3 Easy And Effective Organic Fertilizer Production Ideas In India

3 Easy And Effective Organic Fertilizer Production Ideas In India

One of the associated business opportunities that an entrepreneur can successfully begin in any part across the globe is to go into the production of organic fertilizer. In this article, we are going to talk about various organic fertilizer production ideas. 

There are many questions on how to establish an organic fertilizer plant? Or what should I do to begin an organic fertilizer production business? To answer all these questions, we will discuss some of the most effective organic fertilizer production ideas that you can incorporate in your startup easily.

3 Effective Organic Fertilizer Production Ideas

Initially, all entrepreneurs need to decide on the product they wish to manufacture. They can set their business orientation in accordance with their raw materials, as there are varied types of organic fertilizers available to produce and sell. In the meantime, the product should have proper demand and availability of customers. So let us dive into the 3 most effective organic fertilizer production ideas for every agricultural startup. Here are the organic fertilizer production business plan in India.

1. MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Organic Fertilizer

Because of the economic development, industrialization and rising population, issues related to the increased consumption and also depletion of resources, and the expanded output of broad varying types of waste are turning more serious than ever.

In our opinion, production of MSW organic fertilizer is the most complex waste management procedure across the globe, as a series of processing procedures are involved, for instance, pre-sorting, de-stoning, feedstock receiving and pre-processing, 35mm screening, 14mm screening, 6mm final screen, crushing and grinding, blending, composting, and many more. However, it helps our environment and sector most as management of relevant discarded wastes is presently a challenging task in all the urban and semi urban localities specially the job of prompt collection- transportation and also disposal.

Former studies also portray that composting of municipal solid waste is more advantageous in comparison to other prevailing choices like land filling, incineration or open disposal. Co-composting that with another organic waste, like fecal sludge is more relevant, even though MSW can be processed alone, as it enhances the composting characteristics, in general the carbon-nitrogen ratio and also the moisture content.

Successful Business Scenario

The organic compost fertilizer that is manufactured at the solid waste treatment plant at Kochi, IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd is among the most popular composting companies in India. It gets the raw garbage free of cost from municipal authorities that is preceded by them, packed and then sold either to the fertilizer firms or under their own brand name. IEISL functions composting units at Jalandhar, Delhi, Mysore, Erode, Kozhikode, Pollachi, Coonoor, Udumalpet, and Mettupalayam that in total processed 1,4800 TPD of MSW in 2011. This organic fertilizer production idea has proven to be a profitable option.

2. Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer

A latest cost benefit analysis of prevailing enterprises portrayed that the business of cow dung organic fertilizer can be among the top organic fertilizer production ideas as  cow manure is an excellent and natural source as fertilizer. 

Cow manure creates heavy air and water pollution. However, if raw cow dung is composted once, it can offer numerous benefits to the soil and the environment. The structure of the cow dung organic fertilizer production line flow chart involves the scenarios that have been stated below. 

  • Accumulating cow dung along with several other biodegradable agro waste like kitchen waste, forest litter, farm residue, and many more. 
  • Developed material blending technology along with window composting system or agitated channel composting mechanism. 
  • Reasonable secondary pollution control mechanism. 
  • Newly formulated cow dung compost fertilizer granulation technology and equipment.

Successful Business Scenario

COWSMO, INC. located at S1843 County Road U Cochrane, WI 54622. Cowsmo Compost truly is composted manure derived from their dairy cows. The composting process used by Cowsmo caters to the National Organic Practices standards for both manure and compost. What is amazing is the whole recycling mechanism that Cowsmo, INC. avails in its manufacturing of cow dung compost fertilizer.

Here is how they actually do it: Employing a flush system, cow manure and utilized sawdust bedding is discarded from the pens. Solid-liquid separation process is performed by a screen over which the flush water is successfully pumped. After that, the solids are taken to the compost sector where they are created into windrows for composting.

  • Measuring the internal temperatures of the windrows and keeping records on each one from beginning to end;
  • Changing the windrow piles when the ideal temperature are recorded;
  • How to tell if the compost is completed or not: when the color alters from yellow to dark brownish-black, the smell also alters from that of dairy manure to an earthy soil-like fragrance, the composting process is completed.
  • Bagging the produced compost, and selling them in bags.

Note that Cowsmo compost is not certified organic, but it does cater to NOP standards and is broadly used by certified organic growers in the area.

3. Vermicompost

Vermicomposting is illustrated as the manufacturing of compost with the utilization of worms. It is a quick way of converting organic farm waste into organic fertilizer. The vermicompost production process utilizes several species of worms, generally white worms, red wigglers, and other earthworms. Vermicompost organic fertilizer production has become one of the major components of the small organic fertilizer production ideas across the globe and the commercial manufacturing of vermicompost is rising tremendously by fertilizer and individuals firms because of the very low initial investment capital and also the high returns. An entrepreneur can begin this business with the effective know-how of the production process.

Process: Pre identified organic material is unloaded into a channel, then they are stacked in windrow form and enabled to be composted for 3 weeks with regular turning. After 3 weeks, the commodity is screened with a rotary screen with 16mm openings. As an alternative, vibroscreen can be used with the similar opening. Vermi-beds are made in the meanwhile as stated above. The semi-composted (pre-composted) commodity is fed into the vermi-beds.

Uses for vermicompost:

  • Potting Soil
  • Germination Mix
  • Lawn Dressing
  • Flower Beds
  • Vegetables

The organic fertilizer production ideas include: sheep manure compost fertilizer, pressmud organic fertilizer, palm oil waste organic fertilizer, chicken manure compost fertilizer, biogas residue fertilizer, pig manure bio fertilizer, mushroom compost, winery waste fertilizer, fish waste compost fertilizer, olive mill pomace compost, and many more. In the case of large scale producers, it is an added benefit to set the business orientation as per the available primary input or cheap raw materials in your locale. In other terms, for compost fertilizer programs, your business orientation should be dependent on what is generated in the industry.

Closing Lines

Presently, with nations turning into green and organic farming, there is a huge scope of business here. The agricultural sector constitutes for 70% of India’s population and so it offers a broad spectrum for business. If you are considering the manufacture of organic fertilizers then you are on the right path. In the above article, we have discussed the top 3 organic fertilizer production ideas that you can implement in your business for better profitability. All you need to do is invest in the initial stage. Like the cost of setting up a organic fertilizer plant in India is somewhere near to 7000000 INR.

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