Future Technology Ideas Set To Alter The Way We Live

Future Technology Ideas Set To Alter The Way We Live

Technological advancements are not going to cease at any time in future. The fact that humans want to develop things in the way that will suit them best is not hidden from anyone. This is one of the main reasons why researchers are exploring newer opportunities in the technology domain. Also, if they are successful then these technologies would be able to take care of the various problems that people have been facing for years. Therefore, we have brought to you a list of future technology ideas that would alter how the world works. Some of them have already made it into reality while others are still pending.

10 Future Technology Ideas That Are Revolutionary!

Future technology ideas that have come in recent years have been expected to be revolutionary due to the new approach that they have. So, it is important for people to be given future tech education about them as in the coming years it might change the way we live just like the 5G technology is set to do.

1. Octa Gloves


Technological innovations have always considered adapting the features that various animals have and tried implementing them. This is why ‘octa gloves’ or underwater gloves have been invented that have been based on the way octopus arms work using suction. These gloves are capable of providing one with a grip underwater where it is almost impossible to hold things. This is due to the underwater pressure and obviously the slippery nature of the fluid. With this invention, people are able to feel aquatic life and other elements. This idea has indeed become a reality, however, not everyone can get them as the supply is not catered to the masses currently.

2. Xenotransplantation


So, the idea of animal cells or tissues in a human body is not something everyone would like. However, Xenotransplantation refers to the process of transplanting animal cells, tissues, and even internal organs of animals into a human. This futuristic technology would alter the surgery process that is undertaken currently. The extracted organs or other elements of an animal body cannot be used directly to be implanted in a human. Before that happens, it is essential to do gene editing. Though this future technology is very risky currently, in the coming years it might be perfected.

3. Sand Batteries


One thing is for sure that every ‘future technology’ that is capable of making considerable changes need not be complicated always. Sand batteries are one of the simplest futuristic technology ideas that we would definitely discuss for this matter. Some Finnish engineers have found a way through which sand can be used as a massive battery. They piled up about 100 tons of sand into a steel container of 4 x 7 metres. This sand was then heated up using solar and wind energy. This produced heat can be used by local energy companies to warm houses for hours. Also, this energy can be stored for a long time period.

4. 3D-printed Bones


The 3D printing industry has been evolving massively, isn’t it? It promises a host of things that we could never imagine including inexpensive houses. Therefore, we would like to mention the future tech option that this domain is considering recently, 3D-printed bones. Ossiform, a company that specialises in medical 3D printing has taken into consideration the 3D printing of bones. The 3D printers won’t be as complicated to operate as you think. Any hospital has to perform an MRI and then it will be sent to Ossiform, who will then send the 3D-printed bone(s). Due to its easy nature, it is one of the futuristic technology ideas worth mentioning.

5. Clothes With Hearing Capability


Ever imagined that the clothes you wear could have hearing capabilities and respond to the sounds that it comes across? Well, it is one of the future technology ideas that is being worked on currently. It is not possible to give clothes complete ear-like properties for now at least, this is why researchers have thought to give them abilities to recognise sounds like a heartbeat, claps, and even faint noises. This future tech would be beneficial for blind people as they would get to know what is happening around them. Also, it would be easier for them to detect fissures or cracks that might turn out to be extremely dangerous.

6. Robots With Brain Reading Ability


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are being talked about almost everywhere. However, nobody could have expected robots to be able to read our minds as that is a task that we humans are also not capable of doing. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) researchers have been able to grant brain reading abilities to robots. This was possible due to the integration of a robot arm, a machine-learning algorithm, and a brain-computer interface. All of these have paved a way for a better future of artificial intelligence.

It might become a way for tetraplegic patients (ones who cannot move the upper or lower parts of their body) to be able to interact with the world. During testing, it was found that these robot arms can do simple tasks such as moving an object away. The algorithm is so designed that it can send signals to the arm using an EEG cap when the person thinks that the act is performed by the arm. This can be beneficial in cases where the arm is moving the object too fast or is not cautious enough.

7. Image Generation Through AI


AI has moved beyond our expectations and now it seems that the technology can be used to generate images as well. Not only that, the images generated would be completely original and would work by just giving worded inputs. Any sort of description you give, the AI will create an image on the basis of it no matter how absurd the demand is. Though this future tech has been worked on sincerely, it still has some issues that are posing a problem and therefore, its functioning is not smooth for now. But with them and better research, it might start working well as the future of artificial intelligence is impressive.

8. Realistic Holograms


Holograms are something that is very fascinating and has literally existed in every science fiction movie or book that we see or read. However, the exact real replica of the same has still not been achieved and scientists/researchers around the globe have been trying to make it a reality. It would be amazing if what we grew up seeing would indeed become a part of our daily lives. Researchers recently caught hold of a futuristic technology that is able to give us perfect realistic holograms, which is named holobricks. It would provide single sections of one holographic image to reduce the data needed.

9. Dairy Products Straight From Lab

Obtaining dairy products without cattle would seem impossible now. But scientists have been working on the possibility of creating dairy products right in the laboratory. Several biotech companies have been making efforts toward achieving this. They are aiming to produce milk, cheese, ice cream, and even eggs without having to put pressure on dairy and poultry animals. Also, a positive update on this is that many of these companies are successful in creating these products with almost the same amount of nutrition as the original ones. This futuristic technology would be beneficial for these animals as they won’t be exploited for these products thereafter.

10. Digital ‘Twins’ To Keep A Track Of Health


Sci-fi movies and books are one of the major reasons for many future technology ideas. So is the idea for digital twins that could aid in knowing how one’s health is. In the television series Star Trek, humans could just walk into the medbay to get their entire body scanned via online modes and would know of any illness or injury.

This future tech in the real world would be extremely helpful for improving human health as diseases or injuries could be detected easily and well ahead of time. In addition, the pressure on doctors around the globe, which is massive, might be decreased as well. Future tech education about this one is important as it concerns health, the most important factor for us.

A Futuristic Alteration!

Future technology has already entered the world but is a step away from common people like us. However, we hope that these futuristic technologies become a reality for everyone and not just a few. Moreover, we believe that future tech education is essential as people should know about things that could alter their lives completely. Therefore, do share the things that you learned from this article with people who are ignorant of them to spread information and awareness. Also, the future of artificial intelligence is very bright, so you can decide to read up further on that as well.

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