COP27 Climate Summit: India’s Decision In the Conference This Year

COP27 Climate Summit: India’s Decision In the Conference This Year

The COP27 Climate Summit is already running where the conference is held in Egypt in the coastal city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Being the largest annual gathering on climate action, it started on the 6th of November 2022 and will continue till the 18th of November. The climate summit is focused on delivering activities on a wide array of issues required to tackle the climate emergency. This includes urgently lowering greenhouse gas emissions, building resilience as well as adapting to the unavoidable impacts of the change in climate and to delivering on the commitments to finance climate action in developing countries.

The following are the COP27 thematic days of 2022 as stated by the website of the United Nations:

  • 9th Nov – Finance Day
  • 10th Nov – Science Day, Youth & Future Generations Day
  • 11th Nov – Decarbonization Day
  • 12th Nov – Adaptation & Agriculture Day
  • 14th Nov – Gender Day, Water Day
  • 15th Nov – Ace & Civil Society Day, Energy Day
  • 16th Nov – Biodiversity Day
  • 17th Nov – Solutions Day

COP27 Climate Summit: India’s Take On ‘Phase Down’ On All Fossil Fuels

In the COP27 Climate Summit, also known as COP27 Climate Change Conference, India stands to lead a push to conclude with a decision to phase down on all fossil fuels. This is supposed to be a move that would expand the focus from just coal. It is also likely to raise strong concerns from those countries relying on oil and gas.

Formally, the Indian negotiators called on the Egyptian Presidency of climate talks for expanded language that needs to be included in the cover text. This meant the political statement of how the countries will seek to deal with the climatic crisis, as per people who are familiar with the matter.

India will be disclosing its long-term decarbonization process in the COP27 Climate Summit or COP27 Climate Change Conference, to complete the goal of reaching a net-zero status by 2070. According to the Paris Agreement, the countries are commanded to submit long-term action plans bearing estimated low-emission pathways till the year 2050. This is also required to be consistent with the goal of retaining the temperature rise globally within 1.5°C or 2°C from the pre-industrial times. Apart from this, the NDCs have been instructed that the countries are required to submit detailing the actions they will take for climate over the five or ten years period.

The long-term climatic action plans were supposed to be submitted back in 2020, which could not be done owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most developed countries have already submitted their long-term strategies last year during the Glasgow meeting. This included 62 countries including the three largest emitters of carbon – China, the United States, and the European Union. If the contribution of the EU is blocked, India is the fourth largest emitter of carbon or greenhouse gasses. That said, India will submit a long-term strategy bearing the details of the key sectoral carbon transition methods till the goal of net zero by 2070.

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