List Of Popular Indian Desserts You Should Not Miss

List Of Popular Indian Desserts You Should Not Miss

Desserts always make us go weak in our knees. It is considered as a cool wind on a summer noon. India is popular for its desserts and we cannot complete our meal without a dessert. Desserts in India do not imply ice cream or brownies. It is all about laddoo, barfi, and many more. So without any further delay, we will talk about some of the most popular Indian desserts that every Indian has tried at least.

6 Most Popular Indian Desserts

As soon as you have started reading this article of Indian desserts list, we can assure you that you cannot stop dreaming of all your favorite desserts. So let’s not de;ay more. There are several Indian desserts that are spread across the country, but in today’s article, we will talk about the ones that are highly popular and a regular item in almost all households in India. 

India’s diversity is the reason we share so many cuisines. With each cuisine comes to each dessert and so you can understand the range of desserts that India has. So now let us begin with the names of the most popular Indian desserts.

1. Modak

Modak is an Indian dumpling that is sweet in taste and is believed to have started in the state of Maharashtra. In India, modak is made in a variety of ways, and it is known under several names. Relying on the region, it is also implied as kozhukattai or mothagam in Tamil, kadubu or modhaka in Kannada, or kudumu in Telugu.

The products, preparation, and cooking mechanism also depend on regional variations. However, the most common variant is known as ukadiche modak, the steamed range made with rice flour and stuffed with a sweet concoction of grated jaggery and coconut.

2. Jalebi

Even though it is considered to have its origins in Persia, jalebi or zulbia is an international dessert with the distinction that spread across the Middle East, India, and Asia. In its primary form, this sweet dessert is formed by combining flour with ghee or yogurt, along with yeast or baking soda to formulate a batter which is then jetted in a circular structure directly into the sizzling oil.

The final outcome is a crispy treat that is then drenched in a thick syrup, which can be flavored with saffron, rosewater, honey, cardamom, or orange blossom water. In both India and Iran, zulbia is served on special occasions, and it is usually sprayed with saffron threads or chopped pistachios. This is a North Indian sweet.

3. Barfi

Even though its name begins from Persia, barfi is an original popular Indian dessert which matches a fudge. It belongs to a broader group of Indian sweets united under the identity mithai. In Urdu and Persian, the name burfi denotes ice and snow, implying the visual features of this dessert in its simple, original form.

It is prepared with a base of granulated sugar, condensed milk solids (khoa or khoya), and ghee, and the most common products added to the base involve nuts, usually cashews, pistachios, and peanuts. However, saffron, rose water, fruits, gram flour, or almonds are also found in some regional variants. So if you are looking for Indian desserts with milk, then this can be the best one.

4. Laddu

This traditional Indian dessert is prepared with varied types of flour that are mixed with shortening and sugar, then shaped into balls. Like many other dishes in this country, laddu looks in several varieties and is formulated with a myriad of varied ingredients.

Tiny laddu balls can be prepared with several types of legume flour, most usually chickpea flour, even coconut flakes, and wheat flour. Dried fruits or even nuts are often included to offer sweetness and modify the flavor. This old Indian confectionery was mainly formulated with jaggery and flour.

5. Khaja

Khaja is a traditional Indian dessert consisting of flour, ghee-based dough, and sugar that is deep-fried in oil until crispy and golden. After the preparation, khaja is at times soaked in sugar syrup, varying on the regional variation of the recipe.

This tasty dessert is among the key dishes at various North Indian wedding feasts. There are many regional variations of khaja, so khajas from Rajgir and Silao are pointed out by their puffiness, while khajas of the coastal part of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha are dry on the exterior and filled with sugar syrup on the inside.

6. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a traditional sweet that is usually had at the end of a meal, similar to many other Indian milk-based desserts. It is made from semolina dough and chhena paneer dumplings, prepared together in a sugary syrup. The origin of rasgulla is the subject of a heated debate, with Odisha and West Bengal both asserting to be the birthplace of the desert.

Bengalis assert that rasgulla was the byproduct of various culinary experiments in the state, while the people of Odisha assert that it was traditionally provided to Lord Jagannath for centuries. However, most food historians agree that the real story is somewhere in between.

Wrapping Up

All of these popular Indian desserts are often made on varied celebratory occasions and also on days when you just wish to forget about diet plans and gorge on a bucket full of gulab jamuns or rasagulla. And nothing is better than a homemade dessert to watch those calories. You will get recipes for all these desserts on the internet and we recommend you to try these at least once. Also if you want more Indian sweets names with pictures, you can search the internet.

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