10+ Latest Profitable Manufacturing Business In India Right Now

10+ Latest Profitable Manufacturing Business In India Right Now

The words and ideas have a different flavour when it comes to changing the world. The business world and the ways it runs are always reforming. You do not need to be a tech giant or someone that prominent to run a business of your preference. You can make a difference with what you are right at this moment! Thus, we have brought to you some innovative yet engaging manufacturing business ideas in India that you can adopt this year making a quality profit. 

At the initial phase, entrepreneurship in manufacturing ventures might seem a bit fancy. It might make you think that you can make your way to success and be a billionaire in no time. The truth is – it is not that easy. You would need solid plans, skills, strategies, expertise and a supportive team. That’s all? No, a rigid team spirit and self spirit that you can make a difference!

If you are planning to be an entrepreneur this year, it’s not yet late. This article will help you make a decision.

Profitable And Heart-indulging Manufacturing Business Ideas This Year

Get, Set and ….. here you go!

Eco-friendly Kitchen Items

The profitable manufacturing ideas come from the thought and attempt to make the consumers’ lives easier than before. This has introduced another manufacturing business into the stream – Eco-friendly cutlery that aims to do the same. 


It brings to their customers hassle-free maintenance and stands as the best possible alternatives to plastic. Our generation is becoming more sound when it comes to the environment. As an added advantage, the aesthetic touch will be enough. It does not require a lot of investment. You can easily start off with INR 50,000 investment.

To know about this type of manufacturing, you can check out Narayana Peesapaty’s “Bakeys”. The Hyderabad-based brand manufactures edible cutlery out of the nutritious food materials. It is probably the world’s first innovative approach towards restricting plastic waste through cutlery. The company also claims to include no additives, chemicals or preservatives. The claim goes to the longevity that says the products bear a longer shelf-life due to usage of moisture-free and fat-free substances.

Environment-safe Bags

Want to contribute to a plastic-free environment? You can take your first step with the introduction of eco-friendly bags that are the perfect alternatives to damaging and polluting plastics. This manufacturing field encompasses canvas cloth, jute and paper bags. These are sustainable alternatives to plastic bags. 

Large supermarkets and medical shops use a lot of paper bags and envelopes. Even your favourite Pizza might come in a paper bag! The best part is that the raw materials are available in abundance and are inexpensive. Reusable “golden fibre” that are biodegradable are having the highest demand these days.  The manufacturing process of these biodegradable materials is pretty straightforward. 

The college-goers are mostly one found to use the canvas-cloth bags which again increases the demand for the same. “EcoAd” brand is a pioneer in this. The paper bag making brand states – 

“We target the elimination of polyethene from our culture and society. Every day we are getting closer to it. Closer we go the more we realise the magnitude of this issue.”

Fashion Jewellery

Off late, fashion jewellery manufacturing have become an integral part for many housewives and part-time workers including college-goers. If you are in India, this is probably the most profitable manufacturing business

Modern day women have shifted from the age-old tradition of gold and diamond. They are now more inclined towards the fashion jewellery that looks fabulous apart from being pocket-friendly and trendy. The jewelleries are pretty light-weight (mostly) and fit perfectly with the majority of the outfits, be it indian or western. It helps you to create your own statement. 

Where can you wear them? Well, everywhere from parties to events, work and everywhere possible. You need to choose what to pair up with your costume and on which type of occasion. 

These days, the Facebook and Instagram host hoards of pages and stores. Social media has levelled up the manufacturing business in no time. To gain popularity, influencer marketing plays a key role. 

To get a clear idea of what it is and how it goes, you can research the brand named “Pipa+bella”. The brand is the brain-child of Mumbai-based jewellery manufacturer Suchi Pandya.

Handicraft Items

What if you can start a social start-up? Nice thought! The handicraft items are high in demand. It bridges the gap between the customers and the artisans. You can even start this manufacturing business with a little investment. In return, you will earn more than just monetary benefits. 

One such innovative brand is “Gaatha”. They use various recyclable materials like wood, leather, bamboo, fibre and also the urban waste. These are used to produce jewellery, clothes, paintings and stationery.

Handmade Candles

Our generation is strongly focused on the power of aesthetics. This makes handmade candles receive heavy demand. The recent years have seen the inclination towards the therapeutic and scented candles. You may spot them in restaurants, hotels, spas, spiritual places and off lately in households. It requires an initial investment of around INR 20,000 to 30,000. The festive season marks the hiked demand. You can definitely gain a lot of monetary benefits throughout the year.

