9 Best Monsoon Haircare Tips To Prevent Your Hair Fall

9 Best Monsoon Haircare Tips To Prevent Your Hair Fall

While we all love rain, the increased humidity during the rainy season makes your job difficult in managing your hair. Hair issues such as dandruff, frizzy hair, and hair fall become common during this time. The environment we live in today is filled with pollutants and thus the rainwater is not clean instead it is filled with carbon dust and pollutants. So in this article, we will discuss some monsoon hair care tips to keep your hair healthy.

9 Monsoon Hair Care Tips

It is a known fact that the monsoon can damage our hair as the climate becomes sticky due to humidity. In Fact, our hair stays at its weakest during this time. So here are some tips on hair care in the monsoon at home

Keep Your Hair Dry

This is one of the most important monsoon hair care hacks. You may get tempted to go out of the house during the monsoon and get wet. But remember the rainwater is dirty and is acidic which is very harmful to your hair. To avoid wetting your hair with rainwater unless it is very necessary. Or even if you do so, wash your hair especially the scalp with a mild shampoo right away.

Follow the right hair wash routine

Ensure to wash your hair twice or thrice a week. During monsoon, your scalp secretes oil that makes your hair frizzy and starts to fall off. So is a mild antibacterial shampoo and follows the hair wash routine.

Do not forget conditioning

During the rainy season, nutrient rich conditioning is a must. This helps your hair from getting frizzy and locks the nourishment in your scalp. Also, you can scrape out the jelly from aloe vera leaves and use that as a monsoon hair mask. This will make your hair frizz free and shiny.

Use the correct comb

It is very essential to use the correct comb for your hair. This is not only for the rainy season but for life. One big tip is to use a wooden comb. Wood is good for your hair and scalp and when you comb your hair with a wooden comb it generates good blood circulation in your head that enables more hair growth and brings back the strength of your hair. 

Remember to oil

A good hair oil massage can do wonders for your hair. And the best oil is hot coconut oil. Do a hoi coconut oil massage at night and leave it for the night. The next day, wash your hair with a good shampoo. It will change your hair completely. Repeat this twice every week.

Do not tie your hair

During the rainy season avoid tying your hair. Tied hair holds on the humid moisture for long on the scalp that can cause infection on your scalp. So instead keep your hair open so that it gets dry easily. This is a very important monsoon hair care tip that you should follow.

Eat smart

Your diet plays a crucial role in your hair care. Ensure you are eating well and you are intaking enough protein and leafy vegetables that stimulate hair growth. Eat spinach, walnuts, almonds, and most importantly always keep yourself hydrated.

Go short

A haircut is an easy way to decrease hair fall. If you ever wished to cut your hair short but were not sure about it then you should do it. It will increase hair growth and the maintenance will be less.

Try natural remedies

There are many home remedies, some of which are mentioned above. Choose the home remedies based on your scalp type and try to maintain them especially for the rainy season. Curd is really good for hair and so is milk.


Monsoon is everybody’s favorite but one thing that people don’t like about this season is that it makes our hair frizzy and increases hair fall. So above are some monsoon hair care tips to prevent your hair from frizzing and hair fall.

Frequently Asked Questions On Monsoon Hair Care Tips

1. Should we apply oil in the monsoon?

You should oil your hair more just because it's monsoons. In fact, regular oil can keep your hair healthy and frizz-free even in the rainy season. And, oils allow you to deal with itchy scalp and dry skin too.

2. Which hair oil is best in the monsoon?

If you have dandruff or itchy hair then you can use these hair oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond oil, and Mustard Oil.
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