35 Innovative Products That You Didn’t Know Existed

35 Innovative Products That You Didn’t Know Existed

There are a lot of innovative products that people didn’t know existed. Some of these products allow us to save time, some are useful for our health or safety and some improve our living. So in this article, we will discuss new innovative products 2021 that may help you in every part of life. These products will include innovative products for home, innovative products for students, and also innovative products for Covid-19. So without any further delay let us get started.

List Of Innovative Product Ideas

Innovation in every sphere of life has become an integral part of our life, and accepting those innovations will benefit us in the long run. There are many innovative products that we are unaware of till now. So the goal of this article is to make you aware of products that will be of super help to you in the coming days. So first let us have a look at the top 10 innovative products on our list. 

1. Stainless Steel Insert

This product can change your charcoal grill into a pizza oven. You can make delicious pizzas at home with this charcoal oven. So basically this oven serves a dual purpose.

2. Lifestraw

When you are going out for trekking or camping ensure you have a lifestraw in your bag. This is a life savior then. Lifestraw is a water purifier that is designed to filter water so that you can drink any water safely. It is small in size and is highly portable. It will fit in your pocket. It has proven to remove 99.9999% of bacteria and parasites in water.

3. Pizza Scissors

We all have seen pizza knives that cut the pizza equally. But wouldn’t that be great if we got scissors? Scissors ease out all our work, and so here are pizza scissors that allow you to cut your pizzas equally hassle-free and into any number of pieces you want.

4. Bike Carrying Stem

There have been instances where you could not climb a mountain as you had your bicycle. The issue is solved now. The main aim of the Bike Carrying Stem is to allow you to climb mountains with your bicycle so that you can return back by riding it.

5. Secret Drawer

Secrecy is the prime concern now and any innovative product that enriches our secrecy is highly welcomed. One such product is the secret drawer. This will act as a small chamber to store all your precious secret things.

6. Charging While Parking

Electric Vehicles are currently in the limelight. It has proved to be the alternative to the automobile industry. But with its pros comes its cons which are charging. But now that is also solved with the construction of solar trees in the parking slots that will allow the EVs to get charged while they are parked.

7. Wearable Air Mouse

Technology has gone to such an extent that you can wear a computer mouse in your hand. Yes, you read that right. There are wearable Air Mouse that are there to prevent stress injuries that are caused by the normal mouse. The Air Mouse only works with a mouse when you keep your hand in a flat position. 

8. Lazy Glasses

With the advent of technology, humans have become too lazy and technology in turn is catering to that laziness. These Lazy Glasses allow you to watch or read something while in a flat position without even moving your head.

9. The Baby Mop

Why should babies sit ideally and not do any work? Yes, there are works now for babies and that too mopping the floor. These baby dresses have floor mops attached to them. This allows them to clean the floor as they learn to crawl.

10. The Storm Umbrella

The Storm Umbrella is designed to withstand any temperature. This umbrella is made from the strongest quality of fabric and can bear 100km/hr wind.

Other Interesting & Innovative Products

Now that we know the top 10 innovative products, let us have a look at the remaining 25 products that can change the way we live. 

  1. Magnetic Strips For Beer
  2. Pan Stirrer
  3. Portable, All-in-one Golf Cleaner
  4. Liquid Plastic Welding Tool 
  5. Aero Garden
  6. No-spill Paint Tray 
  7. Temperature Controlled Insulated Mug 
  8. Portable Solar-powered Light And Charger
  9. Collapsible Colander
  10. Baggy Rack 
  11. Brush Spinner 
  12. USB Light Bulb Adapter 
  13. Heat-resistant Toaster Bags 
  14. Silicone Place Mat 
  15. Animal Paw Cleaner 
  16. Silicone Eyeglass Sleeves
  17. Double-sided, Dressing Aid Tool 
  18. Stemware Savers
  19. Phone Attachment 
  20. Wine Preservation System 
  21. Phone Light
  22. Defrosting Tray 
  23.  Digital Measuring Tape 
  24. Portable Mosquito Repeller
  25. Three-in-one Burger Press 


Innovation has surrounded us completely and we cannot think about a day in our life without technology and innovation. But there are many innovative products that many do not know about. The above is the list of such products and we are awaiting various future innovations as well.

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