Homemade Bakery Products

Sweet tooth people are globally located. Statista’s statistics mentions Germany to have 61% sweet tooth while South Korea ranks the lowest with only 19%. We are always craving for fresh and different flavors. If you believe to serve delight in a box, this business is definitely for you.

The best part is that this manufacturing business consumes an initial investment less than even INR 50,000. Additionally, you will be able to target a wider market for catering as this one product is sure to tickle the taste buds of people from all age groups.

Organic & Exotic Handmade Soaps

People have become more concerned with the type of product they use. This is especially more noticeable when it comes to skincare. People are mostly inclined towards chemical-free alternatives, even if they are twice the price of the chemical-based ones. Talking of the handmade soaps, a larger mass of the people are investing in organic and exotic handmade soaps. Thus, it is the perfect time.

What will you need to start off? Just make sure you have INR 1.5 to 2 lakh of initial investment. You can expect pretty amazing returns as you will not have to go through hard times convincing people of this prospect.

Take an example, a Bangalore-based startup “SoulPure” that manufactures skin-friendly and environmentally-safe soaps.

Personal Care Products

In today’s day, people grant a ‘Yes’ to natural and organic personal care products without a second thought. The reason for this is increased awareness.

Personal care products range from face creams, face wash to lip balms, scrubs and lotions. To start your business, you can choose a particular range or the entire skincare routine. The returns are assured and awesome. 

One of the couple home-grown personal brands is “Wild Earth”. The brand is owned by Mumbai-based Shabia Walia. The brand offers clean, natural and toxin-free beauty products that are devoid of parabens and sulphates.  When she started, she introduced a single product in the market and then launched her brand. Currently, her brand flaunts products from 17 categories bearing haircare and skincare recording an annual turnover of INR 1.23 crore.

Recyclable Apparels

The heaps of waste that accumulate on our mother Earth pollutes the environment. What if these heaps get you a handsome turnover? Yes, you can recycle the used or waste clothes to create brand new edgy apparels. Several start-ups have already started to leverage already. It is indeed an unique idea turning business into a goldmine.

One of such innovative marketing backed brands is “RawPressery”. It is a food and beverage start-up that began its journey with an eco-friendly initiative named RawCycle.

“The used beverage bottles are first washed and chopped into flakes. These are then melted and converted to chips before extruding the same into yarn. The yarn is woven into a fabric, stitched and dyed to make t-shirts,” RawPressery told YourStory.

Smartphone Accessories

Creativity is hitting hard. Out of so many options of manufacturing business ideas, this one is quite obvious. We literally carry our whole world in our pockets. So why not decorate it and give it a new home for appreciation? 

There are no questions in the demand of this manufacturing idea’s products. Anyone who has a smartphone will require phone cases/covers, tempered glass or phone screen protectors, selfie sticks and various other accessories. 

This demand makes this business bear high profit. If you are worried about the investment, let us tell you – the low capacity tempered glass producing machines costs around INR 75,000. If you have decided to manufacture high quality or capacity tempered glass, the machines will cost you over INR 1.5 lakh. 

Chirag Demla and Pawan Demla’s “CellBell” is doing pretty well with this business. They have started their ecommerce website for mobile accessories such as headphones, cables, selfie sticks, screen glass and covers. Initially they had invested INR 7 lakhs. 

CellBell had a consistent sales performance and the brand was recently selected by Amazon as a “Strategic Account”. It is a single brand account that achieved a sales target of over INR 12 crore.

Women’s Footwear

With the evolving world, the choices of people are taking a diversity. Women are culminating interest in the use of the natural, hand-made and even home-made products . This has helped the home-grown brands to get a traction. With the latest trends, women are especially active in trying out the latest, trendy and unique styles. 

These days the business for cruelty-free, non-leather, comfortable and fashionable women footwear is on rage. If it is not now, it will never be! If you are thinking of how to promote your home-grown footwear brand and gain traction, social media is your best friend at this moment. Social media marketing will offer you fruitful results. You can even go ahead and start your page or website or blog. 

Want to know who is currently leveraging the industry? – check out “The Sole Sisters” lead by Chondamma Cariappa and “Kanabis” lead by Devika Srimal, Delhi-based footwear manufacturer. The footwear brand The Sole Sisters started with just a blog named “Fetish” receiving numerous positive responses that drove the business forward giving it a decent name and place in the industry.


It is a fact that starting a manufacturing business is not that easy. But if the idea is implemented in a proper way with the apt strategic execution, it will be worth it. Which business did you think will earn you worthy turnover and make you passionate?

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