Pathaan Movie Review: Khans On Praise After Its Release?

Pathaan Movie Review: Khans On Praise After Its Release?

It is officially Pathaan day 1. The movie has already been released at your nearest theaters in India. Here is a live update on the release and the Pathaan movie review. Is it worth your money? Or time? Let us check it out!

Pathaan Movie Synopsis And Story

Want to know what Pathaan is all about before you hit your nearest cinema hall?

Pathaan Synopsis: Pathaan has all the ingredients of a masala potboiler – slow-motion entries, good versus evil battles, and, above all, Shah Rukh Khan, who can fight the good fight both on and offscreen.

Pathaan Story: Yash Chopra’s YRF or Yash Raj Films has expanded its ‘Spy World’. It was earlier led by Salman Khan’s hit “Tiger” and Hrithik Roshan’s “Kabir”. Pathaan has the origin story of an ex-army personnel turning into an undercover agent, Pathaan, led by Shah rukh Khan. Jim, featuring John Abraham assists Pathaan.

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Pathaan Movie Review

People have been very keen to watch this movie as it marks the comeback of Shah Rukh Khan to the big screen after a four-year gap. Pathaan marks an ambitious action thriller living up to the hype. It starts with a sip of fizzy coke commercial slowly gaining its footing. Salman Khan’s cameo has garnered much praise.

With a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir’s status, the plot pursues India’s revocation of Article 370. It also stresses the impact of the revocation on a Pakistani officer who is extremely eager to see India “pay for its mistake. He interacts with the powerful Jim, an ex-RAW agent wronged by his own team. During a dangerous game of betrayal and revenge, Pathaan, Jim, and Rubina lock eyes and horns across continents. Each of the three races to protect and destroy their worlds.

The spy thriller has received over-the-top treatment from director Siddharth Anand. Ok, so let us be honest about the Pathaan movie review. The film is more of a conglomerate of some Hollywood blockbusters such as Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible” and the Marvel series.  The film contains exaggerated action sequences, death-defying stunts involving cars, bikes, ice, and helicopters, immortal heroes and villains mouthing punchy dialogues, and a villainous female lead.

The major part of the film focuses on action where emotions had no place at all. Shah Rukh Khan’s presence has saved the average script and inferior VFX. Despite the background score’s inconsistency, the title music reflects the show’s heroism and bravery.

Coming on to the assisting partner, Jim aka John Abraham has indeed been the highlight of the film. He has been outstanding with his ruined-masked entry or the stunt sequences. Thus, in some portions of the movie, his performance shadowed the hero. Deepika Padukone could have nailed her role. However, the chemistry with SRK was completely underdeveloped and bland, especially when compared with John-SRK chemistry. SRK-Deepika “Besharam Rang” gained both controversies and praises.  To place some emotion in the movie, Dimple Kapadia has lent a great role. 

An out-and-out whistle moment awaits you in the YRF spy universe. The thriller movie Pathaan has all the ingredients of a masala potboiler if you overlook dialogues like, “You’re pretty screwed”. It has slow-motion entries, the iconic battle between good and bad, and a sexy, seductive Shah Rukh Khan who can fight the good fight both on and off the screen.

Did You Not See The Pathaan Movie Trailer Yet?

Watch it here after you read the Pathaan movie review.

To Watch Or Not To Watch?

  • SRK/Deepika/John Lover? (watch)
  • Inclined to VFX? (Don’t watch)
  • Love action? (watch)
  • Romance and emotion craver? (Don’t watch)
  • Marvel fanatic? (Can watch)
  • Looking forward to a great storyline? (Can watch)
  • Khan Vs Khan? (Can watch)

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