Precision Farming Companies: The New Future Is Too Close

Precision Farming Companies: The New Future Is Too Close

Business structures evolve with time, sometimes because of the changes in the industry and at times because of the advent of technology, resulting in the emergence of new intriguing trends. And so agriculture is no exception. This sector has undergone evolution and so precision farming companies are creating technologies that enable the farmers to increase yields by managing every variable of agriculture and farming.

Top 10 Precision Farming Companies

Precision farming companies have found a great opportunity to evolve. The latest report by Grand View Research, Inc. anticipates the precision farming industry to attain $43.4billion by 2025. The developing new generation of farmers is attracted to quicker, more flexible startups that mechanically maximize the yield of crops.  In this article, we are going to have a look at the top 10 precision farming companies of this year.

1. Mothive

This is an automated agronomy service that was founded to help farm managers increase efficiency, improve the predictability, reduce waste, and control crops. Their device, the Mothive Ladybird, boosts farmers with an easy, affordable, and turnkey solution that de-risks their functions and extracts more effective value from the crop. The device anticipates and informs farmers about the ideal time to harvest and associated logistics, anticipates diseases and enhances yields, and automates farm tasks that are based on real-time crop requirements.

2. CropX

CropX, which is an ag-analytics company, creates cloud based software solutions associated with wireless sensors, which increase crop yield and saves water and energy. It provides advanced adaptive irrigation software service that offers crop yield increase, and energy and water cost saving services while conserving the ecosystem. The entity also provides irrigation maps and spontaneously applies the right percentage of water to varied parts of the same field. This is one of the most popular precision agriculture companies in India.

3. Arable

Arable is an agricultural analytics and data company that provides the first IoT-powered irrigation management element across the globe, a crop monitor in one, and a weather station, the Arable Mark. Effective data-driven decision-making saves users money and time, decreasing risk while expanding ecosystem services and preserving natural resources. Invented by an agronomist to connect predictive structures to real-world measurements, the Mark is solar-powered, with constant cellular connectivity and field visibility. Cutting-edge, patented technology, that includes a seven-band spectrometer and also an acoustic disdrometer, enables this to be the only device to collect more than 40 relevant plant and climate data streams, that include chlorophyll content, precipitation, reflectance, temperature, radiation, and humidity.

4. Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging is basically an aerial spectral imagery company that allows growers to optimize their fertilizer and water application. Their high-resolution multispectral pictures are captured through low-flying planes and are processed using highly advanced image processing and also crop modeling technologies. The images reveal highly real-time, accurate, data on the water and nutrient status of each plant in a field.

5. Gamaya

Gamaya is a Swiss startup that is active in smart farming. This precision farming startup responds to the requirement to feed 10 billion people by creating unique farmland diagnostics services for industrial developers in Brazil using patented breakthrough imaging technology to click all data about the chemical and physiology composition of crops in a most effective way. Our core providing is early detection of pests and disease, diagnostics and detection of stress, monitoring of development for optimization of fertilization, along with the prediction of yield. Gamaya’s solution helps farmers to attain prominent economic gains that include a 30 percent rise in yield, a 40  percent reduction in costs, along with a 70 percent reduction in disease-related risks, all of which boost the production of quality items and decreases negative environmental effects. Gamaya has been displayed by Forbes as one of the 4 AgriTech startups that have the ability to become a $1 billion dollar company.

6. AgriData

AgriData, which is one of the most famous precision farming companies digitalizes agriculture by offering an asset tracking mechanism for permanent crops. Farmers utilizing the product are able to anticipate their yields, detect pests, and time their harvests. Digitalizing permanent crops has never been accomplished for 2 reasons:

  • autonomous vehicles were required to ignore prohibitive charges of installing cameras everywhere in the field,
  • the complications of developing computer vision software that is capable of turning fruits and trees into 1s and 0s.

7. Agrowatcher

Agrowatcher utilizes computer vision technology and also multispectral imaging to discern variations in crops for crop detection and identification of water stress, pests, diseases, and infestation. Plant leaf color and morphology alterations are our indicators. The system utilizes a special digital camera that can capture reflected light energy imagery in several bands throughout the visible and near-infrared spectrum with prominent resolution. Using bespoke computer vision algorithms and also machine learning the images are analyzed and a prominent treatment is then administered on an immediate basis. All of this is in real-time, along with plant-by-plant precision, 24/7. Their robust solution is completely automated, which replaces labor-intensive processes and outdated, expensive materials.

8. AgEagle

AgEagle develops, designs, produces, distributes, and also supports technologically-advanced small emasculated aerial vehicles (UAVs or Drones) that it offers to the precision agriculture sector.

9. PrecisionHawk

PrecisionHawk is a data delivery entity that integrates remote sensing technologies, unmanned aerial systems, and advanced data analytics to enhance business functions and day-to-day decision making. PrecisionHawk brings value to a developing market by providing an end-to-end solution for aerial data gathering, processing, and also analysis to offer actionable data throughout a wide range of data-intensive civilian industries.

Established in 2010, the entity offers a holistic platform using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for data collection and analysis software tools to deliver better business intelligence to its clients across a wide range of civilian sectors.

10. Aker Technologies

Aker Technologies Inc creates smart in-season crop management elements to boost the adoption of various precision farming practices across the sector. Aker has created patented computer vision and also biometric sensors, along with software and service solutions to classify, detect, and measure pests pressure, crop diseases, airborne pathogens, and fertility problems inside the canopy of crop fields.


The top precision farming companies across the globe are contributing to immense development and driving innovation for the precision agricultural industry. This technology rightly explains digital farming and the time is not far when all the farms will start to adopt this technology. So precision farming is indeed the future.

Frequently Asked Questions On Precision Farming Companies

1. What is an example of precision agriculture?

Some examples of precision farming include GPS (Global Positioning System), drones, and irrigation technologies.

2. Which country uses precision farming?

The country that uses precision farming the most is the Netherlands. This country is known to have advanced precision farming practices.

3. Who is the father of precision farming?

Robert is thought of as the father of precision farming. He defined precision farming as this is not just the injection of the latest technologies but rather a revolution of data made possible by the latest technologies that result in a greater level, a more precise farm management mechanism.
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