Covid-19 Crisis Creates Health Care Investment Opportunities For Investors

Covid-19 Crisis Creates Health Care Investment Opportunities For Investors

There are health care investment opportunities that were welcomed by the government to ramp up medical infrastructure in India. But it also asserted that the industry needs aid in view of the headwinds it is facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic

In May 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the need for increased investment in the health care sector to make it future ready for more upcoming strains of covid-19. 

“Healthcare industry welcomes these strategic reforms and looks forward to working with the government on expanding India’s health care footprint while growing employment through the private sector,” NATHEALTH President Sudarshan Ballal said.

Expanding Your Healthcare Investing Opportunity Set

All over history wide scale developments in every field has brought in a massive change in the economy. The same is happening now, in this pandemic. Businesses with relevant and innovative products or services are booming while those with not so relevant output are floundering. As the difference widens among the businesses so do the opportunities for the investors to expand. 

Health Care Sector Illustrates Impacts Of Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has steered considerable separations in the middle of innovative companies that have been successful enough to gain a good number of market share and companies that have lost market shares as a result of failing to address the demands of the current scenario. Various examples of the same exist in all industries but are more prominent in the health care industry. There are many examples that include:

  1. Many hospitals detained performing selective procedures to conserve resources to handle the increasing number of covid-19 cases all over the globe. This ultimately resulted in an increase in demand for health care amenities which now cannot be provided in correct numbers. 

  2. Telecare grew hugely as patients who are home quarantined sought medical advice.

  3. The speed at which the covid 19 vaccines were formulated and granted by the mRNA genetic science, the funding in this technology can grow rapidly. 

  4. The massive increase in the spread of this novel coronavirus may result in fundings from the U.S for medical research that would require a large supply of medical equipment and also cloud based systems for tracking and inspecting the progress made.         

Key Health Care Investment Opportunities In 2021

2021 has emerged with the health care industry still in the middle of a change that has been brought in by the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many who see the assurance of health care innovation as a process to provide aid to the industry as the pandemic shows no sign of decreasing. But for innovations to flourish there has to be investments that will back up the process. 

According to Dr. Euan Ashley, who is the co-director of the Stanford Center for Digital Health in Palo Alto, California: there are chances for investment in strengthening home testing for respiratory diseases. Though the development of vaccines happened very fast but diagnostic testing did not.  

“A huge impact could have been made in the course of the pandemic had convenient, affordable at-home testing been made widely available early on,” Ashley continued.

The need for this kind of medical assistance has not declined and the consumers are now more used to taking in home services. This has been possible only due to the fast adaptation of telecare and telemedicine.

“If we can have that MD visit at home or maybe an advanced practice nurse visit at home through telehealth, then we need the testing to go along with it,” he added. “We need the diagnostic testing that can be safely completed at home.”

Another key health care investment opportunity in this pandemic is in the “value based care model”, co-panelist from Stanford, Dr. Yvonne Maldonado said.

“One of the main difficulties in successfully implementing value based care models is that measuring and reimbursing for value is a complicated task. But we shouldn’t let that opportunity be lost. I really think this pandemic is an opportunity to really change the way we structure our healthcare models to make them not only sustainable but incentivize our providers to provide the best quality care.”

Despite all these, the quick technological adaptation in the health care sector has cleared the existing racial as well as socioeconomic disparity. According to Mahoney, the real concern is that this rapid hinge to all digital things worsens the divide.

“If we were to ensure that design of these innovations included all users across the population, then we could potentially access a broader customer segment, frankly, that currently is not being served well,” Mahoney concluded.

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