What Does 2022 Hold For The Market Research Industry?

What Does 2022 Hold For The Market Research Industry?

With no potential to foresee the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on everybody, in both our work and personal life before 2020. For market researchers, 2020 and 2021 were catastrophic but yet transformative that demand for a rapid change and adoption for surviving and also thriving. In this article, let us have a look at the future of market research.

2021: The Year That Changed Market Research

The crisis of 2020 and 2021 changed the relationship between brands and consumers, shifting the expectations and reshaping the relationships. At the same time, it offered a chance for brands to reconsider and reinvent their strategy to market research. 

Economic developments were put into reverse, supply chains underwent changes and went beyond the breaking point, consumers changed to stockpiling and their relation to brands changed from a position of choice to necessity. 

While some businesses pivoted cautiously, others mainly in the leisure and hospitality sector were excited by the crushing pressure of Covid-19. Industries that are based on knowledge were least hit, with a shift towards working remotely keeping the lights on. Overall, even though there were only a few winners, a report shows that nearly 2 in 3 entities postponed or canceled some of the predetermined research. 

Those that faced the storm were frequently those who shifted to technology for a competitive benefit. Cutting cost and economizing was the aim for market researchers who were inclined towards automation, machine learning, and AI to take the pressure down from the resource heavy, human led functions. 

Though nothing latest, market research technology arrived on its own in 2021 as a means to increase cost burdens and perform more with less. Development in MR technology increased rapidly, especially when it came to elements for automation.

The Three Phase Approach

We have seen market research companies go through three distinct stages in response to the crisis of Covid-19. Let us have a look at the market research types.

Sudden Shock

Faced with a completely unprecedented set of instances, businesses react to uncertainty by cutting back on their spending on research in an effort to conserve resources for an unknown future.

Tentative, Mixed Recovery

With the ‘new normal’ starting to bed in, entities returned to something more similar to the status quo, coming back to their research programs, although on a smaller range than before the pandemic. They aimed to research to help them evaluate the latest environment and to track and revert to changing customer requirements.

Doing More With Less

Months other than weeks on from the primary crisis point, researchers were met with the hurdles to do more with less, and to offer results quicker than ever. For many, the answer stays in the latest technology that enables more effective ways of operation.

2022: The Emerging Market Research Trends

So what does the future hold for the market research industry? There are various emerging trends in the research sector following the crisis point that started in 2020.

Technology Is Here To Stay

The value of technology proven, research technology is ready to keep on evolving in 2022 and beyond. With budgets still very tight, researchers will be aiming for the technology to help them keep pace with the rising demand. After all, the budgets may be scaling back but the variety and volume of research data will only keep increasing.

Now and in the upcoming days, technology plays a crucial role in getting data from disparate sources together, and aiding the researchers to analyze, collate, and communicate their results. It is also evident that a part of the regular fabric of collaborative research, with online panels that will supply data and remote operation critically dependent on operations like video calls and IM.

A Requirement For Speed

The researchers that have been surveyed stated that speed was close to the top of their priority lists. They need insights quicker, as with the rule book torn up, business leaders require that data-backed drive to help them create the latest strategies and make decisions.

This needs the emerging strategic importance of research, which in a post-2020 space now sits at the heart of the business.

A Combined Approach To Research

While there is a widespread appreciation for research tech, it will not be replacing human potentials any time soon. We are going to be seeing a combined approach where technology, and in specific automation, takes on some of the heavy lifting and enables data to be analyzed and processed at scale.

Perception and human intelligence will operate hand in hand with the new tools. We will witness human creativity in the format of lateral thinking, which is the ability to pivot and reframe notions and to challenge supposition, and storytelling to communicate notions in a compelling way.

Uncertainty Stays

Even though 2021 is now behind us, much of its effect continues. As we go into 2022, researchers are functioning hard to create a better understanding of post-2021 markets and how users now feel and think. A research showed Market Trends being at the top of the list of areas most in emphasis among researchers. This is important if brands are to evaluate and act on the latest expectations for how they cater and support their users.

Agile Research Of The Market

An agile, responsive and never completed strategy to market research will witness methodologies altering. Rather than carrying out big, structured projects, we can expect to see researchers operating smaller market research surveys in a recurrent way, each one creating off the findings of the one before. This structure is a powerful tool for fast-changing scenarios and unfamiliar research territory, since it enables researchers the freedom to reply to events.


Cutting-edge methods and technologies for evaluating passive data, big data, and data in its most nuanced forms are rapidly taking a stronghold in the market. Especially with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the market has seen a changed relation among the brands and the consumers and so the way of market research needs to be changed. The above article deals with the future of these researches and where it takes the market in the future.

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