10 Best Low Calorie Desserts To Satisfy Your Cravings

10 Best Low Calorie Desserts To Satisfy Your Cravings

Due to a drastic change in lifestyle, people are now switching to healthier food options so that they are not exposed to health risks in the future. For this purpose, people often opt for strict diets and say no to sugar or desserts. But who doesn’t love desserts? And especially when you are on a diet, your heart craves them. All you can do then is avoid those cravings. However, not many know that there can be both healthy and low calorie desserts.

Most of these sweet dishes are based on fruits and naturally derived items which are a healthier alternative to artificially produced sugar. Further, they have proper nutritional value as well due to the usage of fruits. Therefore, this article aims to bring you the 10 best low calorie desserts with which you do not need to compromise on your cravings for dessert during a diet.

10 Mouth-watering Low Calorie Desserts You Will Love

Here is a list of appetising low calorie desserts that you would definitely cherish. Also, these take just a few minutes to prepare and are extremely easy. Special attention is given to make sure most of them are low fat desserts as well.

1. Pineapple Textures


The recipe for pineapple textures is kind of a mille-feuille that uses dried pineapple chips instead of natural pineapple. You can make these chips easily at home by baking pineapple slices over medium heat for approximately 10 minutes. Do not forget to use absorbent papers as without that there are chances that the chips would burn. Then stack the pineapple chips one over the other and garnish them with grated coconut and mint leaves. You can also place diced pineapple around the stack to relish the freshness of this fruit. The sweet-sour taste of this dessert would surely captivate your taste buds.

2. Lemon Squash

Lemon is an ingredient that not only refreshes you but also aids in weight management efforts. Therefore, having a Lemon squash would do both these jobs apart from just satisfying your cravings. It is one of the easiest low calorie desserts to make. You just need to crush some ice in a glass, pour water, add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, and use organic honey to sweeten it. For further freshness, you can garnish the drink with mint leaves. And that’s it! Your refreshing and healthy low calorie dessert is ready.

3. Strawberry Carpaccio With Mint Ice Cream


Strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants that aid in the body’s overall functioning. Therefore, enjoying a healthy dessert with this fruit would be a good choice if you want to enhance your body internally. For this low calorie dessert recipe, you are required to thinly slice strawberries and place them evenly on a serving plate. Add some orange juice over them and rest the slices for a while. Thereafter, finish it off with mint ice cream, preferably homemade. Then garnish the ice cream with mint or basil leaves for added flavour. If making the ice cream at home, try using organic honey and vanilla essence for flavour and sweetness.

4. Frozen Peaches

Eating peaches improves heart health and also offers a host of nutrients and minerals to the body, this is why this dessert made it into the list of low calorie desserts for you. This dessert literally requires you to do nothing. Just peel them and freeze them in the freezer for at least one and a half hours, if required extend the time period to two hours. Then take them out and enjoy your frozen delicacy that is delicious, nutritious, and refreshing. You can also add a pinch of the peach skin zest. It is one of the healthy desserts under 100 calories.

5. Baked Apples


Apples are one of the most common fruits bought and are generally available in every household. Therefore, if you can’t find any other fruit, resort to these red gems. Baked apples is a simple yet flavourful dish to try. You need to remove the peel and add some organic brown cane sugar on top before baking them. Then bake these apples in the oven at 180 to 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Do not leave them in for longer as they might overcook. Drizzle some organic honey and cinnamon powder before eating.

6. Mixed Fruit Salad

To achieve a host of nutrients and fibre, mixed fruit salads are the best. Just go around the grocery market and look for seasonal fruits, which won’t be heavy on your pocket. Dice these fruits and put them in a bowl or glass. Then sprinkle some orange juice (freshly squeezed) over them. You will then have a no-fat delicious dessert within minutes. The different fruits added would enable you to enjoy a burst of flavour. In addition, the orange juice would add an immense amount of freshness. It is advised that some of the fruits are slightly crushed so their juices ooze out to make the overall experience better.

7. Soy Milk Fruit Smoothies

If you are someone who loves fruit smoothies but avoids them due to a gluten-free diet then here is a solution for you. Instead of cow milk try making a fruit smoothie using soy milk. It is completely gluten-free. Also, the calories are lesser than smoothies that use cow milk. Just get your favourite fruits, and soy milk, and blend the mixture to get the best smoothie. Also, there is no need to add any sweetener, sugar, or honey, as fruits already have natural sugar which would be why this is one of the best low calorie desserts.

8. Watermelon With Fresh Cheese


A weird combination! Isn’t it? But we think that you should surely give this healthy combo a try. This is an ideal choice for receiving water content, nutrients, and even protein, that too in a single meal. Cut some watermelon and cheese, and add them to a plate with a bunch of grapes along with some olive oil. That is it! Then enjoy the delicious combo of sweet watermelon and salty cheese. The sweet-salty flavour is a good fusion in this case and a must-try for dessert lovers.

9. Melon Sorbet


This one is similar to that of the frozen peaches. Just get some fresh melons, cut them, and put them in a freezer for a couple of hours. Once they are frozen, transfer these ‘sorbets’ into a special glass and enjoy. This dessert can also be a relief from the scorching summer heat. It can be eaten alongside your breakfast. It is recommended that no additional flavourings or toppings are added to it.

10. Raspberries With Yogurt

Yoghurt is everyone’s go-to food item when on a diet. After it is coupled with raspberries, the combination tastes heavenly and is immensely nutritious too. It is advised to use plain yoghurt and not any flavoured one as the natural essence of raspberries won’t be present then. The bright red berries would also be a delight for your eyes if that is the first thing you wake up to.

Delicious Wrap-Up

Low calorie desserts are the best option if you don’t want to quit your diet as well as cravings. The aforementioned list has some of the best low calorie sweet dishes that are tasty and pretty easy to make. Most of the dishes just take a few minutes to prepare. However, some of them require utmost patience if they are to be eaten frozen. All fruit lovers would also cherish these dishes as each of them is based on natural fruits. Eat Healthy and Be Happy!

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