Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift: Make The Best Choice

Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift: Make The Best Choice

The story of Maruti in India is not new. It portrays an exciting mix of excellent service and brand loyalty. Maruti Motor Pvt Ltd has marked its footprints as the leader of passenger cars. In this article, we will be seeing a comparison on Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift and see which among the two is best as per the present market scenario.

Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift: A Complete Comparison

Should you buy a Maruti Swift or a Maruti Baleno? Let us find out which car is ideal for you by comparing the two models based on their design, engine, price, dimensions, safety features,  and other specs. The price of the Maruti Baleno starts at Rs 5.99 Lakh and the price of Maruti Swift starts at Rs 5.85 Lakh. Baleno has an 1197 cc engine, while Swift has an 1197 cc engine. Now if we talk about the mileage, the Swift has a mileage of 23.76 kmpl and Baleno has a mileage of 23.87 kmpl.


Maruti Baleno (Exterior)

In this Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift, we will be starting with the design both internally and externally. This car is styled with body colored ORVMs that have turn indicators, a chrome accent front grille, projector headlamps, and alloy wheels and DRLs, Baleno is a hatchback that is plush looking. Other external features on the Maruti Baleno are body coloured door handles, body colour bumpers, and a back door spoiler.

Maruti Baleno (Interior)

Baleno’s interior is equally plush looking with all black environment, metal finish inside door handles,  leather-wrapped steering wheel, and glove box illumination. The characteristic list for the Maruti Baleno also has a voice command, smart play infotainment system,  remote control through an app, an inbuilt navigation system, and audio with mp3, FM, and a CD player. This car also arrives with remote keyless entry, an auto-up power window on the side of the driver, electrically foldable ORVMs, and an automatic air conditioning system.

Maruti Swift (Exterior)

Maruti has recreated its design strategy in India in the recent years. The exterior looks of the Maruti Suzuki Swift offer an aggressive front grille, projector headlamps along with LED and DRLs, ORVMs, accuracy cut alloy wheels, and LED rear lamps. Overall, the Maruti Swift shows a very sporty design. Maruti has amended the design strategy for ‘Swift’ in this country during the journey of the hatchback in India. Maruti started the journey of ‘Swift’ in 2005. Many customizable design choices are also available with this model to make your vehicle look as per your taste.

Maruti Swift (Interior)

Inside the cabin, ‘Swift’ prevails its design strategy with the single tone dark interior, steering mounted controls, dashboard design that is driver-oriented and smart infotainment system. A choice for auto gear transmission is available with the latest Swift. Maruti also portrays a remote back door, gear shift indicator, and fuel lid opener along with headlamp reminder inside the interior package.


For your better understanding, here is the engine comparison of Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift in tabular form. Here is the Baleno vs Swift mileage.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Maruti Suzuki Swift
Engine CC
1197 cc on Petrol / 1248 cc on Diesel
1197 cc on Petrol / 1248 cc on Diesel
Maximum Power
62 kW on Petrol / 55.2 kW on Diesel
61 kW on Petrol / 55.2 kW on Diesel
Maximum Torque
115 Nm on Petrol / 190 Nm on Diesel
113 Nm on Petrol / 190 Nm on Diesel
5-speed Manual Transmission (MT) on Petrol / CVT on Petrol / 5-speed Manual Transmission (MT) on Diesel
5-speed Manual Transmission (MT) / 5-Speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
Petrol / Diesel
Petrol / Diesel
Fuel Efficiency
21.4 kmpl on Petrol / 27.39 kmpl on Diesel
22kmpl on Petrol / 28.4 kmpl on Diesel


Now that you have known about the design and the engine types, let us have a look at the Swift vs Baleno dimensions of both these models from Maruti. You will find comparisons as well like Baleno vs Swift Dzire 2020, or answers to questions like Swift VXI vs Baleno Delta which is better?

Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Maruti Suzuki Swift
3995 mm
3840 mm
1745 mm
1735 mm
1510 mm
1530 mm
Wheel Base
2520 mm
2450 mm
Boot Space
339 L
268 L


Finally, it is time for the Swift vs Baleno price. Let us have a look at the pricing of these cars. 

Talking about Maruti Baleno, the models of this automobile presently available in the market are: Sigma Petrol, Delta Petrol, Zeta Petrol, Alpha Petrol, Delta Petrol (Automatic), Zeta Petrol (Automatic), Alpha Petrol (Automatic), Sigma Diesel, Delta Diesel, Zeta Diesel, and Alpha Diesel. The prices of these models starts from INR 5.38 Lakhs and ranges upto INR 8.49 Lakhs. 

Now talking about Maruti Swift, the models of this car available are LXI, VXI, LDI, VXI AGS, ZXI, VDI, ZXI AGS, ZXI+, VDI AGS, ZDI, ZXI+ AGS, ZDI AGS, ZDI+, and ZDI+ AGS. The prices of these models begin from INR 4.99 Lakhs and range to INR 8.76 Lakhs.


Now it is time to say the verdict of the comparison of Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift. While comparing both the cars, in engine specifications, both the models have similar capabilities. There is just a slight difference in the power delivery of the Swift’s petrol variant compared to Baleno. For the pricing, Swift is cheaper than Baleno by 1 Lakh. And as far as the design and dimensions are concerned, Swift is more of the sportier look and Baleno is more of the premium look. So both can be a good choice if you wish to buy a budget Maruti car. 

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