been doing.

7. Sustainability Is Given More Importance

eCommerce businesses and even customers are becoming aware of what the environment needs. The companies have already started making substantial efforts and this is one of the online shopping trends that you would surely want to know more about. The companies are trying to reduce waste generation and curb the negative impacts on the environment to which they had been contributing earlier. Businesses are trying to go paperless whenever possible and they have started adopting biodegradable packaging while reducing plastic consumption. On the other hand, customers are preferring to see lesser materials to be used for packaging and a lot of them want increased sustainability in the fashion industry.

8. Chatbots Elevate The User Experience


Chatbots help the buyer to make a purchase without much hassle. The bots usually talk to the customer just as any traditional shopkeeper or store person would do. This is essential as the consumer needs to convey their needs and in the absence of the seller, it is a little difficult. Moreover, today everyone wants to shop in just a few clicks, and this is exactly where the chatbots help them, thus, enhancing the user experience. By this year, a lot of companies like Amazon and Flipkart have enabled chatbots to reduce pressure on human executives. Further, on the part of the customers, they don’t have to wait much.

9. Subscriptions Help In Attracting Customers Back


One of the major online shopping trends is that sites and companies have issued a scheme of subscriptions that keep attracting customers back to them. Under this policy, one has to pay less or get other such benefits in exchange for a timely basis subscription.


Whenever the date for the subscription comes closer, the money is automatically deducted from the buyer’s account if AutoPay is used. In other cases, they can make instant payment at the time when it is due. This way the customer will shop for the same range of products or other options as and when the subscription date nears making it one of the best eCommerce trends 2022.

10. Customers Show Engagement To Videos


In this era, video content has proven its capability to create engagement and the same applies to the buyers who trust eCommerce platforms to buy products they need. The websites have been creating more videos to acquire responses and engagement from customers. Moreover, the feedback obtained can be useful for them to improve their way of working. In addition, the changes they make would ensure customers that they do have a say in the production of things they use.

11. Mobile Shopping Has Been Gaining Immense Popularity


Ecommerce statistics show that mobile shopping has been one of the best modes of eCommerce shopping. This is due to the fact that everyone has a smartphone nowadays and it just takes a few clicks for them to make a purchase by using a phone. In addition, the buyers can operate eCommerce websites and apps directly from their mobile phones. Also, they just need internet connectivity and there is no other hustle. While other items like laptops and desktops are not easy to carry, phones are just very handy. This is one of the online shopping trends that people think will never cease.

12. Businesses Are Engaging In Forming Digital Strategies For Conversion

It is easy to lure customers into a site or app but converting them is a big task. Businesses around the world have been working to convert the newer customers that they acquire. For this, they have been formulating digital strategies that help in marketing activities, especially, conversion. This way, customers remain loyal to the brand for a considerable amount of time. If they are unsuccessful in satisfying their needs then some other company might convert them. Therefore, strategy formulation is given the utmost importance these days. It is one of the budding online shopping trends and would be fruitful in the coming years as well.

A Trendy Round-Up!

Online shopping trends have been revolutionising the eCommerce sector lately. This is due to the fact that newer and more advanced technology like AR and AI are being harnessed to elevate user experience across various eCommerce platforms. In addition, the sustainability factor has kicked in as well, which has changed the way this industry used to think of the environment. And yes, one thing should never be forgotten that the B2B business model will never fall as it will keep flourishing and transforming with time. Further, we do think that the future of e-commerce is indeed very bright.

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