5 Best Cancer Fighting Foods That You Should Always Have

5 Best Cancer Fighting Foods That You Should Always Have

Can cancer be avoided by making a few changes in our lifestyle and the day we live? Various studies aiming to answer this question have concluded that most of the cancer cases find their root in the environment and lifestyle, while only a small amount can be attributed to the genetic defects which imply diseases to a great extent can be controlled. In this article, we will have a look at a few cancer fighting foods that can save you from this deadly disease to a great extent. 

Cigarette smoking, poor diet that includes red meat and fried foods, sun exposure, alcohol, infections, environmental pollutants, obesity, stress, and physical inactivity are among some of the factors that can increase the risk of cancer. With these cancer fighting foods it cannot be guaranteed that you will not encounter cancer, but yes, if you have these foods consistently, you may decrease the chance of being affected by cancer. So without any further delay, let us begin.

Few Cancer Fighting Foods That Can Save You

According to Luke Coutinho, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle – Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Founder of YouCare – All about YOU by Luke Coutinho,

"Cancer was such an unknown condition several years back, and today more people have died of cancer than any pandemic. What has gone wrong despite several advancements in the medical world? Lifestyle. We have moved too far away from our roots and basics. Food has become more processed, refined, adulterated, packed, and re-engineered. So, diet is one of the major controllable factors in cancer development and prevention, including exercise, quality sleep, and emotional health."

When it comes to cancer fighting foods, you cannot beat the strength of products and plant-based productions. Certain vegetables, nuts, fruits, beans, oats, whole grains, spices, and teas offer unique advantages that are not found in other foods. These advantages help decrease the risks of several cancers and can even slow tumor development and recurrence. Most of these plant-based foods offer ample other health advantages too.

While it is better to consume these foods whenever you can , you can go one step further. The best way to have it produced is when it is in season. In-season produce:

  • Tastes better.
  • Is more nutritious because of good growing conditions.
  • Is often cheapest because of its abundance and more local production.
  • Is better for the environment, as it generates more sustainable farming.

There are several cancer fighting fruits and vegetables with scientifically evaluated anti-cancer properties and advantages for the prevention of cancer and management that one should add to their diet. So here are a few cancer fighting foods that you should add to your diet immediately for getting results. If you are looking for colon cancer-fighting foods, then this is the ideal place.

Good quality loose green tea leaves

The more research is done on green tea, the more powerful they appear to be in their role for stopping and handling cancer. Green tea has an antioxidant that is known as EGCG that can help to fight free radicals and quell inflammation. They also help safeguard cells against cellular damage.


There are several scientific journals and yet to release medicinal research that backs the advantages of mushrooms for cancer. Along with that, many operational medicine supplements have mushrooms as an element for the very same purpose.

Mushrooms are filled with highly anti-inflammatory food. It does not offer tumors the boost to work. Lowering inflammation and enhancing the number of antioxidants can help recovery, healing, and remission of cancer or other inflammatory situations. As immunomodulators, when your immune system of yours is compromised, these can be of advantage to your health. Mushrooms also help in the protection of DNA. This is surely a breast cancer-fighting food.

Cruciferous vegetables

Crucifers are magic as they are rich in antioxidants, sulforaphane, and choline. Just a part of a day if you are not allergic to it. It is the most strong immune-boosting and scientifically researched anticancer group of veggies. Just make sure you prepare them well. For instance, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, mustard greens/seeds, and radish. You should have these cancer fighting vegetables in your diet.

Apigenin-rich foods

Any food that has a compound called apigenin is a well-researched product for its positive role in all cancer, whether it is prostate, lung, breast, skin, or colon. Apigenin is found in apples, grapes, celery, parsley, cherries,  chamomile tea, good quality red wine, and basil.


Kiwis are said to have a superpower. It plays an important role in DNA repair along with being rich in vitamin c, which makes it an important food during radiation and chemotherapy. Does this imply if you eat all the foods that have been stated above, your cancer will go away? Unfortunately, no. But yes, these foods can decrease your risk of getting affected by cancer or any other disease.

The Bottom Line

Research into stopping cancer via your diet is still in the early stages and needs further testing. Scientists conducted most of the studies stated in cells or mice. However, it is crucial to remember that eating a balanced diet that is high in fresh vegetables, fruits, and good fats will offer you an advantage in your overall health. So in the above article, we have mentioned some of the ideal cancer fighting foods that you should add to your diet.

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