Children’s Day Of India: 10 Interesting Activities To Perform

Children’s Day Of India: 10 Interesting Activities To Perform

Children’s day of India is just around the corner. This day is very special for the young ones in the country as they are pampered and encouraged by their elders and teachers. On this day, it is important to make children feel special and that is why programs are organised in almost every school. However, if one wants to do something different from the ways they have been celebrating the children’s fay of India then this article has been catered for them. We have curated a list of activities that can be done on this occasion which are interesting enough and would be loved by all children. But before that let’s discuss when children’s day is celebrated and why.

When Children’s Day Of India Is Celebrated And Why?

The answer to when Children’s day of India is celebrated is that it is observed on November 14 every year. Now, let’s consider the ‘why’. The observance is scheduled on the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born on November 14, 2022 and was known by the name ‘Chacha Nehru’ that the kids around him used to call him. He was known for his affection towards children, and this is why his birth anniversary is still celebrated as children’s day of India.

On the other hand, if we talk about International Children’s Day, which is also coming soon on November 20, it is dedicated to every child around the globe. The theme of this observance is ‘investing in our future means investing in our children’. This reason and concept are exceptional as well. Therefore, people can consider incorporating the fun activities we are going to mention in this article even on World Children’s Day.

Activities To Do On This Children’s Day

Here are special, interesting, and fun activities or events to organise on this children’s day of India. While selecting the things to do on this day, we would advise that you involve the children concerned so that they also have a say on what they want to do on this occasion. This would aid you in giving special attention to their needs. The points mentioned below also have children’s day images of celebrations for better understanding.

1. Organise Special Events


When you want to make children feel special and surprise them with a burst of good stuff then it is essential that you organise an event that caters to these needs. In schools, these can be an idea that would make it all heavenly for children as you can customise the event by assigning different duties to teachers to make it fun. They can consider singing, dancing, and even enacting a play. Also, you can recite a children’s day poem to make the celebrations livelier.

2. Dance Party (Rock And Roll)


Children love to dance, isn’t it? So, it is one of the best ideas to choose from as it would be a blessing to watch young ones dancing to melodious tunes while enjoying themselves to the fullest. You can filter the playlist while having all your beloved children around you to make this activity even more fun. And yes, don’t forget to provide them with refreshments when they are tired of dancing.

3. Take Them On A Picnic


Picnics are a great way to engage with your children. Therefore, you can plan a picnic outing both at school and at home. This means that both parents and teachers could be able to spend time with the super-energetic children. Schools can try inviting parents over or they would have to schedule a different outing. On a picnic with children, it is vital for the menu to be extremely tasty and exciting, so, keep a check on that. You can let them play however they want so they can enjoy the outing.

4. Binge-Watching Movies


Watching a tsunami of movies with children might be a great opportunity for parents to spend their time with their loved ones. Do get them their favourite flavour of popcorn and binge-watch the movies they love. You can try choosing some educational films as well (but only a few) so that they learn something new even while enjoying. Also, try selecting movies that are catered specially for children such as cartoon films or movies with a child protagonist.

5. Disney-Themed Party


Disney is associated with the childhood memories of many of us. This is why it would be an amazing idea to carry out a party that is themed in the Disney way. Invite children around you and ask them to dress up as Disney characters. Thereafter, you can ask them to perform a small introduction round where they tell details about the character. Then just sing, dance, and enjoy.

6. Camping And Bonfire


Camping is one of the most fascinating ideas for children when the ways of outing are considered. You can take them on a camping adventure so that they can relish the beauty of nature and do some adventure. Don’t forget to enjoy a bonfire and also try roasting their favourite veggies and meat. Most importantly, take care of them and yourself. A school trip like this would be exceptional but we are sure even parents would make the best efforts. At night, you can read them a children’s day poem in the dim lights of the bonfire expressing your gratitude toward them.

7. Enjoy In The Water Park


Water parks are much more beautiful and fun than you think. Since winter would be setting in just sometime after the children’s day of India, it might be a chance to enjoy the water parks before it gets freezing cold. Get your young ones’ swimsuits in their adored pattern or colour. Involve yourself in the different activities and rides that can be enjoyed in such a park. Give your young ones a chocolate treat to elevate their mood further.

8. Treasure Hunt


Treasure hunt is an activity that intrigues children to take part in them. This is due to the surprise element as they do not know what is going to happen next and what all will they end up finding. This activity would also aid in enhancing their concentration levels. Moreover, it is just so fun to find hidden treasure. Therefore, choose something like gifts, outfits, or chocolates so that the prize maintains the level of enthusiasm these cute beings possess.

9. All That Involves Painting


Painting is a fun activity, and everyone loves colours, which makes it even more fascinating for children. It is always a great option to involve them in activities that concern the improvement of their co-curricular skills. You can arrange a painting competition as well so that they give their 100% to win the challenge. Also, provide them with the option of using their favourite set of colours for extra fun. Keep the theme something like ‘children’s day drawing’. A children’s day drawing should also be made by the adults to acknowledge the young ones’ efforts to please them.

10. Drama Or Play Performance


You as a parent or teacher can organise a play and engage children by encouraging them to take part in it. While the major roles should be allotted to them you can try taking part by playing a supporting role. Give them the responsibility of setting up the stage. Also, choose plays that are educational, funny, and interesting to watch. There should be something new in the theme. Arrange the costumes well in advance to avoid any last-minute nuisance.

A Whoosh Hooosh Ending!

Children’s day of India is just a day away, therefore, you have very less time to prepare. So, choose the theme or activity that you would like to involve your children in. Also, ensure that you make special efforts to elevate the overall experience for them. In addition, don’t limit the celebrations to just one or two activities. Use an amalgamation of various ideas that we have talked about in the article above. Click pictures and share them with people as children’s day images or mementoes.

You can share any children’s day drawing made by the young artists on social media to boost their morale. Also, if you write a children’s day poem, people will want to read it as well, so definitely share it. Further, do give your undivided attention to the safety of your children if you have decided to go on an outing with them. And yes, share your experiences with us in the comment section below so that others can know of your amazing efforts as well.

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